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  1. My bad on that part, but i did put in my thoughts on the matter in 2 other posts and didnt feel like making an already long post even longer by rehashing what i had already said. The posts im referencing that i made are Here and There . The gist of the 2 posts i made in terms of the first post was that i liked the OPs suggestion to basically remove the tree layout (cause ive always hated tree layouts) and give the players a little more freedom in getting what they want when. If i can get all my skills by level 5ish by only taking skill nodes then thats fine, but locking me behind what turns into 3+ hours of grinding to get the main feature of my class while still missing a skill or 2 is just kinda trash. The second post was just a suggestion to change the current skill allocation in the talents tree to skill upgrades OR entirely new skills for the classes while allowing the classes to have their base kits so that people have the ability to actually fight with a new vessel and still be able to "try out" a class without dumping a bunch of time into finding out its not what you want. Time =/= skill , What you call a "dedicated player" i call a "No lifer". Just because i dont play a game 60+ hours a week doesnt mean i cant be competitive unless the game adds mechanics that make my lower play time a determent to me overall. Just because i dont know every characters abilities in LoL doesnt mean i cant quickly pick up on them while playing against them. The ability to read a situation and adapt is also a competitive skill. Not every person who plays LoL 60+ hours a week is a professional player getting payed hundreds of thousands of dollars to play the game. Some of those people that play that much are probably still Gold or lower in ranked (if they even play ranked). Competitive is a mind set to do what needs to be done with what you have and what you can do, not something that should be dictated by time. I dont have nearly as much time to play Comp in overwatch as i used to, but im still diamond basically every season (except a few where a really long break had me playing a little lesser than normal), and i still play at a diamond level (most of the time) even though i dont play everyday like other people in diamond. Hell im still a bronze border and most comp games i get in people are silver to gold borders and maybe a few plats, they play way more than me but im still able to compete with them having 1000+ hours over me because that time doesnt put them at any more of an advantage. My Skills, My Decisions, and sometimes my ability to aim (only sometimes though) dictates that im just as competitive as them even if i dont have the time to play that they do. Except thats fine cause back then you didnt have to do anything with a vessel either. Trading out vessels every 2 weeks woulda been fine when you dont have to constantly redo everything from scratch. Make sure your runecrafter has an extra set of the 6 runes you use, pop in your new vessel grab your gear out of a box and slot your runes and you have your character back in full force, 30 seconds of work. It also stopped people from rolling 1 good legendary vessel and just using it forever which i was fine with, gives more use to necromancers and runecrafters (when disciplines actually get added to them and arent free). Yes, your first points are exactly what i expect. I want to be able to play 3 different characters with moderately different play styles so i have a few option when deciding my plan of action for a session (They have this). Thankfully ive had experience with all of them so i dont have to learn much about them, this cant be said for newer players though. I do plan on upgrading vessels whenever the option arrives because it keeps my power level slightly closer to those ahead of me (But now im screwed if i do cause of leveling). Yes i plan to compete with whoever is my groups enemies in every world, better or worse is subjective (My ability to compete should be based off of my Skill and the Decision i make, not dictated by the time i have). The 1-3 hours isnt a plan its just something ill have to live with intermittently whenever my schedule changes to force it on me. My plan is for at least 15 hours a week BARE minimum if i can help it. But who said i didnt have a guild or wanted to play guildless? I do have a guild (although a couple of them have scattered into larger groups) im just currently screwed out of playing with them currently cause of work. Also not every guild magically has enough stuff to instantly bolster their entire group or have large groups of people online at every hour of every day to make sure a drastic schedule shift doesnt leave someone out of the loop. Final note, as i know ive drawn this out way to long. The idea that adding leveling as a resource sink is kinda dumb. Every crafting profession is a forver ongoing resource sink (except necromancy) so why would we need to add another arbitrary sink for resources. And when Stone masonry actually becomes the foundation for building up defenses thats gonna be a MAJOR resource sink, cause that stuff will be breaking constantly.
