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  1. Here's my generic proposal for passives (at least for combat, im still trying to think how to make harvesting/crafting more variable without flat stat bonuses, but i cant think of that many different ways to hit a rock sadly) First off my generic complaint i always make. Get rid of trees, they are pointless. Gating an option behind some other irrelevant option is lame and a waste of time. I should not have to get generic crappy node 1 and 2 to get somewhat useful node 3 then have to go down a different route and get useless node A to get to somewhat useful node B and then Good node that i actually want C. I should be able to get node C and node 3 and maybe grab node B, as i get the training time to "pay" for it, if i feel its useful enough to start putting my passive training into it. All nodes have a cost in passive time, That is the Gate to the passive node, there is 0 reason to gate the nodes behind other ones. Second, Set all classes back to their base kits form 5.6, where when a player dropped in they had their entire classes set of skills and could immediately be useful/contribute to something even if just a small part of it. This would need to come with either; a revamp of the talent trees to include new skills for the classes (instead of just giving them what they originally had + some stats), or removal of the talent tree in place of the passive revamp Revamp: Combat Basics Section No more tree, make combat basics a series of nodes grouped by weapon types, give each weapon type a set of global ability's that any person can train into that can be slotted into any character with the specific weapon currently equipped. These skills should include tooltips if they have additional requirements (ie if a skill required dual wield then it should have that noted). Allow a person to take the nodes from any weapon in any order they want, there's no reason to restrict the abilities. Example: Generic Hand Axe skill 1 - Frontal cleave (small cone) with descent damage Generic Hand Axe Skill 2 - Overhead swing that "hooks your enemies weapon" (applies a short suppress) Generic Hand Axe Skill 3 - Dual Axe Slam Skill (similar to myrms ability) *Requires Having Axes equipped in main and offhand* This gives new players a chance to play with their class a bit and makes it to where they dont needlessly invest in a class they would end up not liking, since training combat basics up to a point to move forward would require getting most of the skills of at least a few of the base weapons which gives them ample time to try out different classes (and weapon combos for classes). Which they can actually try out because you know they actually have their class skills and dont need to waste time leveling. Return: Class Basics Section Bring back the old class sections of passive training but have all base classes be under the same umbrella instead of splitting them off into individual pieces. ie. instead of having a separate section for Knight, Assassin, and Duelist. They are all under the "Class Basics section" (So your accumulated time in "Class Basics" can be split between any class as you see fit). Same thing as above, get rid of the tree format and have the nodes spread out and just grouped by class and let them take any nodes in any order. Have this section have a series of new class abilities, ability augments (the way some of the skill upgrades from the promotions work), and maybe some class related passives. This would allow players to start specializing in the class or classes they want without having to split their time between different sections because all of the classes will be contained in one. This also minimizes the old issue where a person was playing Knight for a few weeks then started thinking they dont wanna play Knight anymore but still had like 60K passive points they hadnt spent in knight that were basically useless to them now, because if they start feeling like they dont wanna play knight and wanna swap, then that 60K points they didnt spend can just be put into a different class's skills (or saved till you play a few classes more and want to make a decision on a new one). This brings back the hard choices from before and puts it more on the player if they choose to all in on one class or spread things out a bit between multiple. New: Promotion/Specialization/Per Class Section Then at this point you would branch into the class specific sections (ie a separate section for Knight Promotions, Confessor Promotions, Etc), that contain the upgrades and such for the different promotions. It would contain new promotion skills, the augmented skills for the promotion (basically the stuff after the promotion point in the talent tree), and passives specific to the promotion etc. Then depending on what's done with the talent tree, either add the promotion towards the end like always and then when you select it for the vessel it gets all the bonuses for that promotion that you got from passives + anything remaining in the talent tree after the promotion, OR if the talent tree was removed, just make a new crafting item for necromancers that allows a character to choose a promotion when the item is sacrificed and another crafted item that allows a player to change promotions when sacrificed, that way if they want to play one promotion of a class when roaming/ganking but another when prepping for a siege, they can swap between them if they had trained enough into the different promotions to warrant it.
  2. What ever happened to the passive system being horizontal progression? Things that gave more options not bigger numbers?
