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  1. The failure rate of experimentation pips is way too high.. I think i failed 4 times in a row. Should you have to be fully trained to make something worthwhile? The stats themselves seem low considering the number of steps necessary to make a ring, the number of crafting skills that are needed for completion and the amount of different materials necessary.
  2. is equipping vessels in?

    @thomasblair Test
  3. is equipping vessels in?

    the Gunicean vessel appears but its at the bottom of the menu. Clicking on it it does nothing. no gold outline, no checkmark. I think its a menu problem because its at the bottom of the list.
  4. I went back and tried again. You cannot select gunicean vessels to equip. No gold outline when you click on them at the bottom of the menu
  5. FPS Seems better than last test Jewelry doesnt seem worth it.. horrible rolls on polishing and grinding. Guniciean Vessels wont equip at crypt.
  6. is equipping vessels in?

    Tried that.. Doesn't seem to work for Gunicieans. The listed vessel is below the last part of the menu
  7. Ii made a new gunicean vessel but cant seem to figure out how to equip it? Can someone talk me through the process if it works?
  8. FPS was much worse after the last patch.. with like three people on the server. Map lag is awful and the fact that you cant see where you are when you are zoomed out but cant see the map directions/comnpas when zoomed in is annoying...
  9. Guards don't appear to be working. I walked right up and took a fort. You cant seem to use another factions crafting tables, you can use their vendors but not tables. Why is there only one jewel crafting table? Hard to test that way..
  10. How long with the 7-25 snap test last?
  11. not too big of a deal but there is no off hand pistol on the ranged weapon vendor when you spawn in on test.
  12. and ground targetted spells don't show a visual to aim with
  13. it appears the power queueing/buffering isn't working if left clicking and you hit a power it doesn't go off unless you release your left click and then press the power hotkey Minor discipline burning hatred seems buggy for gunieican duelist Crafting stats seems underpowered. Made a legendary pistol and got less than a point of crit chance... Banewood trees weren't present to feed to initiate a siege on the keep World once again feels large and empty. we cant have a giant world to test and no population. We saw ONE enemy player and we played for hours...
  14. lay low from Agent Provacateur is still bringing duelists out of stealth when it finishes. What good is it to heal up in hiding if it reveals you...