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    Killing Noobs and taking their stuff
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  1. Please Swap the Lunge and Trip shot powers in the tree. Lunge is only useful for dirges. if you want to nerf Wardens just make trapmaster only work in the melee tray. the Ultimate nerf isn't necesarry and hurts all rangers
  2. haven't been able to quit the game without closing the client with task manager SINCE launch..
  3. Lotd Has a LEGENDARY Necromancer......... imagine the possibilities...
  4. We won Darkfall, Shadowbane, WoW and Candy Crush .. LEET old men with skeels! Just ask us we will tell you ..
  5. totally disagree-- if you play vanguard scout neither dynamite or recon is worth takin-- its a waste of a point. other feedback: Separating the bleed and damage bonus with bleed on opposite sides of the tree is a cruel joke put sweet victory and trip shot on one side and feral instincts and plus damage to attack bleeding targets on the other. did i read it right that you know take more damage when you come out of stealth? plus get knocked down? Lunge is useless except for dirges... please do not take this straight to live-- it needs work
  6. LotD is old school founded in 1995 Veteran of SB and DF Play to Crush!
  7. Lotd is recruiting-- Pre Alpha / Alpha/ Beta Veterans Strong alliances- no drama or hogwash- Hardcore PVP Siege Gamers since 1995
  8. SKULLS for YAGA!!!! Play to Crush!!
  9. if you like killing people and taking their stuff go to guilds and hit apply for LotD
  10. leather squares can only be crafted with common or better mats-- should say that in the menu and it appears spider meat is no longer dropped in game ( needed for plus digging kebabs)
  11. it appears that crafting leather squares is broken or just not explained in a way that makes it easy to craft them-- i get invalid combination every time
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