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  1. Hmm so do you get the cards at the end of the season or are they constantly updating? Like for the ones for the top 3 guilds, are the bonuses going to jump around as teams meet the requirements and push others out or is it like an end of the season thing? And then for the ones like Jesters Folly, I assume you just get the points as soon as you meet the requirements, but what if later you do gain land or something would you keep the points you already gained?
  2. Also not that we know what it would be used for yet, but they did say VIP tokens would be tradable items, so new players could pay to to get VIP then trade VIP tokens to get tomes from other players. And the Vets might want to get VIP (again still dont know what it even does anymore) without spending money so they could give some noobie their left over training skills (if they have any, cause the hardcore "never miss a minute of training" vets obviously wouldnt have any tomes to give until they 100% every tree) and get a few months of extra VIP they dont have to pay for. This just leaves the poor noobies being in the position you described though, because unless ACE does some tinkering with their systems to make white/greens useful for vets then no new player would have anything vets find useful enough to give training time for. The only other way for a new player to get anything a vet would find useful is to spend all day every day farming chaos embers or something like that to trade, but at that point they are not playing "Crowfall the throne war simulator blah blah blah" that they bought into, they are playing "Crowfall, Be everyones little beech and spend all your free time trying to farm this item so that some veteran players might like you someday so that maybe you can catch up to about half way to where the vets are...maybe". And most normal people arent gonna dedicate their gaming time to being someones mindless farming drone, its not fun and the whole point of playing the game is to have fun. But then again some people are masochists so maybe they would be into that kinda thing.
  3. How much does your typical E-mail weigh??
  4. So is the 5.11 in 2020 the LIVE server update? or when its gonna hit TEST? and if it is the LIVE update time frame, when can we expect some 5.11 patches on TEST?
  5. They really just need to go through and change up the way most discs work (mainly minors). They always talked about choice choice choice blah blah blah. But most Majors follow the same principle (3 Abilities, 1 Passive. Excluding a few like force mage or rune caster and maybe a few others) and minors are pretty much always a passive (Except Far Sight and Reaper and the old DP and EM that they trashed) but they only give us 3 passive slots (Yes there are "6" for 1 bar classes and "9" for 2 bar classes and an extra for any Human classes, but alot of times there is redundancy between the combat bars, and some people dont fully slot out their combat bar AND survival bar, if they arent a harvester, the survival bar just gets left over passives that could be slotted in it if available like sturdy, etc.) So they want us to potentially slot in 5 Disciplines (2 Major, 3 Minor) for 5 Passives when we can only use three, then they wondered why literally EVERYONE ran DP back in the day because it brings you up to 4 Passive slots for 4 Disciplines (your 5th is being used by DP to make the 4th passive). In all honesty the passive system is just stupid, if tomorrow they added a large list of minors that just gave flat bonuses (like how elven eyes and such work) most people would never slot more than 1 minor that had a passive, because minor passives are rarely worth it when compared to major passives. Personally i think they should just get rid of Passive Slots and just make anything that gives you a passive always give you the passive (like how capstones work now) and only restrict the passives they give by which tray a person is in so that your "stealth tray passives" wont be active during combat or survival trays. but thats just my opinion and i doubt it would change anything this late in the game
  6. Or just do the inverse, and only have 1 adventure map with 3 siege maps and have none of the siege maps connect form anywhere but the adventure map. S= Siege, A = Adventure, *Letter*T = Faction Temple S BT S \ | / A / | \ CT S OT Then factions have to still make an effort to hold 3 locations and not just Mag Dump everyone at one point, and with only 1 adventure map, theoretically wartribes and stuff would be more contested which theoretically means more Open World PvP opportunities
  7. Just a question about barriers cause its really confusing for me. I have a skill that gives me "20% of your maximum health in barrier" but when i use it at lower health levels the barrier bar is extremely small. Like, scale wise if i use it at 2k/10k health ill see a very small sliver over my current health when technically the barrier should cover my entire health bar, and i cant tell if its actually preventing 2k damage or not. So are barriers supposed to scale with current health or max health? and if it is supposed to be scaled with max health, wouldnt it be better to start the barrier at the left of the health bar then fill in however much its supposed to, that way if i had 1k/10k HP then activated the barrier it would actually fill in up to where the 2k HP mark would be?
  8. Force Mages Reactive Barrier Passive has a weird interaction with duelist Redirect pain. Whenever i activate redirect pain and i already have the small barrier from reactive barrier it consumes all my pips but doesnt give me the extra barrier OR the retribution from redirect pain. If i activate Redirect Pain first it works fine and the Reactive barrier will add onto it, but if i dont activate redirect pain first i just lose it. This kinda sucks because it literally stops me from useing redirect pain in tense combat situations cause ill most likely have the 100 barrier from reactive Barrier (Especially when using rapid fire), so i either have to make do without a primary skill of mine (Of which my slayer capstone does have interactions with) or i have to stop attacking untill i lose the barrier or it wears out. Cause losing 5 Pips and 10 stacks of Lucky on a redirect pain that does nothing is hella painful.
