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  1. The alliance system creates a number of mew problems . Here is my feedback. Dregs needs to be Alliance vs Alliance rather than guild vs guild . Alliances should be their own entity with their own name and shield . All points scored in the campaign should be added to an alliance total Alliance members should be able to work together and capture together . rewards can be divided by points scored to the alliance guild leaders based on contribution.
  2. Harvesting and crafting could be sped up 10 X and it would still be annoying as hell. We have spent upwards of a week attempting to start necromancy.. Spent 8 plus hours leveling a 2 quarryman( Blue Disciplines Spent hours 8 leveling two skinners to gather bone for potions Spent hours motherloading and with a new necro needing two ambrosia per part.... Still couldn't make a vessel.... You need to turn that dial UP on drop rates for EVERY Rare drop Minerals/ Disciplines ETC ETC
  3. Had fun but saw one issue. what can you do about several teams from the same guild working together?
  4. You are correct when it comes to DPS-- im thinking about taking a break for a while pvp as a hamster is useless unless the other person is at 1% health
  5. what if Forts could be built anywhere but keeps were fixed in place? might solve some dev problems and give us a compromise we could live with
  6. i think if they simply turned up the drop rate of discipline runes when crafting it might not be such a turn off. i dont even like crafting on TEST and there everything is given to you... i really thing there needs to be a geographical siege progression when you need to hold all the outposts from your keep to the one you want to siege Forts should be come guild owned outposts that serve the same purpose as keeps and give small guilds a home
  7. I don't know if exhaustion will be a bonus or a nerf to vanguard scout. Vanguard scout damage was way too low already and now we lost: our best dot Buckshot no guaranteed crits on cheap shots or Go for broke when exposed I might be able to keep someone cced for a short period but i cant kill them.... Champion damage nerf was needed when they are hitting me for 4 digit damage and im hitting them for two digit damage.. also Vanguard Scout is still listed as "Melee Damage" in the promotion description but we are curently more of a CC/ stealth class wit
  8. please add more small guild and per member cards... We cant win so at least give us a chance at rewards...
  9. impossible for small guilds to earn rewards. We placed 12th.. Had one group active
  10. Post in this thread if you are looking for an alliance or Guild for your alliance. Can't accomplish anything in this game with a small guild-- Lets team up!
  11. Make the handshake work like this if you siege something and you lose the defender gets the cost of the bane seed as a reward for successful defense.. no one will want to enrich their enemies that way..
  12. making level 35 toons even on test with free resources is a grind... not doing that again.. expect to see participation drop with a wipe...
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