  2. I somewhat agree with the general idea of the post, the OP is right in that ACE did specifically mention things they didnt want in the game (things that might have swayed players like me into thinking this is the game i wanna back cause of the small amount of available play time of me and my friends who i would hope to be playing with) that they have now added to the game which is kind of messed up. But i do like the talent system and just wish it was changed slightly to be more inclusive to those of us who can only spare a few hours every couple of days (or an hour at like 1 in the morning before they pass out). But @KrakkenSmacken you also seem to be caught in your own fantasy about how simple the current system is. It doesnt matter that it takes you 1 hour maybe 2 to level a basic vessel. Thats you, that is a person who knows everything already. You know your class skills, you know which mobs to fight when, you know generally where to find these mobs, you know the best ways to farm, you know not to run into keeps at level 5. You know what type of gear you need to be relatively safe. So yes it takes you an hour. I spent about 4 total hours on the first 2 campaigns (1 of the EU, then the NA when it went up) and my champion is only level 10. Because after looking through and reading all my talents (which a new player would have to do to understand what their class is), i went out and killed the same 3 rank 3 spiders for 1 hour because i couldnt find any other mob groups that werent rank 8+ after spending a lil over 30 mins running around and i didnt feel like spending another 30+ mins trying to figure out where some good ranked mobs to kill were when was still at level 2. Then my last 45 mins or so i played i just kept taking the camps cause i was bored and wanted to see my score go up on the scoreboard. For any person who doesnt have that level of experience, they have to figure things out. So what takes you 1 hour will take someone else up to 3 or 4 maybe. People that come in and read about a class and think they will like it then after spending 5-10+ hours leveling it, find they dont actually like it (or slotted in a rune they thought they would like and turns out they hate it), now need to start from scratch and spend another 5 hours hopeing the next class is more their style. Players shouldnt have to do 20+ hours of research on every class + promotion + discipline combination before being able to jump into the game. Also your not taking into consideration the population density. Yes its easy for you to go out and level right now cause there are not hundreds upon thousands of players on your server also trying to farm what your farming. When i first logged in on the first Live EU campaign i had to leave the Temple instantly just to level because there were like 20+ people killing all the rank 1 spiders and 2 people in the boar area killing all those. So in the future when leveling takes longer (cause its probably sped up now) and there are a bunch of people (allies or enemies) killing what you need to kill, then your gonna be wasting alot more time just finding spots to farm (or respawning if you ended up in a bad place), and that time spent looking could be someones entire amount of playtime for one session if they arent lucky. Also just cause someone is max level, it doesnt mean all max levels are gonna stop grinding certain mobs for resources/hands/golds/other things, so even when a good portion of people hit that point where (for the moment) they dont need to level, its not like all these mob spots are gonna become empty for the people falling behind already. And in terms of progressing vessel grade, players who can only spare a small amount of time (1-3 hours each of their play sessions) now have to continuously grind for more and more hours any time their vessel gets better. What takes 1-3 hours on a basic vessel could take 2-5 hours on a white and 4-7 on a green and so on and so fourth. People who play less or dont win as often are already at the disadvantage of not having as much stuff to dump as people that play more/win more, so you dropping 17k gold might be a drop in the bucket, but that could be weeks worth of another person times to save up enough to sacrifice enough to get a white level vessel at a playable state. Sounds alot like a strong getting stronger while the weak falling behind kind of thing right there, the "Uncle Bob" problem. Lastly, we dont know if ACE plans on keeping the current XP method for groups or not. It might be viable to just group up with high level people and have them kill rank 10 mobs to speed level you know, but we dont know if it will stay that way. ACE may or may not keep it the same and thats something well have to see later down the road. But the point is, for people who came to this game to fight (and who dont have much time to do much else), the current system is a Grind to them even if it isnt a grind to you, and its a grind they have to do multiple times over any time they upgrade their vessel. And for people like me who like options, that means i now have at the very least level 3 basic vessels, then wait till i get a legendary version of each to level 3 more times while taking longer to do it (and thats only if i go straight from basic to legendary, for any other grades i might obtain along the way thats even more pointless grinding). Not everyone/group is gonna be able to OR want to fund each individual persons personal practices with their characters. If my guild is in a drought and running low on funds, they aint gonna drop me 200k golds to level my new vessel, which means im back to doing a mindless grind that i didnt wanna do.
