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  1. I log in to find pvp but there is no one playing ... But if i log off the same thing happens to the next guy...😳😳
  2. we didn't back this game for graphics we backed it based on huge pvp siege performance... we haven't really got that either..
  3. nothing on the crafting/belt grind? My entire guild is not playing waiting on a fix...
  4. @jtoddcoleman the one thing that continues to give me hope for Crowfall's future is your nostalgia for SB. When you explained your thought process on why you ended the passive skill system it showed me that if yu kept on that path we could have SB2. Now if you can get us EK style building everywhere, and make Crowfall a real sandbox, this game will thrive.
  5. Shadowbane was fun because character progression wasn't really a thing other than a pl group. and discipline drops Guild progression through conquest, and city building, politics and mine fights were Crafting wasn't really a thing because we had buildings for that REMOVE the grinds and let us fight.
  6. Build anywhere city building is what we signed up for!
  7. can't seem to get the Sawbones trait without the minor? Bug or do you get in another way?
  8. For Duelist Vanguard Scout Buckshot and feral instincts do not stack. Feral instincts does not activate with Stinkbomb from master of darkness
  9. Three additional suggestions 1) we need an auction house — buying and selling is way too difficult and time consuming 2) the Lore needs a lot of work— not near as deep as Shadowbane was— things just need to be more connected and purposeful 3) please give Gunicean duelists a visual update — the only thing cool about them are leather hats ——
  10. Bleeds not stacking really hurt Vanguard scouts viability as well as we have both buckshot and the one where you come out of stealth in our base kit i think the vessel grind is perfect long term progression when they allow low level disciplines to be equipped in high end vessels
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