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  1. I agree its a dead statement but it always needs to be known that once upon a time in pvp land. . . . there was no safe place . . .well until the "GUARDS!!!!" were called
  2. I also backed SOTA, in hopes of finding those lost fun times then one day my brother in law told me about this game to be and I fell in love with the style of world they wanted to create so I decided to back both of them unfortunately I had already backed SOTA for so much that my funds were basically depleted. Ultima Online had so many random ways to enjoy the game and no "one" way was to do it, there were your normal this is the "OP" build like when the spell channel / archers became the only way to pvp, or the samurai / paladin tamers. The best time to play was before the introduction of tra
  3. I started on the Sonoma shard, then we moved to the origins shard I had some characters on the Catskills shard as well
  4. Thank you all so much for the awesome reception and can't wait to play with all of you :3
  5. This is what I see in my head for the female centaurs
  6. Never really tried this before but, here it goes. My G-tag is Malcipher. I play a large number of games ranging from MMOS to RTS to FPS and so fourth. I found this project in the early stages of kickstarter. the video that they put up to explain their vision WOW'd me and I immediately fell in love. The sheer out look of what they are trying to accomplish is amazing and I'm willing to wait for it. But enough of that I came here to make some friends and hopefully join others in this game at launch of beta. I got my first real bit of MMORPG gaming from ULTIMA ONLINE i played somewhere a
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