  9. Just to play devils advocate on the Keep Resources and stuff. I believe that Keeps/Forts should start lowering the ranks of all resources around them and think that higher tier resources should be spread to the outer areas of the map or just places decently far from Keeps/Forts. Like people have said you already get alot of bonuses for owning keeps/forts; You get more points, You get access to crafting stations (and ones with bonuses in the keeps), you get a safe place with walls that can only be attacked at a certain time, you gain access to storage, and you gain access to a respawn point. With all that i dont think they need to have all the good resources at them too. To me it just looks like its feeding into the Uncle Bob problem by allowing the faction that already won enough to lock down a few keeps, also have all the best resources in a pseudo safe location within a 30 second walk to a gate where most people wont be able to kill them fast enough to stop the banking. They already won and got the points and the locations they shouldnt be able to just spend the campaign camping just outside their walls racking up all the big resource gains, while the factions that lost their keep(s)/fort(s) has nothing and can only harvest in extreamly dangerous locations. If the faction that is winning can also gain resources alot more safely than those that arent winning, it just makes it easier for the winning team to keep progressing and gearing up and having more stuff overall to continue winning. With the new embargo changes coming soon this will make the storage at these locations even more valuable. If the best resources were further away from the Keeps/Forts, then it both stops the "harvest 5 mins walk to gate then bank rinse repeat cause of low spawn times on resources" and "the oh no people hit me pop my escape artist + juggernaut and walk 10 feet in one direction to the walls where only duelist will be able to follow me and be trapped inside walls without their allies and having NPCs shooting them". People now have to be prepared to actually tackle getting the better resources, if it puts them 10-15ish mins away from the closest storage location (if they own the closest). It theoretically would drive more PvP and encourage grouping and also would pseudo force people to have more mats on them if they do longer runs which means the Gankers can actually get materials from the harvesters if they dont prepare well enough. And by keeping lower rank resources near the keeps/forts the solo/smaller group/newer less trained people can still have access to the resources they need, just not at the high qualities they probably wouldnt be able to use anyways. It also makes it so both the faction that has more territory controlled and the faction(s) that have less territory controlled both still have to venture out of that pseudo safety net into the "danger zone" to be able to get the better materials and such
  10. I still think alot of these issues would just be solved if they put classes back to how they were 5.7 and sooner. The class grind should be either non existent or completely optional for small benefits/more overall options. Add new skills in place of the basic skills in the talent trees, and specialize more skills into the promotion paths. The gear grind can stay as it is (or be upgraded in a slightly meaningful way like the image from my last post suggested) as far as im concerned, its not as bad as people make it out to be. At the end of the day, and i speak only for myself in this regard, the only reason i dont play that much is because i dont like leveling my character. I never cared about the gear grind, i either gather the mats on my own and tossed them to a crafter i knew or i bought leftover/hand-me-down gear from a random vendor (or in one case offered to buy a white weapon from someone and they gave me a green for free [even though i later made them take a CE as payment]). But leveling a character is forking annoying as hell and i dont feel like smashing 2-3 buttons on crappy AI to get my levels, if i wanted to waste time leveling characters killing AI then i would play the hundreds of games that do it better (fyi, i dont play those games that often cause PvE based games bore the living hell out of me). Pre 5.8 if i didnt want to level my Champion/Duelist/Assassin i didnt have to (and mostly didnt, i only ever leveled 1 combat vessel to 20 and i only did it cause arrows were a thing back then, and even then i never got to 30 on anything other than my EK crafter cause sitting there making stacks and stacks of arrows is just as boring as killing trashy AI). It meant i had the CHOICE to decide if i wanted to level for the extra stats or not.The current implementation of talent trees forces players to take up the job/grind of obtaining levels. You get no skills to start, so if you want even half of your abilities you have to level. You get no discipline slots, so if you wanna slot a build defining discipline you have to level. Some abilities are inherently weaker (or non-existent) untill you take a promotion, so if you want your ability strength to improve (or have the ability at all) you have to level. Notice my last 3 points involve the statement "you have to level" not "You can choose to level if you want to for more options, or just choose to stay where you are if your comfortable there". My question is, what reason is there to not let someone get some descent gear (not intermediates, intermediate is for low level mob farming) and be a viable combatant in a siege at level 1? Why are we "Forced to kills rats spiders to fill another useless XP bar" to be able to accomplish anything at all on a character? Why was all the health that was taken off armor now put into leveling making a level 30 character have multiple thousands of more HP than a level 1? What is the reason for FORCING a grind rather than adding options that make the grind optional for the people that want that extra 30% power boost or w/e and still allowing the players that dont want to (or cant) grind to still be viable? There is a difference between being viable and being Min/Maxed. Players should be able to be viable without having to put in the efforts to min/max every little thing. Those that want to do the grind for a boost are free to go for it but it shouldnt be forced on everyone. Being 30-40% less effective then someone doesnt mean the end of the world, being only able to use basic attacks vs having a full kit of skills + disciplines does mean that. But thats just my 2 cents on the matter. I like things that add more variety and options, not things that make numbers astronomically bigger.