  3. What if the Intensity stats instead of "Making the CC you apply last longer" made it increase the amount of time a person cant retaliate after being hit with a CC, up to 100% of the CCs time. Examples: -Player A hits Player B with a 3 Second stun and has no Hard Control Intensity , Player B could retaliate instantly or any time before the CC wears off -Player A hits Player B with a 3 Second stun and has 50% Hard Control Intensity, Player B could retaliate any point after 1.5 seconds -Player A hits Player B with a 3 Second stun and has 100% Hard Control Intensity, Player B would not be able to retaliate for the full duration Then if they did something like that they could have that play into control defense so a person with control defense is still reducing the amount of time the CC lasts so using previous example 3; if player B had enough Hard Control Defense to reduce the stun to 50% duration then Player 3 will still have to suffer the full stun but the duration of the stun is reduced to 1.5 seconds so they are stunned for 1.5 seconds total instead of 3 And for Movement control maybe just leave it as is, cause i dont think you can retaliate slows and stuff anyways.
  4. The Disciplines i just dont think most of them are high enough impact. Using 1 or 2 discipline skills once every 30 seconds doesnt really make it seem, like your playing differently because if your still doing your main Myrm rotation 90% of the time but once in a blue moon you drop a bubble or use a generic attack skill that puts a poison on the enemy instead of a bleed it just doesnt feel any different, and in a large fight people probably wouldnt notice those small changes to your attack pool. Also Personally i feel its cause the base classes offer to little. The reason a Rune Caster Myrm and Poisoner Myrm feel like they play the same is because they do. No matter what promotion you take as a class your going to have at most like one or two different skills (excluding druids probably since they get the entire healing thing or w/e). If they gave every class their current full kit (aka what classes had back in 5.7 and before) and instead had the talent tree give new general skills pre promotion (Like 6-10 new skills before promotion, and let the player pick which ones they want) and then more extra skills after promotion (Like 3 or so new skills for the promotion and like 2-3 skill variants [upgrading previous skills to do new things]) That would at least make the class feel a little less like it plays the exact same. But then disciplines would be in an even worse position. They could also update Majors to actually give like 4-6 skills that pair well together and a passive or 2 that brings the kit together. And maybe even add a new Discipline Tray (kinda like how sharpshooter and stuff work for non bow classes, but you know actually giving enough skills to slot into a tray) and then have tray swapping to the Disc tray be part of the normal combat flow. This will make it so a Runecaster Weapon master Myrm would actually play a bit different from a Poisoner Knifegrinder Myrm, because not only could their base bar be different with the new added skills but they would swap trays more and have more time in combat using the disc tray cause they actually have enough skills to do something with their discs in the tray before swapping back.
  5. Yea the numbers i used would definitely probably break it, but my thought process was more along the lines of having enough to be semi viable from the start. i just dont know what that exact number would be for those so i overshot it to make the point. Same, that why i wanted to bring it up. Especially with the passive changes, cause from the outside looking in, to me it seems like it could be an easy addition to the game since they could just use the same framework for the permanent passives. Its probably not that simple but it feels like the foundation is there. Ive felt like ive been in a rut since basically shortly after 5.8 really cause ive been playing since hunger dome, i know which classes i like to play and which are boring to me, and i dont really care about playing what is and isnt in the current meta. And every wipe when i remake the same Champion, Duelist, Slayer, and Paladin and do the exact same things on each cause the progression is so linear it feels meh. Theres no experimentation aside from maybe changing my focus from a STR based Champion to a CON based one to see how a tankyer version plays and changing a few disciplines to go with the style i like (Destroyer for STR build vs Rune Caster for Tanky build and things like that).