  3. You must be new, cause literally 3 weeks ago thats exactly how the game worked. Every class had its base kit of 6-14 skills (depending on how many trays and such), and people had no issues ganking other people. Lone players were getting ganked left and right and coming to the forums to cry that they died while solo harvesting on a harvesting character. The difference between then and now is that the harvesting character back then had every class skill for their class right at the start so they had the option to fight back (or run) even if they were gonna be weaker overall. There were plenty of fights and ganks for a while when the servers were active, but once people found out about 5.8 and the wipes everything died down.
  4. Hi all, the title may be a bit confusing but the gist of what im suggesting is to bring back the basic class kits from pre 5.8, BUT Keep the talent system in with just a couple changes. Ive given my opinion on the talent system in a post on another thread, which i will link Here . And though that is one way i think the talent system could work, i think the way im about to propose will work a little better if ACE wants to keep the same general structure they currently have. (i still hate the tree structure though ) *Main point after Italics, skip if you want* The main reason i ask for this change is because one of the minor things for me (and one of the big things for my few friends ive been trying to get interested in CF) i liked about the previous system was that any character would start with enough in their kit to be useful at all times. Someone misses a week and comes back and everyone in the group has better gear with some left over? Just toss that extra leftover gear to your friend and they can be ready to fight then and there. You get a new friend start playing CF and join your guild, who collectively just got to blue tier armor and weapons? Drop them a set of gear and they are ready to fight by your side with no build up. You changed to a new slightly better vessel? Go to a storage box and grab your gear and your ready to roll. The current system in 5.8 completely removes that ability, unless you save up 15k gold or a bunch of sacrifice items to give them so they can spend 10 minutes opening and closing a sacrifice tab to level (Or god forbid you forget to tell them not to just drop everything in at once and they dump 20k exp work of stuff in at level one and only ding level 2 cause there is no carry over). And even if you did do that now they gotta try and fully understand what they are spending those talent points on, or they end up wasting points or not getting the desired build or playstyle they want cause they didnt fully research their whole class before picking talents. It takes away the ability to play with the class and get a feel for it, and makes getting a new player (or vessel) much more tedious to get ready for combat. So to my main point. What i would like to see is the 5.7 style classes brought back into the game. Let the knight have his full kit of abilities from the start, let the assassins have stealth from the beginning and all their basic and stealth skills, let the druid have death and life tray and all the abilities associated with them. For the talent system part, rather than having the talent system give small pieces of a class over an extended period of time, it would give new abilities/ability upgrades to add on to the base class (and also still be the means of unlocking rune slots) that the player can go through and get as they see fit. Yes every knight will start the same, but if you add a new array of skills players could get in the talent tree as they level, they could unlock the new abilities specific to their playstyle, or get upgrade abilities that further their playstyle, then work towards getting the promotion they want and further specialize how they wish to play. An example would be A Basic knight going a few talents in and unlocking and ability that upgrades onslaughts damage then another talent that adds a new ability "Sweeping Strike" (A 2 or 3 step Cone Based Melee attack thats final hit Knocks Down up to 3 enemies in its radius), then they continue through the tree until they can choose a promotion and take Swordsman to be more of a damage dealer and get the stuff associated with that promotion. Personally i feel building onto a class that has something to start with is way better than building up a class from nothing. I also enjoyed the ability to jump onto a new toon and just screw around in an EK with their basic kit to get a feeling for them before deciding if thats what i wanted to play for the next campaign or something. But im just me and i dont speak for the other players of the game. Maybe alot of people are actually liking the starting with basic attack only and grind your way up to some basic skills game play the game has now. Its just something i dont find quite as enjoyable, and is also a thing that has left a sour taste in the mouths of my friends that i have been trying to get hyped for this game.
  5. Well the stealth classes dont get stealth till 15th level, so obviously the heal classes shouldnt get heals till 15th level. Now they just need to make all the tank classes have equal health to squishy classes and not get any Blocks untill 15th level, and then make all the DPS classes not get any damaging skills till 15th level. Then all will be balanced. /Sarcasm I dont understand this logic of gating the main features of a base class (not any promotion stuff) halfway through their overall progression.
