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  1. I hope we get at least some actual information about FW before summer starts. FW being good is literally the last leg i have to stand on for this game sadly. So i really hope whatever they are waiting so long to push out is actually worth it
  2. I wasnt asking about the skill trees (Passive Training) i was asking about Talent Trees (Active Progression) Because i really hate that i have to waste points on certain things just to progress through the tree itself. Example, why is Go For Broke the first branching skill for duelist? I Dont like go for broke and ill never use it or even slot it on my character, Snipe and Ambush are way better skills in my opinion especially since i play dirge and stealth for me is more about a quick initiation before i go into brawl mode. Thats 1 Whole wasted Talent point, then if i dont plan on doing any exploration stuff im forced to take both exploration discs because they are located on the default line of progression (most of my characters dont even slot exploration disc, only my harvester which i havent actually made since the last wipe). Thats 2 More wasted talent points. Thats a Total of 3 wasted skill points i could have put somewhere else. And Tinnis asked an interesting question about what will happen when disciplines require Talent points to gain abilities. If they force you to go in a certain Order or Tree style approach, Thats even more wasted points if i only wanted 2 of the abilities from a major but they locked it behind the 2 abilities i didnt want. Thats another 2 talent points PER Major that are wasted also. For a whooping total of 7 Skill points wasted in crap im never gonna use. The game is supposed to be about choices. if i CHOOSE to not wanna have any bonuses to harvesting at all and dont wanna slot disciplines. Thats for me to decide, it shouldnt be forced on me to at least attempt to take 2 exploration disciplines if i dont want to. Therefor i should be able to CHOOSE to not take 2 exploration discs in the talent tree if i dont want to. I should also be able to CHOOSE not to take Go For Broke if it doesnt fit my playstyle and i wont slot it. I dont care if Go for Broke actually happens to be a good skill and that other can use it really well, Its my opinion that the skill is shyt and it my CHOICE to not take it. I shouldnt be forced to take it just because the devs said "welp lets put that skill here in the tralent tree cause clearly everyone would wanna use this skill".
  3. My Main question is will there be another pass on Class/Talents, sometime after frostweaver is out, that would make it so classes started with their base kit (Similar to 5.7 and before) with the talent system itself being more of a way to pick and choose new skills+stats for each class on the way to each classes promotion. Locking core class features behind a 15 level, level gate is kinda bland and i see no real reason for it. Why does a druid (supposedly) have to wait to level 15 to heal? why does an assassin have to wait till level 15 to stealth? Why do the talent trees force players to take certain things to get through them? What if i dont ever plan on touching a resource node, why are 2 of my Talent points gotta be wasted on exploration disciplines (although with the scout/thief disciplines that showed up briefly in test, that might sway my opinion in having exploration discs depending on how they function)? What if i dont want a specific skill and that skill is the one you put right at the starting point of a section where it starts branching off? Now i gotta sit there and take a skill i probably wont even slot just because of the way the devs decided they wanted to set up the skill list which is another completely wasted skill point.
  4. I apologize for my earlier retort. I guess it turns out people can decide to have a civil conversation about these things sometimes, and not just turn everything into a massive flame war. Color me surprised.
  5. Congratulations Your The 1 Millionth person to make this exact thread. Your reward!? The same sarcastic retorts as all the others and the ability to not carry on this conversation in any meaningful way since everyone else has already talked this topic into the ground a billion times over. Welcome To the Forums, you will find the search bar in the top right of the page.
  6. If we making Mino Clerics and RatBoi Archers Then i want a Half-Giant Duelist (Yes this includes the burrow)
  7. ^ This is the biggest Hurdle/Problem to overcome. PvPers gank Harvester cause the Harvesters have the stuff. PvPers never carry anything but the bare minimum to PvP (Full Set of Gear + maybe a couple Buff Foods + maybe a few apples for food bar if you dont wanna waste buff foods early) and unless there is something in the game that forces PvPers to carry stuff OR encourages them to have something valuable on them, then no ruleset other than Full Loot will ever have any worth from PvPer vs PvPer fights, But then with Full loot you run into more uncle bob stuff cause the people losing by large margin are now completely unable to complete, and a guild thats close behind another but has a few bad battles in a row can get knocked completely out of the running. Sadly i cant think of anything that would actually encourage PvPer vs PvPer fights other than Seiges, but that just keeps the game in its current loop of (Long in an hour before Siege, Participate in Siege, Log Off)
  8. Just a small suggestion for creating a new character. Make it so a person can click on Race or Class at the top and change how the listings grey out certain things. Clicking Race will leave it as is. Colors all races and by selecting a race it colors all the classes that race can play and grays out the ones it cant. Clicking Class will flip it, So all classes get colored in and when you click a class it colors all the races that can play it and grays out all the ones that cant. Just a small QoL thing because i cant always remember which races specifically can play each class sometimes, and clicking through races to figure out where the 4th race that can play x class is, only to find out i misrememberd how many races could play a class or click through 9/12 races before finding the fourth.
