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  1. My new vessel

    Whatcha think?
  2. Feedback I got back from a funeral over the weekend to find that I owed 700 plus gold on my vendor, even though my EK was not active over the weekend Please change Vendor fees to only accrue when the EK is online and public.
  3. DING DING DING we have a winner However SB has the best music! it still gets my heart pumping! Bring Back SB music!
  4. and if assassins could go directly to ranged tray from stealth that would be great too...
  5. as a crafter I log on daily to harvest Green, blue and purple mats in order to be prepared for higher skills and demand come winter. I also log on to make custom gear for people, spam chat with my ads and make cash PS We will need a trade channel soon @thomasblair
  6. That is because rangers don't have stealth and its a stealth discipline
  7. This isnt true at ALL! Farm mobs for cash! Kill players and loot cash Gather bones and sell them to crafters and shop the ek's for all the gear you need. I bought a vessel over the weekend for my crafter for 37k!
  8. Really really frustrated with fort gate mechanics right now. Really anything your need to interact with just las looting corpses and activating gates needs to be made easier. Homestly I’m playing Duelist again just so I can go under gates....
  9. Bestiary: Urgu - Official Discussion Thread

    THIS....... Look at my Avatar if you have forgotten what the rune looks like
  10. Bestiary: Urgu - Official Discussion Thread

    Really... is the writer Vegan?...
  11. State of the Assassin

    I don’t think anyone can complain about the action of the Dev’s When they are on the forums like this thread and are a part of the conversation !! I have beta tested DOZENS of MMO’s and never had direct contact with other dev’s on a forum.. Which is why I’m still dedicated to this game.
  12. State of the Assassin

    I agree on my bow assasin having to switch trays from stealth- combat- ranged is clunky and annoying. Cooldowns are the reason that we need another finisher — as fast as daggers hit we have 5 pips long before the cooldown refreshes Please buff the lifesteal from Master of daggers to create a viable playstyle there is a reason everyone and their mom is currently playing an AXE assassin. for Bow assasins I would love if diffusion actually AE’d from your current poisoned targets and not from the caster pboe. if every poisoned target, poisoned the people around them, that would be bad ass. instead as a bow user it’s diffusion on nature is useless.
  13. You might want to alter the names of the attacks for the knight.. Your attacks were names "slash" when he is holding a mace.. try "Strike" instead of slash
  14. In regards to suggestions for "juicing up the Campfires/Towers" Make them respawn points. shortening corpse runs and allowing control of the zone more easily. That is what it needs to be.
  15. a few notes 1) Assassins need an additional finisher that actually does some damage. ( diffusion with poison does low damage compared to other rogue finishers) 2) We need some methods to increase lifesteal to a reasonable amount for master of daggers. Maybe connect it to a stat. 3) or inrease the damage for cheapshot.