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  1. I mean I invested into the $175 2015 pledge but I rarely jump on. Just because people pledge doesn't mean they're spending their free time into it. Personally, I test new additions then log out and wait for an update that adds new things. There are other games that are releasing that can accommodate my time until the actual product is done.
  2. Greetings, I go by the name Kentaro for MMOs and Epicbethyname for other generes such as MOBAS or FPS. I just learned about this game from my eldest brother who convinced me to layaway the $100 pledge once I return home from deployment. Which leads me to my next bit of information, I serve in the U.S. Army as an infantryman and currently deployed, however, I'm returning shortly and increasingly excited with each passing hour. I'm currently enrolled in online courses for information system security with a concentration in application security. I adore anime in fact, upon returning stateside I'll be finishing my Studio Ghibli tribute to Hayao Miyazaki tattoo sleeve. Furthermore, I'm a extreme gamer who has been playing for what feels like eons and have quite the rap sheet of games I've completed and MMOs I've played. Cheers.
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