  11. The answer to the power curve is to add more practical bonuses rather than straight up stat bonuses on everything. Doing things that impact play rather then just make a number bigger so you do more with it. First, remove the obscene leveling required to be even slightly competent in PvP. Theres no reason for it. "Its to help people learn their class better blah blah blah" is not an argument if people play a class long enough they will figure it out. Make some method of transfering xp when making new vessles, or change the system so level 1 characters can actually be viable just with less overall options. Hell just make all Basic Starter vessels start at level 30 (or 25 if you really want to make them have some grinding to do). Basic vessels already have trash stats (what is it like +6 or +10 in all stats compared to crafted vessels?) So why not just let them start at max level so people can actually try different things out, and just have the leveling come into play with crafted vessels? Cause not many things will drive more new people away then coming into the game spending a weekend leveling a class and realizeing they dont like it and having to start all over again from scratch. Second, add more Stuff like this (old image but i liked what it offered), stuff that isnt expressly tied to Rarity of the gear or pure stat boost but slightly augments how certain skills function. (This might also help with the always wear plate dilemma if that is still a thing since the HP nerf, if different pieces of different types of gear effected skills differently in a meaningful way. idk if the plate issue is still a thing or not anymore though). Add augments to gloves, helmets, and boots too so people can mix and match the specific bonuses they want. and more horizontal options like i mentioned in the lower part of a really old post (before promotions were added) things that change gameplay or play style slightly. More new skill type things rather than things that expressly boost an already existing skill. Boosting skills power just feeds more into the power gap between a slightly lower level vessel and a slightly higher one, but access to new skills just give the higher level person more options and utility (and more choices for what to slot vs what not to). My thought on this is that classes should be viable with or without their promotion. Promotions should only offer different style of play + more options but dont become the backbone of what is needed to be competitive PvP wise.
  12. I hope we get at least some actual information about FW before summer starts. FW being good is literally the last leg i have to stand on for this game sadly. So i really hope whatever they are waiting so long to push out is actually worth it
  13. I wasnt asking about the skill trees (Passive Training) i was asking about Talent Trees (Active Progression) Because i really hate that i have to waste points on certain things just to progress through the tree itself. Example, why is Go For Broke the first branching skill for duelist? I Dont like go for broke and ill never use it or even slot it on my character, Snipe and Ambush are way better skills in my opinion especially since i play dirge and stealth for me is more about a quick initiation before i go into brawl mode. Thats 1 Whole wasted Talent point, then if i dont plan on doing any exploration stuff im forced to take both exploration discs because they are located on the default line of progression (most of my characters dont even slot exploration disc, only my harvester which i havent actually made since the last wipe). Thats 2 More wasted talent points. Thats a Total of 3 wasted skill points i could have put somewhere else. And Tinnis asked an interesting question about what will happen when disciplines require Talent points to gain abilities. If they force you to go in a certain Order or Tree style approach, Thats even more wasted points if i only wanted 2 of the abilities from a major but they locked it behind the 2 abilities i didnt want. Thats another 2 talent points PER Major that are wasted also. For a whooping total of 7 Skill points wasted in crap im never gonna use. The game is supposed to be about choices. if i CHOOSE to not wanna have any bonuses to harvesting at all and dont wanna slot disciplines. Thats for me to decide, it shouldnt be forced on me to at least attempt to take 2 exploration disciplines if i dont want to. Therefor i should be able to CHOOSE to not take 2 exploration discs in the talent tree if i dont want to. I should also be able to CHOOSE not to take Go For Broke if it doesnt fit my playstyle and i wont slot it. I dont care if Go for Broke actually happens to be a good skill and that other can use it really well, Its my opinion that the skill is shyt and it my CHOICE to not take it. I shouldnt be forced to take it just because the devs said "welp lets put that skill here in the tralent tree cause clearly everyone would wanna use this skill".
  14. My Main question is will there be another pass on Class/Talents, sometime after frostweaver is out, that would make it so classes started with their base kit (Similar to 5.7 and before) with the talent system itself being more of a way to pick and choose new skills+stats for each class on the way to each classes promotion. Locking core class features behind a 15 level, level gate is kinda bland and i see no real reason for it. Why does a druid (supposedly) have to wait to level 15 to heal? why does an assassin have to wait till level 15 to stealth? Why do the talent trees force players to take certain things to get through them? What if i dont ever plan on touching a resource node, why are 2 of my Talent points gotta be wasted on exploration disciplines (although with the scout/thief disciplines that showed up briefly in test, that might sway my opinion in having exploration discs depending on how they function)? What if i dont want a specific skill and that skill is the one you put right at the starting point of a section where it starts branching off? Now i gotta sit there and take a skill i probably wont even slot just because of the way the devs decided they wanted to set up the skill list which is another completely wasted skill point.
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