  6. Great Post. I was like a day away from making a somewhat similar post about changing up the "tree" method of the talent progression. I love the talent system and what it can bring to the table, but like you said, there really isnt any choice when it comes to what your going for down the line, and in my opinion it feels really stupid to have to waste 1 point in a 5 stamina gain just cause i want 2 of the abilities it branches off too. Thats a wasted point that i have no interest in that i could have put into damage/crit/etc but was forced to take cause i wanted another minor rune and a certain skill that comes after it. I also hate the arbitrary "Must spend this many points" crap its just plain annoying and when leveling get slower and actually requires effort its gonna suck alot more to realize your next 2 or 3 levels is just gonna be dumping points into random crap cause you cant progress past that first gated node without spending 15 total talent points. Just get rid of it if they wanna keep the tree system, the players are already gated by the need to spend points in a specific order to be able to progress through, why cant they just let someone speed to the promotion if thats what they wanna do with the build I like your idea of a generalized stat pool and giving players a limited number of points to dump as much as they want in the stats they want and not have to waste time getting stats they dont want the only part i dont agree with is it seems you put attributes into that category too and personally i dont think they should be, considering attributes bleed down into many other stats they can just leave attribute leveling as is. If i wanna put all my points into crit chance and choose not to get any extra damage/health etc, why shouldnt i be able to? Am i playing a harvester that wants to dump all of my stat points into stamina so i can harvest for longer periods of time but sacrifice extra health/survivability/etc, why shouldnt i be able to? The game already has caps for all stats, so if someone wants to burn 250 of their 300 points in crit chance to get their crit chance to the stat cap, why shouldnt they be able to? They literally sacrifice damage/health/regen/armor/armor pen/etc to get to that point, so why cant that choice be theirs to make. If they end up not liking it they can just do something different when they get a new vessel or just remake theirs if its a basic vessel. I then think talents should be split into 3 groups, The stat point group that you mentioned (with the crit/damage/support/etc), the skill point group (the actual nodes that unlock abilities and rune slots), and the promotion point group (the stuff found in promotions and locked behind choosing one of 3 choice). Using your proposed system for the stat point group (play with numbers to balance it out). For skill points, have the players unlock a certain number of skill points at each level and allow them to choose which skills to buy. This will allow them to pick and choose what they want without being limited to having to get some random skill just to get to the one they actually want, they can just grab the skill they want. It would also allow them to go straight into runes from the beginning without having to level up multiple times, if thats what they want to do and know that their build will be heavily involving runes. Also, since classes no longer have default kits, hopefully the devs would consider adding more skills to each of the classes, that way there is truly a bit of variance in most characters of the same class. If knights have 20 (arbitrary number) skills to choose from instead of the like 8 they have now and can get up to 10 (arbitrary number) skill points to choose which skills they want then we will probably see more knights with slightly different set ups. Then have the promotion point group which you start getting points for at like level 20 or something, and have different nodes located in side them that also have to be chosen between (like your suggestion said) but not limiting it to a specific order. For example, using your above example as reference; Hit level 20 get first promotion point and choose which of the 3 promotions you want and get the stat or passive or w/e you get from the first node of the promotion, then at 21 be able to choose between getting a skill upgrade/ult upgrade/passive and have a choice between a few different in each (pretty much your suggestion but without being limited to the order you put it in, meaning if they wanted at 21 to get the "single target heal for death tray" they could choose to do that OR get one of the passives if they wanted). Inside each promotion have 1 set of ~3 passive choices (chose one and it locks out the other 2) have 1 set of ~3 ult upgrades/changes (same as before, pick only 1) and then have like 3 or 4 sets of 3 ability upgrades (either 3 different upgrades for the same skill [ie, A: Add Bleed to Cheap Shot, B: Gain barrier when using cheap shot, or C: Cheap shot drains 35 stamina from enemy on hit] OR 3 upgrades for different skills [ie, A: Leap Grants 1 Points of Dominance Per Leap, B: Rend Reduced Bleed Armor, or C: Whirling Pain now removes roots and slows] and only being able to grab one upgrade from each set. This will allow players alot more freedom in taking what they want and not having to waste points. The only things that would need to have any pre-requisite is skill upgrades requiring you to actually have the skill your upgrading.
