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  1. @thomasblair without a harvesting tray how is in and out of combat determined now ?
  2. They said in the last update that we don’t have separate harvest and. Combat trays or stances — so it will be cool to find out how they balance that Thanks to Art Craft for slowly leaking out some real details !
  3. Will Dregs City Building requirements be toned down during testing to allow small guilds to participate? Will Alliances and sub-guilding be active? Is Shade warlock available yet?
  4. It’s ok @linc - I won’t kill them all before you catch up 😜
  5. 25 instead of 20? Why should any one harvest or PVE in the campaign at all? ill skip this one untill you make it worthwhile. You aren’t listening. You need to limit imports not exports.
  6. That whole point of feedback is so they can improve the next campaign. 20 isn’t enough. I barely played and still used two characters worth of exports . The lack of exports means that there is less incentive to harvest or kill mobs. Less people harvesting or killing mobs = an empty server = less pvp= even less inventive to log in. If you only get to keep your stuff if you win, people won’t try to win, they will just stop playing ... which leads to what we have now— empty campaigns and full god’s reach
  7. Feedback on import /export limits I really think that the whole concept of limiting exports needs to be scrapped. If you want people to start the campaign on an even footing- fine- limit imports. I havent been able to motivate myself to play much at all this campaign-- but I still had more items I needed to brimg back than i wasable too (and i used one mule account to bring some of that back.) I cant imagine someone who accumulated a full bank must have felt-- all that work and only keep 20 inventory slots? Considering that you want to bring the gear you brought in with you if it didn't deteriorate that only leaves you like 10!! Why go to the campaign at all? We are supposed to be immortal crows fighting over the resources of dammed planets-- but we are lucky to bring 10-15 things back with us...
  8. I am one of two vets from my guild who still login. ( LOTD is a huge veteran pvp guild) i get asked in discord regularly about the game, it’s a running joke. i used to defend the game and it’s vision. now I reply— “I don’t know” because I don’t know anything about what is going on...
  9. I know that the current social media campaigns don’t do anything but make me angry about the lack of actual content/news. if we just had posts showing actual work on the game instead of fluffy posts about incomplete lore and trials no one is interested in participating in. I would be happy with a pic or screenshot and a mention that they are working hard to develop the dregs and build the game that was promised .
  10. @Pann the reason you are seeing more and more desperate posts from some of Crowfall’s Biggest Supporters is when you don’t respond- Our minds begin to wonder if there is a future at all for the game. I could care less about videos and news with high production values — just forum posts about the state of the game are enough to help us keep the faith.
  11. @ACE_JackalBark You made a post! Fill us in on what is going on
  12. True- Pre alpha is just that. It’s part of a game. Thry Always said that the beauty of the system is the ability to make new rulesets and experiment . Hopefully the next experiment is more successful
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