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  1. I think that Dev’s need too- From scratch - alone or in a group of three- harvest the materials, craft an epic vessel with all the additives. Craft advanced weapons and armor, disciplines and jewelry Level that vessel to 30 and then fight in a few sieges.
  2. The big problem is.... The dev's dont seem to be playing the same game we are. Just like they didn't notice the colossal downgrade of the vessel because they used a philosophers stone. They are used to messing around in developer land with developer tools. I am glad that @vkromas Came into this thread and actually started reading. I don't think they have any idea how much work this game is and how little fun is left.
  3. And that was half the fun of SB!! experimenting with different templates was the best! hard to do that know as you would feel totally defeated if you built a legendary vessel and gear and didnt work out-- months of work..
  4. @vkromas Here are the needed fixes for Necromancy 1 make all minerals spawn as common rarity. 2 make philosophers stones no longer affect the overall quality of the vessel. 3 please rethink gating the use of additives behind rare drop items. 4 Make a batch of Ambrosia consist of 6 doses to sync up with body parts needed. That will cut the necessary effort a lot without making it too easy.
  5. I played SB since early Beta. I was an officer in the Burning Legion and Siege Comander for Redemption on Treachery and Morning. Sure if you wanted to own and maintain a city you needed to pve a lot. but if you just wanted to be a common foot soldier you could be viable in a few evenings. That is not the case for Crowfall in its current form.
  6. @vkromas I have been a guild necromancer from the start. And the guild gravedigger and alchemist ... I have done this process as much as anyone- Please read this In the livestream you had one of the most frustrating thing happen and they didn’t even notice.. this part of the problem- Making vessels as a developer on test is easy— on live it’s WAY TOO MUCH WORK!! Read on... Please First of all creating a vessel is a big commitment. Leveling Rare or Epic vessels let alone legendary takes a huge amount of time. We don’t want to do that over and over again. So you don’t want to continually upgrade and pve forever. We don't want to PVE at all. We are here to PVP and win the throne war. So we don’t want to make a vessel, we want to make THE vessel - one and done. or at least the best vessel we can to be competitive. So we spend a huge amount of time searching the world for the correct graveyard with the rarity level and race we need. Then we farm that graveyard until we have several sets of parts to account for flawed assemblies and extra additives. We farm zombies for hands of the correct rarity. We get groups together to farm motherlodes for minerals- this requires specific disciplines, specific tools, and potions. Those potions require rare materials ( bone) Minerals are a rare drop and in order to make ambrosia you need 4 halite of the same rarity and 4 cinnabar of the same rarity. This isn’t as easy as you think. You could farm motherlodes for 4 hours and get plenty of minerals of various rarities but not enough to make ambrosia ( 3 poor, 3 common,3 uncommon, 3 rare, 3 epic, 3 legendary = no ambrosia) and to top it off when you do get enough to make a batch it makes 5 ambrosias. and you need SIX to complete a vessel Luckily the rarity of the ambrosia doesn’t affect the rarity of the body part or vessel. But the rarity of the minerals used to make philosophers solutions/stone does effect the rarity of the vessel. Which happened in your livestream. You used Legendary parts and a low level philosophers stone and ended up with a low level vessel — a huge waste of time. People don’t even use philosophers stones because it’s near impossible to collect enough minerals of the correct rarity. and lastly you have now gated all the optional body parts behind acquiring a rare drop from a war tribe — requiring even more hoops and PVE in order to prepare for pvp. Assemble all those things plus optional food and potions, the right minor disciplines plus all the time waiting for skills to level. You make crating specific jewelry and armor. You make your first vessel — a necromancer crafting vessel — you can’t even use it to fight because its stats are min maxed for necromancy — in order to get better rolls on your combat vessel... On Leveling. Im wondering if any of you knew what us old timers ( the ones who backed this game from the beginning) loved about Shadowbane. We would be playing Wow if we wanted to pve. We backed this game because we enjoy player versus player siege style combat. But you have now made it impossible to avoid PVE if you want to be competitive at PVP
  7. a friend wants to join- what package does he need to play 5.9?
  8. Still no dragon statues at the portals-- have to go all the way to the temple to rez..huge time sink
  9. Crafting stations in my ek are non functional. Hit craft channel it and no interface pops up... Which sucks because i seem to have lost all my gear...
  10. Target UI doesnt show any buffs/debuffs Legendary crafting mats doesn't seem to really help crafted items. Blue and purple items routinely have better stats even when crafting skills are fully trained. The free Scale armor has about twice the armor value of player crafted legendary armor.
  11. Maybe I got hit with a really bad string of RNG but I hit trees for 15 minutes- Got 10 pine nuts, and no grubs— fully trained.
  12. Wood grubs arent dropping What the hell is a weapon head mold.. Who makes it? Players have been complaining for forever on how hard it is to get ready to pvp.. now I have another hoop to jump through to make a decent weapon?
  13. OMG I spent like 4 hours last night farming War Tribes....
  14. Did the goggles drop for you ? And if so from where? i killed two bosses last night— got everything but goggles. are they on the orc/Urgu?
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