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  1. Minotaur Bull rush doesn’t seem to move or damage anything
  2. Fixed it myself by unlocking the toon from the campaign and then re joining
  3. Sent in a request to support Ranger toon is stuck on Preparing terrain and can't log in.
  4. for Ranger Agent provocateur Discipline when equipped has no titleing At first no agent provocateur powers showed up but they eventually appeared after logging in an out several times Preparation as a passive is useless for a ranger- please find a way to make it useful Fly text for bow shots werent readable most of the time- had to check combat log. Bow range seems like its not working correctly- Ranger- With sharpshooter + arcane archer + master of bows + Compound bow still cant hit targets beyond 35 m. Ranger stealth movement is WAYYY too slow.. Damage seems better this build than the last one.
  5. you locked the latest bug report thread..

  6. PS Thanks @thomasblair for taking the time to respond!
  7. True but the different talent trees specialized and by maxing one and then choosing how many points you put in the other you had a unique character that suited your taste. The way you have "Locked the trees" you have made that sort of multiclassing difficult. For example. You have locked together a melee focus and stealth capability for rangers. What if Someone wanted to be a ranged stealther? Same with Duelist specialties there is a ranged tree and a stealth focused tree but no way to blend the two. Currently if you want stealth as a ranger, you have to give up the ability to equip runic bows.. Probably a game changer Unless you give us the ability to equip runic bows through disciplines.
  8. Most of the testing is on mobs not players.. I don't think that spiders have crafted plate yet
  9. So many of us Crowfall backers are old men with families and careers-- We would test more if we could schedule our lives around it l but to do that we need to know times and dates..
  10. I felt the same way with ranger and duelist damage has taken a huge hit with a nerf bat my left click bow attacks used to hit for 1200 my pepperbox for 1200 as well.. Either it’s a nerf or a bug
  11. Seemed like a big nerf to ranger damage-- was hitting for like 1200 with fully charged basic attacks.. now its more like 600. mounts aren't working
  12. This could be fixed by putting them at the end of the trees so your couldn’t max both.
  13. How well would this Run CF?

    an SSD will speed things up as well
  14. Crowfall was always promoted as a game where choices matter, but also as the game that will offer the greatest degree of character customization. in WoW we also had three sets of talent trees but the only limit was your total number of points in how to arrange them. Please unlock promotion classes and allow us to Multiclass.