  9. ShadowwBoi13


    Gr8 b8, m8. I rel8, str8 appreci8, and congratul8. I r8 this b8 an 8/8. Plz no h8, I’m str8 ir8. Cre8 more, can’t w8. We should convers8, I won’t ber8, my number is 8888888, ask for N8. No calls l8 or out of st8. If on a d8, ask K8 to loc8. Even with a full pl8, I always have time to communic8 so don’t hesit8
  10. Idk how long ago the patch for 5.6 was but something is majorly crashing my stuff. It just randomly glitches out my screen when ever i play and crashes the game and even bluescreened my computer and forced me to restart. Heres a video example of what happend before it started completely crashing me https://www.twitch.tv/videos/409005616?t=00h04m10s I even tried just playing a few times without my stream stuff running, just in case it had to do with my stream set up. and it still glitches out then crashes the game after a min or two
  11. I want just want to know which god is next for the trials and if they have any interesting tweaks to the Victory conditions or reward structure
  12. Thank god the took the free city and changed it to only connect with beachheads and no longer connect to siege/adventure zones for people to stand in and wait around while being unkillable.
  13. So basically my suggestion is to remove the large chests in the different zones completely and put the Big Iron/Big wood/Big Stone (Dont know what they actually called) recipes in stonemason's recipes. Make the recipes cost 10 stacks of 10 Non Basic mats (100 total) for which ever you build (ie 10 stacks of 10 non basic stone for the Big Stone Slabs) and make having some stone masons around a requirement to actually build up forts and stuff in CWs. (Werent they intended to be the builders in campaigns anyways?) I suggest this mainly because i dont see any reason anyone would be a stone mason in a CW. Secondly it would create a resource dump for all the whites people trash. I would rather dump all my whites, that i would normally destroy, onto a local stonemason in my faction so they can make a stockpile of building mats so my team can keep walls up at the forts and keeps and such, rather then just deleting whites since ACE still doesnt wanna give us larger storage space in CWs or any kind of storage in EKs. Thirdly it kinda acts as a gateway to slowly weakening an enemies defenses over time (especially in winter when less people are gathering = less throwaway resources available) because even if you continue to fail at sieges if you can do enough damage to their walls enough times over you can slowly drain them of their resources till it gets easier to press your attack (Also gives more reason to actually break more than 1 wall section when fighting in a fort/keep) Afterthought: They also mentioned in the patch notes on test that the barriers on wall will now replenish after a siege. They could also just make them not replenish automatically and take some of the Big resources to repair them or something like that
  14. Just a throw away idea, add faction caps first then let the top 50% of leader board players of each faction have 1 reservation token they can apply to a siege zone up to 12 hours before a siege starts. Make it first come first serve so the people that put their tokens in early are higher up on the list so the first 50 (lets say its a 50/50 cap for each faction since there are only 2 factions 😏) get priority on the server,then 30 mins before siege allow anyone else who put up a token fill the left over slots, Then have the tokens expire within the last 10 minutes before the siege if that player isnt in the zone and allow any other people to potentially get in. This makes it to where guilds can coordinate those who have tokens wherever they wanna send them (and force guilds that are "to large" to actually figure out how they wanna divide their groups and not just try and out stack their enemies), it allows smaller guilds to group up and find ways to split their forces coherently and not have to worry to much about randoms getting in the way (so two guilds with 40 members each could say put 25 + 15 in one zone then 15 + 25 in another to push from multiple sides). It stops the ability of anyone to use a spy alt to waste space in a siege zone because a spy wouldnt have participated enough to get high enough on the board to get a token. It allows the guilds/top contributors the ability to make sure a random squad of lowbies doesnt roll up and eat like 10 spots and not even participate in the siege. And it still leaves open the possibility of extra people (those lower on the board that want to participate) getting in if there are no shows or the larger groups end up not having enough tokens to get all the spots. (also there would be a boot timer 1 hour before siege that kicks all non token players back to the temples to clear the zone of any afkers/non siege participators). Didnt fully think all that through all the way so there might be holes in it but it sounds like a decent starting place to me at least.
  15. ^ This. Last time i checked, no one puts on a short sleeved football shirt and jeans and leaves their house as Tim (with ID, SSN and all the things that identify a person). Then the next day puts on A cowboy hat, some overalls and a T-shirt and is now Billy Bob (with an entirely new ID, SSN, etc). Then the day after puts on a jacket, some hair junk and some tight jeans and is now Fonzie (again with entirely new identity documentation). Last time i checked their are not 60+ iterations of *insert generic anime/video game character here* at a convention. Doesnt matter how many people dress up as *insert generic anime/video game character here*, they are not *insert generic anime/video game character here*, they are still whoever they are before the costume was put on they just changed their look. The Crow is the character, the vessels are the clothing.
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