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  1. December 2016 (game should be out in this month based on first Date or next 2-3 months based on later 'delay') First things I see here : "OMGGGG it's pre-alpha'' Maybe its poor socks time it stoped being pre-alpha and game got some kind of content and functionality level above ''non-playable because pre-alpha'' hmm ? When Alpha and Beta are planned now ? 2020 ? Get real.
  2. I am kinda interested in balance tho... say Guy A plays 6 months and invests everything in crafting/gathering/non-combat. He is good crafter then and can make his own gear and harvest materials - that's his adventage. Guy B plays 6 months as well, but instead invests everything in combat - and he buys his gear from other people. Then I certainly hope Guy A will have close to 0 chance(unless overhelming skill) to beat guy B in combat ? If he does have very low chances, isn't it bad you are so gimped in fights ? If he does have decent chances ( only very minor disadventage) then Guy B investment was pointless becuase he gets only minor buff and still cant craft/gather, Kind of interesting thing to balance.
  3. Ok so if me and 5386 other players chose to play Stalker and follow exatly the same path as far as passive training goes ( optimal one - because if you think players will not find optimal path you are plain d.. , aside from gear (which most of those 5386 players will go for best one obvioisly...) How are our characters different ? There is no lvl differance(since no lvls), we can wear same gear(since we lvl same skills), have same skills any given time. There is no power differance possible at all in this system. Unless you lose your gear. And if you do mention disciplines > same thing, players will find and follow 2-3 mini max builds if game is well balanced.
  4. Well if games of Bless caliber can decide to redevelop combat due to player base feedback, it certainly can be done. (I do hope succesfuly for sake of Bless) Also no one is asking about from-scratch redevelop if it's not possible for ACE. But tweaking things like : AoE tax, ranged archetypes = turrets, no movement with skill, speed of animations, range cap etc. is I hope within ACE knobing power
  5. So for people that like mmos Revelation Online is the next coming thing in next month. I won't write anything about that game other then about Combat, since it's Crowfall forums after all. So, it has action combat. Not the best one(since there are lock on skills like Tera and I don't like those), but fairly good one. Thing is I have played it on CN server (I live in EU) and had around 500-800 ping depending on time of day. And you know what ? It's smoother then CW on 80 ping. Combat with 1 sec delay is smoother then no delay combat in CW. After playing that game I once again realized how slow, dull and boring CW combat is. //rant off Fix it here please Just let players move on almost all skills without that annoying root. Or make everything 1,5 faster ( animations and movement) Or look into any of 1001 topics about how combat is bad and how could be improved. PLEASE don't hold onto that rooted-slow combat you have, just please
  6. Who cares about FF it's only 1 feature,game can work without it. Oh and btw and combat is not good and fun ? Just pre-alpha thing, dont worry. Oh it won't launch in 2016 end ? It will have 'soft launch'' in 2017 and mb later ''true launch''. It's all for sake of better gameplay. They have mentioned they are starting to focus on ''dregs'' dev, since it's not like all those rulesets where they to give diversity and choice for game. They will develop it futher the line. So you know, no big deal we won't have half of features at launch. It's pre-alpha after all. IT"S PRE-ALPHA remember that you poorly made socks guy. /pre-alpha off Fun thread and remember : If they cut action combat from game it's all ok. Because it's pre-alpha.
  7. People try very hard to deny simple facts and use slogans like ''vocal minority''. It's obvious if most people on forums claim something, then most of time it's worth at least taking it seriously. Since other ''non vocal majority'' dosn't care enough to replay /object / read forums/ whatever, why would you take them into equation ? And if you still want to deny, here 3 simple steps : 1. Make a poll on forums. 2. Write mass mail to every Crowfall Testser / Backer and inform them that there is topic on forum, which will stay active for 30 days, the can cast their vote on particular problem team is facing and would like to hear community opinion on. 3. Procced to check reasults and act on them. (and at same team show community how most of people think)
  8. Albion Online - Tale of how each beta is worse and worse.... Simply : 1) Suffers from multiplatform (combat mostly) 2) Way to much grind ( and it's not interesting in any way, not like farming different monsters for alchemy materials. Click that damn tree. 100, 000 times. after that u can click better tree. 1,000,000 times.) oh and those numbers of click. They are not real, they are bigger ingame 3) No content. 10? Enemy models, few resoucse, maps looks the same.
  9. What I did think ''avoding crash'' meant : 0,5 sec window or some kind of 3 sec stand still channel ability. What does it mean ? Press button. Just that, you have countdown coming on you so its painfuly easy. How could anyone possibly miss that other then lag ? ''skillful' ahaha... hope that's not kind of ''skill'' ace is going for.
