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  1. poison was effective for Vandals inbetween the last two patches-- its useless again. Vandals have REALLY low dps with no pip consumer for damage make poison a SERIOUS dot again..
  2. Cloak of shadows affects the damage you take not the damage you inflict. its defensive not offensive.
  3. When Vandal's promote Kidney shot is listed as Does more damage to stunned targets - But Kidney Shot is in fact a stun.. It would be a waste of a CC to stun an already stunned target. Vandal really lacks a high damage pip spender-- please double or triple the damage of kidney shot or make in the zone worth using.
  4. Duelist regular ultimate doesn’t keep you stealthed through damage —- it’s useless
  5. True - my vandal only has in the zone or kidney shot— neither which actually do any real damage. equipped the discipline to get diffusion and it’s also does very little damage
  6. Dead eye cone power isn’t working on duelist even though we can equip it ( looks like a bow power)
  7. So Far it feels like a Nerf rather than an expansion of options. duelists now need to dedicate all their disciplines to get the skills we used to get automatically ... tunnel/ go for broke/ recon etc
  8. if this is the result of the new community manager - Kudos!!
  9. @ACE-Tiggs Does BlackGuard still get Lifesteal?
  10. This is gamebreaking -- Can't really make viable characters without major disciplines. New metal bars even if made out of aurelium do not fit in the aurelium bar slot for crafting major disciplines All new character progress for our guild is basically halted-- Made a new crafting vessel - farmed blue crafting discipline core-- cant make the actual discipline @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair
  11. they dont need to scrap the vessel system-- they need to scrap the offline skill system if this whole thing was discipline based we could all hit the ground running and play the game-- the time gate is the problem
  12. Strategic importance is subjective. you wont get it from random computer generated maps. That is why players need to be able to choose where they build Cities/keeps Even if we just could drop a prebuilt city grid on the location of our choice it would be a huge improvement The question was asked by several people in todays Q and A but we never got an answer (unless i missed it) @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair
  13. i just want the ability to walk through the world-- find a spot with strategic advantage and say--- This is where I Will Build!
  14. Found the Horse figurine Pack Pick no longer works The other figurines are not on the vendor and not importable if your backer packs awards them to you.
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