  6. I know Advantages/Disadvantages were put on hold before or were waiting for post launch or something but with the addition of permanent non-slotted passives for 5.110 i was thinking that now would be a good time to get working on Advantages and Disadvantages when creating characters. The tech has already been made and it should be easy to implement with the passive changes. It could literally just be you buying passives that effect your character on character creation or something like that. I only bring this up now because with the wipe and everyone starting fresh and passive training not being as far forward things are progressing a bit slowly on the crafting side and what not since no one is trained and wartribes drop the best gear obtainable right now. implementing advantages/disadvantages to add ways to customize characters and boost some stats a bit would be a good way to allow people to get head starts on what they want and bypass the early drought of training. Its also a good way for new players to actually be somewhat useful after starting and not be completely gimped behind waiting a month just to start crafting in their preferred profession or actually being able to harvest something better than whites. Having some advantages like +50 Blacksmithing Experimentation and +5 Blacksmithing Experimentation Points for crafters, and +1 Plentiful Harvest ALL OR +2 Plentiful Harvest Wood (or some other specific harvesting) or +20 Skinning etc for Harvesters, and then some +AP and +SP and other base combat stats for fighters. Would be a good way to jump start the players with needed stats to begin working towards what they are training towards, that over time can be traded for other things as they get more advanced vessels and have had time to train more. Disadvantages could be the flipped versions too, get some -50 Runecrafting Experimentation and -20 Necromancy Assembly, and Near-Sight reducing name tag range by 10m, and Frail which makes you take 50% more damage and other things like that. And they should always grant less points than the cost of their advantage counter. The numbers i used as examples might seem high but i think thats the point, these should be used to jump start a persons preferred playstyle if they are willing to take some downsides with it. Let them start with 0 or 1 Advantage point and let them get a max of 3 or 5 advantages but they have to take a bunch of small disadvantages or a few big ones, which ever they see more fit to do. If the crafters can jumpstart like 50% of their progression training with advantages, they can start pumping out semi decent gear right at the start. If the harvesters can jumpstart 50% of a specific harvesting (like ores) they can actually work on getting better materials early on and not be stuck getting only whites and only able to effectively mine rank 4 and lower nodes. If the fighter is willing to take a bunch of disadvantages to crafting and stuff (and we know the fighters will) they can boost their HP or Damage or Healing or other stats that are preferred for their class/playstyle and become a more competitive fighter.
  7. What about we get rid of the trees for passive training and just have individual nodes for passive training and you pick what you want when you want. You can still block off progression by % trained before going to the next section of nodes (Ie. still need 50% of combat basics to move to weapons but you can pick to train any node in the combat basics whenever you wanted and not have to follow a path) but you let the person at least pick what nodes they want first before having to settle for extra nodes to meet the completion % to move on. Heck why even have the different sections gated by a % trained in a previous section anyways. If someone knows they are only gonna play a certain type of play style or a certain class or 2, why make them wade through combat basics then weapon basics then melee then Great melee if they wanna play two handed classes. Let people start from any section and train what they want in that section. If i want to CHOOSE to sacrifice general power gains for specific power gains i should be able to CHOOSE to do that. It would be a decision i had to make, do i CHOOSE to train combat basics and get +5 AP and +3% Physical Penetration to all weapons which would help me on multiple characters/classes OR do i CHOOSE to go for +25 AP and 15% Physical Penetration for Great Axes Only which would help with a limited number of characters/classes OR do i choose to get +15 AP and 9% Physical Penetration for all melee weapons which would spread out to a few more characters/classes but isnt so generalized it applies to all of them. Same thing applies to crafting classes, if i want to focus on blacksmithing IMMEDIATELY i should be able to start training it and choose which stats i want first (experimentation, or experimentation points, or assembly, etc) by doing so im sacrificing some global crafting benefits from crafting basics which means im going to be worse at crafting extra materials from other professions but i would start out already progressing towards what i wanted to specialize. For a game that boasts about choices and how choices matter, there seems to be alot of places where the devs dont really give the players any real choice.
  8. Hmm so do you get the cards at the end of the season or are they constantly updating? Like for the ones for the top 3 guilds, are the bonuses going to jump around as teams meet the requirements and push others out or is it like an end of the season thing? And then for the ones like Jesters Folly, I assume you just get the points as soon as you meet the requirements, but what if later you do gain land or something would you keep the points you already gained?
  9. Also not that we know what it would be used for yet, but they did say VIP tokens would be tradable items, so new players could pay to to get VIP then trade VIP tokens to get tomes from other players. And the Vets might want to get VIP (again still dont know what it even does anymore) without spending money so they could give some noobie their left over training skills (if they have any, cause the hardcore "never miss a minute of training" vets obviously wouldnt have any tomes to give until they 100% every tree) and get a few months of extra VIP they dont have to pay for. This just leaves the poor noobies being in the position you described though, because unless ACE does some tinkering with their systems to make white/greens useful for vets then no new player would have anything vets find useful enough to give training time for. The only other way for a new player to get anything a vet would find useful is to spend all day every day farming chaos embers or something like that to trade, but at that point they are not playing "Crowfall the throne war simulator blah blah blah" that they bought into, they are playing "Crowfall, Be everyones little beech and spend all your free time trying to farm this item so that some veteran players might like you someday so that maybe you can catch up to about half way to where the vets are...maybe". And most normal people arent gonna dedicate their gaming time to being someones mindless farming drone, its not fun and the whole point of playing the game is to have fun. But then again some people are masochists so maybe they would be into that kinda thing.
