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  1. Here's my generic proposal for passives (at least for combat, im still trying to think how to make harvesting/crafting more variable without flat stat bonuses, but i cant think of that many different ways to hit a rock sadly) First off my generic complaint i always make. Get rid of trees, they are pointless. Gating an option behind some other irrelevant option is lame and a waste of time. I should not have to get generic crappy node 1 and 2 to get somewhat useful node 3 then have to go down a different route and get useless node A to get to somewhat useful node B and then Good node that i
  2. What ever happened to the passive system being horizontal progression? Things that gave more options not bigger numbers?
  3. What if the Intensity stats instead of "Making the CC you apply last longer" made it increase the amount of time a person cant retaliate after being hit with a CC, up to 100% of the CCs time. Examples: -Player A hits Player B with a 3 Second stun and has no Hard Control Intensity , Player B could retaliate instantly or any time before the CC wears off -Player A hits Player B with a 3 Second stun and has 50% Hard Control Intensity, Player B could retaliate any point after 1.5 seconds -Player A hits Player B with a 3 Second stun and has 100% Hard Control Intensity, Player B would not
  4. The Disciplines i just dont think most of them are high enough impact. Using 1 or 2 discipline skills once every 30 seconds doesnt really make it seem, like your playing differently because if your still doing your main Myrm rotation 90% of the time but once in a blue moon you drop a bubble or use a generic attack skill that puts a poison on the enemy instead of a bleed it just doesnt feel any different, and in a large fight people probably wouldnt notice those small changes to your attack pool. Also Personally i feel its cause the base classes offer to little. The reason a Rune Caster My
  5. Yea the numbers i used would definitely probably break it, but my thought process was more along the lines of having enough to be semi viable from the start. i just dont know what that exact number would be for those so i overshot it to make the point. Same, that why i wanted to bring it up. Especially with the passive changes, cause from the outside looking in, to me it seems like it could be an easy addition to the game since they could just use the same framework for the permanent passives. Its probably not that simple but it feels like the foundation is there. Ive felt like iv
  6. I know Advantages/Disadvantages were put on hold before or were waiting for post launch or something but with the addition of permanent non-slotted passives for 5.110 i was thinking that now would be a good time to get working on Advantages and Disadvantages when creating characters. The tech has already been made and it should be easy to implement with the passive changes. It could literally just be you buying passives that effect your character on character creation or something like that. I only bring this up now because with the wipe and everyone starting fresh and passive training n
  7. What about we get rid of the trees for passive training and just have individual nodes for passive training and you pick what you want when you want. You can still block off progression by % trained before going to the next section of nodes (Ie. still need 50% of combat basics to move to weapons but you can pick to train any node in the combat basics whenever you wanted and not have to follow a path) but you let the person at least pick what nodes they want first before having to settle for extra nodes to meet the completion % to move on. Heck why even have the different sections gated by
  8. Hmm so do you get the cards at the end of the season or are they constantly updating? Like for the ones for the top 3 guilds, are the bonuses going to jump around as teams meet the requirements and push others out or is it like an end of the season thing? And then for the ones like Jesters Folly, I assume you just get the points as soon as you meet the requirements, but what if later you do gain land or something would you keep the points you already gained?
  9. Also not that we know what it would be used for yet, but they did say VIP tokens would be tradable items, so new players could pay to to get VIP then trade VIP tokens to get tomes from other players. And the Vets might want to get VIP (again still dont know what it even does anymore) without spending money so they could give some noobie their left over training skills (if they have any, cause the hardcore "never miss a minute of training" vets obviously wouldnt have any tomes to give until they 100% every tree) and get a few months of extra VIP they dont have to pay for. This just leaves
  10. How much does your typical E-mail weigh??
  11. So is the 5.11 in 2020 the LIVE server update? or when its gonna hit TEST? and if it is the LIVE update time frame, when can we expect some 5.11 patches on TEST?
  12. They really just need to go through and change up the way most discs work (mainly minors). They always talked about choice choice choice blah blah blah. But most Majors follow the same principle (3 Abilities, 1 Passive. Excluding a few like force mage or rune caster and maybe a few others) and minors are pretty much always a passive (Except Far Sight and Reaper and the old DP and EM that they trashed) but they only give us 3 passive slots (Yes there are "6" for 1 bar classes and "9" for 2 bar classes and an extra for any Human classes, but alot of times there is redundancy between the co
  13. Or just do the inverse, and only have 1 adventure map with 3 siege maps and have none of the siege maps connect form anywhere but the adventure map. S= Siege, A = Adventure, *Letter*T = Faction Temple S BT S \ | / A / | \ CT S OT Then factions have to still make an effort to hold 3 locations and not just Mag Dump everyone at one point, and with only 1 adventure map, theoretically wartribes and stuff would be more contested which theoretically means more Open World PvP opportunities
  14. Just to play devils advocate on the Keep Resources and stuff. I believe that Keeps/Forts should start lowering the ranks of all resources around them and think that higher tier resources should be spread to the outer areas of the map or just places decently far from Keeps/Forts. Like people have said you already get alot of bonuses for owning keeps/forts; You get more points, You get access to crafting stations (and ones with bonuses in the keeps), you get a safe place with walls that can only be attacked at a certain time, you gain access to storage, and you gain access to a respawn poin
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