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  1. cant log in for some reason
  2. where is my mage assassin?

    The dot in SB from Wyrmslayer was like 200 a tick and with Shroudbourne cold debuff.....
  3. No Thursday Update?

    Did I miss something?
  4. I complained about this when the change first happened. I used to love that the visuals in the game actually meant something, they gave you clues of treasures/resources to be discovered. The eye candy/ beautiful world people won out....
  5. Lords of the Dead <NA>

    Yeah it was probably us that killed you.. sorry...
  6. Here is how I see the day to day need for the vessel system and I wonder if this system will provide the required functionality. The cool thing about Crowfall and any sandbox is that everyday your activity is not chosen for you. You are not on a theme park ride. Your guild may decide to harvest mats for crafting , siege a keep or fort, build a keep or fort, or just PvP attempting to stop another guild from doing all of the same. but each of hose things requires a vessel with different disciplines and skills. For now easy Discipline construction makes that switching relatively painless. That will change when we have Discipline droppers and rare materials. So everyone will need , a crafter, a few harvesters, a PvP build or two etc to switch between. Will we need to purchase multiple accounts or will the vessel system facilitate this? Everyone won’t necessarily need to craft but everyone will need to PvP and Harvest . and each Resource needs a different harvestiing discipline ! Which means a new vessel!
  7. Shadowbane’s lore was the best in any game. I hope Crowfall’s is comparable. I actually wrote a fanfiction piece to earn my beta slot back in the day . We definitely need guild mechanics and a guild bank asap ( right after you fix the lag) Now that crafters really are interdependent it’s really difficult to constantly trade back and forth.( especially with the current trade mechanic.)
  8. I have been practicing my Sub or Die speech.. /beheading
  9. WTB real crowd control class

    <<~ Former EQ PVP Enchanter. CC classes become the most powerful PvP classes. In EQ I could not only chain mez nuke you but I could charm you and make you my pet......
  10. Happy Gunicean Day!

    On Feb 2nd people all over the US gather to worship a Gunicean Duelist posing as a Weather God. You can’t see my shadow I’m Stealthed!
  11. where is my mage assassin?

    Imagine a mage who stuns you for 8 seconds, hits you with a cold debuff, stabs you with a spear that includes a nasty cold based dot and restealths and chuckles as he watches you run in circles while you die...
  12. where is my mage assassin?

    One of my favorite SB builds was shade mage Assassin wyrmslayer shroudbourne!
  13. My only complaint after using the Assassin kit on Test is racial choices. Only Nethari and Half Elf on Test Waiting on high elf and Fae BUT... What if you hate elves? and i'm not a fan of nethari... I would play Fae but they are still grouped with elves.. Elves Suck and should be all burned at the stake. We need Human, and probably Stoneborn added as choices.
  14. RIP Obs LoD

    My Condolences on your loss. LoD.