  10. How much does your typical E-mail weigh??
  11. So is the 5.11 in 2020 the LIVE server update? or when its gonna hit TEST? and if it is the LIVE update time frame, when can we expect some 5.11 patches on TEST?
  12. They really just need to go through and change up the way most discs work (mainly minors). They always talked about choice choice choice blah blah blah. But most Majors follow the same principle (3 Abilities, 1 Passive. Excluding a few like force mage or rune caster and maybe a few others) and minors are pretty much always a passive (Except Far Sight and Reaper and the old DP and EM that they trashed) but they only give us 3 passive slots (Yes there are "6" for 1 bar classes and "9" for 2 bar classes and an extra for any Human classes, but alot of times there is redundancy between the combat bars, and some people dont fully slot out their combat bar AND survival bar, if they arent a harvester, the survival bar just gets left over passives that could be slotted in it if available like sturdy, etc.) So they want us to potentially slot in 5 Disciplines (2 Major, 3 Minor) for 5 Passives when we can only use three, then they wondered why literally EVERYONE ran DP back in the day because it brings you up to 4 Passive slots for 4 Disciplines (your 5th is being used by DP to make the 4th passive). In all honesty the passive system is just stupid, if tomorrow they added a large list of minors that just gave flat bonuses (like how elven eyes and such work) most people would never slot more than 1 minor that had a passive, because minor passives are rarely worth it when compared to major passives. Personally i think they should just get rid of Passive Slots and just make anything that gives you a passive always give you the passive (like how capstones work now) and only restrict the passives they give by which tray a person is in so that your "stealth tray passives" wont be active during combat or survival trays. but thats just my opinion and i doubt it would change anything this late in the game
  13. Or just do the inverse, and only have 1 adventure map with 3 siege maps and have none of the siege maps connect form anywhere but the adventure map. S= Siege, A = Adventure, *Letter*T = Faction Temple S BT S \ | / A / | \ CT S OT Then factions have to still make an effort to hold 3 locations and not just Mag Dump everyone at one point, and with only 1 adventure map, theoretically wartribes and stuff would be more contested which theoretically means more Open World PvP opportunities
  14. Just to play devils advocate on the Keep Resources and stuff. I believe that Keeps/Forts should start lowering the ranks of all resources around them and think that higher tier resources should be spread to the outer areas of the map or just places decently far from Keeps/Forts. Like people have said you already get alot of bonuses for owning keeps/forts; You get more points, You get access to crafting stations (and ones with bonuses in the keeps), you get a safe place with walls that can only be attacked at a certain time, you gain access to storage, and you gain access to a respawn point. With all that i dont think they need to have all the good resources at them too. To me it just looks like its feeding into the Uncle Bob problem by allowing the faction that already won enough to lock down a few keeps, also have all the best resources in a pseudo safe location within a 30 second walk to a gate where most people wont be able to kill them fast enough to stop the banking. They already won and got the points and the locations they shouldnt be able to just spend the campaign camping just outside their walls racking up all the big resource gains, while the factions that lost their keep(s)/fort(s) has nothing and can only harvest in extreamly dangerous locations. If the faction that is winning can also gain resources alot more safely than those that arent winning, it just makes it easier for the winning team to keep progressing and gearing up and having more stuff overall to continue winning. With the new embargo changes coming soon this will make the storage at these locations even more valuable. If the best resources were further away from the Keeps/Forts, then it both stops the "harvest 5 mins walk to gate then bank rinse repeat cause of low spawn times on resources" and "the oh no people hit me pop my escape artist + juggernaut and walk 10 feet in one direction to the walls where only duelist will be able to follow me and be trapped inside walls without their allies and having NPCs shooting them". People now have to be prepared to actually tackle getting the better resources, if it puts them 10-15ish mins away from the closest storage location (if they own the closest). It theoretically would drive more PvP and encourage grouping and also would pseudo force people to have more mats on them if they do longer runs which means the Gankers can actually get materials from the harvesters if they dont prepare well enough. And by keeping lower rank resources near the keeps/forts the solo/smaller group/newer less trained people can still have access to the resources they need, just not at the high qualities they probably wouldnt be able to use anyways. It also makes it so both the faction that has more territory controlled and the faction(s) that have less territory controlled both still have to venture out of that pseudo safety net into the "danger zone" to be able to get the better materials and such
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