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  1. Blackguard Capstone passive Poison Paradise is relatively useless and underpowered compared to other capstones it only give lifesteal on poison ticks which is a very small percentage of our damage. Steal Soul is missing from the game (Used to be the dagger mastery passive) Which means now my plus lifesteal gear is relatively useless. Overall there is huge number of relatively useless talents in black guard but Mail is so awesome its still worth using.. Crit defense? Bleed defense? Spirit dart? In the zone is useless so Zoned out is equally useless
  2. Imagine only the top guild got a reward. Imagine everyone could fight everyone Would we have the same issues that ruined this faction campaign? Imagine alliances could change whenever the guild leader decided to "Chaos is ladder."
  3. Hopefully they will learn from this experiment. Win conditions in any other war game has nothing to do with time unless other conditions aren't met. I really think that to make faction war work we need some type of queue system where before the campaign starts each guild declares its intended faction and applies to join. and the admin's would need to only accept equal numbers on each side. Run multiple campaigns concurrently to give everyone a chance to play. Numbers are still the main factor in winning.
  4. Dregs -A guild based - rather than faction based system with freedom to build anywhere
  5. So the current Campaign is a great example of why human nature makes the faction campaign not work. The first time there is a slight reward for winning-- Everyone joins the same faction to insure victory. The remaining factions- woefully outnumbered- choose to sit the campaign out or play EU.
  6. I had the same issue on my pistol duelist.. but I still think that weapon disciplines added to the game. Less variety and less choice is bad.
  7. I'm glad for adding harvesting disciplines slots to make swapping disciplines all the time unnecessary One of the most Important choices in a pvp mmo is what weapon you could wield. I was VERY excite on the big reveal last year where we were told we could choose our race/ class/weapon without being constrained by archetype. Now we have zero choice. Because the talent tree forces you to choose a specific damage type in order to maximize dps. ( for example what If i want to play as a blackguard but use a dagger? or a Cuthroat and use a mace? ETC - NON Viable) Weapon disciplines were much better than this system because by choosing a different weapon you could get bonuses that benefited with that weapon. and the powers were cool and created new build options. it is now impossible to build a lifesteal based assassin because Steal soul is no longer in game.
  8. Why is killing NPC controlled towers for loot and experience any worse than farming zombies or spiders? Guards are much more difficult than mobs of a similar rank yet give the same loot or worse.
  9. Major roadblocks 1) Minerals are rare drops from motherlode destruction. This requires putting together a group during the harvesting seasons..( this can be a chore in itself) 2) Minerals in order to be ground need to be the same quality level- This means that you could spend all night hitting motherlodes and still not be able to make a vessel because you received 1 poor 1 rare 1 epic Halite 1 poor 1 rare 1 epic Cinnabar and cant grind them in the recipe ( you need 2 raw minerals of the same quality level to grind them) Potions and good tools can help but the potion requires rare drops ( Bone) When you do manage to get lucky and get enough to make Ambrosia- One Batch Ambrosia gives you 5 doses of Ambrosia- and Most vessels REQUIRE 6 doses to make?( not including flawed assemblies or centaurs) Upgrading your vessel requires searching the maps for the highest rank graveyards, harvesting them continually in order to Get several full sets of bodyparts to protect against flawed assemblies Get all your add on pieces ( hands/ femurs/ humeruses) Philosopher stones are even more of a time sink as their quality level needs to be equal or better than your body parts.
  10. So most of the territory control game involves just standing around in a circle-- half of us alt tab and get on the forums because its so boring. Especially if you are capping stuff alone- Actually holding forts and keeps have some benefit- but towers and campfires lack real benefit- Make Towers act as Respawn points- Give XP and loot on guards- Give XP on Capture- And give leaderboard contribution points over time for points you capture. Please stop the random placement of towers and campsites. - Have a human being place them strategically to hold choke points, graveyards, and other poi so you cant avoid them and they guard actual valuable real estate Fix the toast messages to include towers and campsites. Have them report sightings of the enemy. And make fort capture contingent on holding the guard towers nearby.
  11. My point is most of the problems people are complaining about can be resolved by alliances not being forced and the ability to change allegiance. in SB there was real HATRED between some guilds— they would NEVER work together. People are complaining about faction imbalances, invulnerable cross faction spying night caps and more. i think the dregs can solve a lot of this.
  12. What we really needs is SB2 Give us the dregs and guild vs guild competition with alliances we choose! 6 month to a year campaigns! where progress lasts long enough to fight to keep it.
  13. In my opinion this is supposed to be a throne war. Not a farm mobs and crafting sim. Give us XP for capping and holding real estate. Or even better eliminate the whole idea of leveling- give real rewards for for the throne war and let us fight it out.
  14. Same- Can't Log in -- gets too loading character state-- gets stuck and then goes to leaving world. Can't unlock characters from current campaign either.
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