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  1. After Patch Temple is still floating in the air for me when I Log in for the first time. Luckily i managed to jump up and get a character menu. Fort guards still detect stealth and shoot through walls Duelist damage is still not working correctly
  2. Is this Snap test over already? it had limited imports and exports and I exported everything to the spirit bank last night because the ending time wasn’t specified. i wasn’t sure if the plan was to keep it up over the weekend.
  3. First impressions Temple was floating- still not fixed Really hard to fully fill up all passives- Stealth tray is really limited in what can be equipped Bard songs cant be used in the stealth tray( AND STEALTH IS WAYYY TOO SLOW!) Still way too much CC-- if in a group fight and you get targeted you are chain cced and dead. Felt smooth with little lag Local banks not working Ranger guards need to have line of sight, you cant even see them, but they can see you ( including while stealthed.) Ranger guards and see through walls and hit you through walls when you cant even see them. Their range is also really long. C powers feel better than before but Duelist could use a cost reduction now that anti stealth is in.
  4. What everyone really wants to know.. How do we increase the quality and amounts of what we harvest? I haven’t seen blues, purples or epics ( and I know our skills aren’t trained up. and most importantly when will the vessel system come online? When disciplines don’t cost an ore and we can’t switch them on a whim no one will want their main toon to have to wander the map equipping harvesting disciplines. Combat is too important and losing has consequences. We will need the ability to switch out loud outs between full harvesting, combat-harvesting full Combat builds. otherwise it will end up an Alt fest with everyone buying additional accounts.
  5. I was hoping this was related too Campaign win conditions and how artificial end dates don’t work ( since if you know the date it ends only the work in the last few hours effects the tug of war win condition. With any business other than retail the holiday season isn’t very productive with employee time off etc It was pretty obvious that either soft launch wasn’t happening this year or ACE was going to just call Beta soft launch of an unfinished game. Im glad they chose postponing but the bigger problem we have now is keeping people interested long term. so many guild mates of mine have lost interest because of the delays. I hope we get a playable campaign with real win conditions to get people active again! I even miss hunger dome!
  6. Run Speed

    As a duelist you have a few discipline options that can help. Bard can give you speed. Agent provocateur gives you another snare and a stun from stealth. If you go master of pistols, saltpeter rounds allows you to snare with your regular left click attack. I have been running that build just because the population is too low and I'm too impatient. So I bard speed across the map looking for people to kill Unfortunately bard songs don't work in stealth anymore..
  7. With regards to chants being restricted unless you have it equipped in each tray You currently cannot equip bard songs while burrowed/stealth tray .
  8. I’m not worried about me. I’ve tested more than three quarters of the current people playing, I’m on constantly. Imagine a new player who logs in for the first time he looks out over the world and sees a bunch of different looking trees and they all produce knotwood. But it isn’t intuitive that many trees have different looks, some hardwood, some evergreen but they all produce the same material except for a few different trees around the lumber mill. You used to be able to spot a special tree in the distance, now some knotwood trees have similar shapes.
  9. II have no problem with a diverse good looking landscape. Put the different kind of trees we have and intersperse them. But make the different looks have meaning for gameplay. and 3/4 of the people here are here because of a game just like you described. Maybe you are playing the wrong game.
  10. The new world looks nice but is really annoying when it comes to harvesting. Instead of having one tree model for knotwood there are 10 different models of different sizes shapes and colors. You used to be able to set out on the world and see an identifiable tree model in the distance and use it to navigate to. It was nice to not even need a map because you could depend on landmarks. If you saw a tree model in the distance that wasn't "knotwood" You knew you had found something special and possibly valuable to harvest. Now a new player looks out into the distance and see a 10 different types of trees and bushes and they all identify as knotwood. Why would he even look at any other tree and expect something different? It sucks, change it back.
  11. Went hunting for Elk, got two clerics, both corpses disappeared instantly and were unlootable. Looting boars is painful as you need to move your mouse all over the corpse to get the prompt. Can't slot any passives into the survival/harvest tray Stealth tray won't let me slot passives that increase damage, yet I need them for stealth attacks like go for broke and populations are still way too low.
  12. fort walls are all floating with 10 foot foundations and thrones are missing.. and reaper ridge appears ro be bugged and wont capture
  13. I know they were wiped with 5.3 but I have a full set of weapons made in a Friends account I made last night I wanted to know if THIS patch wiped anything
  14. Did you wipe inventories ? is alpha 2 in Yet?