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  1. Sometimes they take a while to load up. then they tend to crash and you have to wait for them to go offline and restart them up again
  2. illusionist passives don't seem to be working with duelist-- the snare sometimes hits on the third basic for a less than sec and then dissappears.
  3. Ek's are buggy, If you log out of an ek on one character and try to log in on another it sometimes puts you back in with the same character you just logged out with. Guild tags seem to be intermittent. Frostweavers big aoe Seems OP.
  4. I hope Gods reach is that way and the campaigns go dark... really dark
  5. true but that isn't opening with big damage- Pepperbox shot is still best single hit damage from duelist.
  6. Duelist has powerful openers? Maybe impale but im a rootin tootin pistol shootin slayer...
  7. Fail if meant for eastern time.. Still got a chance for CST!!
  8. if they don't hurry up we will all have to go back to work! 🤪
  9. If you aren't trained in minerals, Don't have mineral specced tools or the foreman discipline, its going to be a very long slow grind before you have enough minerals to make a vessel.
  10. I don't know if many of the developers are playing Dex based classes with advanced vessels but the critical hit cap is EASILY reached with even a blue vessel. Between Gear- Talents- Badges and now Backer Rewards Extra critical hit is wasted completely on dex based classes. I can either choose to put points into stats other than dex to try to get a benefit that isnt capped (But lose attack power) or keep stacking it in dex for the attack power and be limited by the cap. If I want to max my attack power by putting most of my stat points in Dex I will hit the critical hit cap even if i skip every talent that increases critical hit and wear zero critical hit gear. In the past that has resulted in extra talent points that I couldn't even spend. I know some of that may change with 5.11 We have often asked but I don't remember if it was ever answered. Does Critical hit over the cap overcome anti critical hit stats?
  11. I disagree. You need to train Quarrying, Necromancy and Alchemy You need a group to get minerals You need to collect multiple minerals of the same rarity to grind and complete Ambrosia You need to make it back to your city without dying ( No more spirit banking everywhere) Then you need to find a graveyard of the correct rarity, Harvest compete sets of bodyparts without being killed Make it back to base without dying ( once again spirit banking everywhere is not in 5.11) Grind the dust and embers to reroll it I think that is more than enough hoops to jump through.
  12. There is a patch on test-- Where we at @Pann @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair ?
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