  10. and what makes you think that's ok ? If it's ok for you, great, but please do not assume everyone is the same. For me it's not, I have paid money that don't fall from sky to support game. And for that reason if someone not intended has cheated his way, that's obviously not ok. Ace dealt with it ? Great. I would like to know how. ACE needs to time to come up with statement ? Understandable. Just do it when you are ready. I am not interested in ''how exploit worked in details'' or ''gimme names so I can burn them on stake''. Just want to know what action was taken ''their transactions were revoked'' is ok explanation. ''we dealt with it'' is not since it can mean ''we warned them to never do it again....'' or similiar BS.
  11. Next on topic : Is dreaming about being great warrior while naping, the same as slaying Lions in Africa with DIY sword. Discuss... or notice how ridiculous this question is. Up to you champ !
  12. Problem is it only works vs AI. If 90% (as is now)of skills are so slow that I can counterplay by !! walking away !! that's stupid. If enemy made no mistakes ( proper aim and timing) then my only choice of doing something should be very fast reaction ? ( buff that prevents stun) or my escape mechanism ( blink ?) NOT JUST WALKING AWAY. (nor sitting ducks - no option to counterplay) Attacks are so slow as they are right now that's plain boring, not to mention that monkey could learn this animations and recognize skill by them. Not that's bad. It's just it should be faster or there is no way for any skilful play when everything is so slow. And of course it dosn't need to be 400 APM starcraft every time. But please don't also make 20 APM game... there is hardly any ''action'' in this action combat we have now.
  13. My vision, whoever cares: Low Skill Ceiling mechanics I would like to NOT SEE in CF : * Best ultra rotation (4-5-2-3-8 to do 50% dmg) all the time. Please no. * Combo builds that can 100-0 just because someone is not playing a tank. * Mass CC chains (for example performed by 3 people) that guarantee stun-lock. Yeah I get it you are custarded 3v1 but, please do it in dmg. * Numbers ALWAYS trumping over Skill. I get 100 vs 10 is doomed. But 10 vs 20 should be winnable. * Mechanical skill needed to Time and Land a SkillShot should not be braindead easy component of game. * Player character being unsginificant ( you died because in a siege you were hit randomly by 4 aoes with no counterplay possible.) High Skill Ceiling mechanics I would LOVE TO SEE in CF Promoting knowledge about possible enemy : You SHOULD know that guy gap closer is 11.5 sec cd and 15 m long. And he can do 70% of you hp in one 4 stun rotation. Possibility to outplay opponent should be very high. If I am ''better at game'' ( skill,gear, whatever) then I should be able to win even 2v1 . And stomp enemies to the ground if they are not prepared. Breaking bonds of archetype by suprise. Remember that 11.5 sec gap closer ? Let me suprise my opponent by developing that skill in any way possible and decreasing CD to 10 sec. Fast reactionary gameplay based on what opponent does, not by ''best combo rotation'' Ability to punish enemy VERY HARD for mistakes. (3 sec long castime when he knows I am in gap closer range and my stun is off cd) And couple more in each category, point being in the very end : Skill ceiling high enough for it to stay attractive longer then 2 weeks. Make A LOT of room for improvement. Easy to learn hard to master. Lee Sin from LoL. At least Tera-level INTERESTING (dosn't need to be exactly the same or anything, just GOOD) Or I am only one that thinks that way ? Lot of people seems to believe ''combat secondary it dosn't make a game''. Sure lot of things make a game together. In this cease of PvP centered MMO where lot of activites are either centered around or connected to combat, I would say Combat is UP there on list of important things to do. For me on 1 place but that's up to discussion.
  14. Modular system is great as long it's fun and easy to use. Hopefully it will be, so thanks ACE. On sidenote : I had great laugh reading store prices. Like that Imperial Palace 4000$ I was already laughing my ass off and then I saw it will have price x 3 soon because now is a good deal time. 12000$ for a virtual palace in a niche game about PvP mostly. Ace I will sue you if I have heartattack from laughter
  15. Multiaccounting is quite stupid when you need it to be competitive. Look at Albion Online ( B2P as well, it has ''larning points'' which are tied to single character progression same as learning here in Crowfall is tied to crow) Effect : preferably in Albion you have : 2-5 Toons "Gatherers" per material you need for your choosen set of armor-weapons ( from 2 to 5 ) 3 Toons ''Crafters'' (1 for armor 1 for weapon 1 for accessories) 1 Toon you play. and 1 additional for every other build you want to try. And that's not a joke Hope crowfall wont be similiar... Power should increase way more with time played then with passive skill system.
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