  7. I went to the general crafting table to make planks (cause im pretty sure thats a thing), and the entire woodworking section is missing for me so i wasnt able to planks.
  8. someone should email support and figure out if the servers just down, or if something is messed up cause i too got the HTTP error
  9. Personal Opinion, but i think they should remove the first 4 or 5 abilities in all the talent trees and just give them to the characters. Fill the blanks with more stat boosts or something. Maybe its just me feeling a bit entitled because i liked how classes originally had all their skills, but It just feels real crappy to only be able to basic attack with a new character for the first 5-10 mins and then only get 1 or 2 skills. I think rather than gateing all the abilities behind talents points, what should happen is the talent points should just upgrade the abilities (just like some of the later abilities in the talent trees, how they take an ability and add something too it in some way) that way a person can still play their class and get a feel for it without having to dump alot of time into to figure out how the class really plays.
  10. Actually Recall is probably going to disappear. ACE has stated in the past that they want travel time to have a serious impact on the game. They probably dont want any kind of heartstone or return to base feature because it takes away from the risk of over expanding or makes defending home territories extremely easy for defenders. If a group takes over a large amount of territory they better have either enough people to field in all locations if they plan on keeping them, and pushing deep into enemy lines becomes more and more dangerous as your spawn locations might start getting further away from the conflict areas. Recall literally exists right now because its a Pre- Alpha. Player can get stuck in terrain, clipped into structures/resources, or get frozen in an attack/harvest state and lose controll of their character. Recall exists so that those problems dont cause a player to be permanently stuck untill a GM can get on. The fact that its used the way it is is just a side effect of the fact that it has no risk, because if it did have a drawback like droping items or something no one would use it and the forum would be spammed with "GM GET ON I NEED TO GET UNSTUCK", or "THIS IS BS I GOT CLIPPED INTO WALL GMS GET ON AND FIX THIS CAUSE IM NOT LOSING ALL MY STUFF BECAUSE OF YOUR GAMES MISTAKES". As for spirit banks, they will continue to be in the game, they just wont work as we use them now with the freedom to drop anything in at will. The imports will be tied to campaign joining or have a time limit in the campaign for importing mats, and exports will happen at the end of campaigns and be influenced by win bonuses.
  11. Also quick question. Arent Disciplines supposed to eventually be worked into Runecrafting and be craftable with an actual resource cost? So with the current set up of not being able to remove disciplines, wouldnt that mean any time someone was finally able to get a better stat Disc they would have to completely remake their character and remake every single discipline they already had? Then after that have to re level their vessel just to be able to slot in the discs?
  12. Im alpha 2 so i havent been able to look at the new system. So this is just a uneducated suggestion based off the small amount ive read up on so far. But id suggest removing Discipline unlock slots from the talent tree and just letting people have all slots (or at least put them as separate parts of the tree that you can unlock whenever, so a person would only need to gain the first 4-6 levels to unlock them rather than haveing to go down the line and find the nodes that offer them) while still allowing slotting a discipline to add new trees to the talent tree. Then have the Disciplines have their own levels (not tied to the character level) that the player can advance (through combat xp/sacrifice or whatever other ways to level them someone can think of) that cap at like level 10, so that even with disciplines you still have to pick and choose how you wanna spend your discipline points within your discipline tree. This way players can still get the main utility out of their disciplines (the powers/passives/ other bonuses) but still have the option to level the disc for marginal boosts or w/e is in discipline trees. And if a person does feel like changing discs at some point, they dont have to wipe an entire character to do it. They just break the one they have equipped and replace it with a new level 1 disc. This also solves any issues that might come up with a level 25 person spending 5 Talent points on the discipline trees then removing the discipline, because the discipline talent points would be separate from normal level advancement talent points, so a person could be level 25 with 25 "Vessel talent Points" and have a level 10 Major with 10 "*Insert Disc Name Here* Talent Points" and 2 level 5 minors each with 5 of their own "*Insert Disc Name Here* Talent Points".
  13. I am an oracle, predictor of the future, my minds eye sees all.
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