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  1. Can we get 5.4 up over the weekend? Alpha 2’s need a Campaign!
  2. My only complaint after using the Assassin kit on Test is racial choices. Only Nethari and Half Elf on Test Waiting on high elf and Fae BUT... What if you hate elves? and i'm not a fan of nethari... I would play Fae but they are still grouped with elves.. Elves Suck and should be all burned at the stake. We need Human, and probably Stoneborn added as choices.
  3. RIP Obs LoD

    My Condolences on your loss. LoD.
  4. Suggestion!! Make duelist tunnel bindable to the right mouse button when stealthed. currently when stealthed there is nothing you can bind to right mouse.
  5. I recently moved from Duelist Main to Assassin main. I enjoyed playing him on test but my only complaint is racial choices. Currently Assassins can only be Nethari, Half elf, High Elf or Fae. I personally can't stand elves.. Its true I'm racist. ( Ex Shadowbane Temple of the Cleansing Flame Guild Leader) We really need a monster choice for the racial tree! Very conflicted on what to train on racial trees as only the human tree can currently play assasin If i Could play Fae I would but it isnt in game ( Sucks that Fae are tied to dirty elves) That doesn't leave a slot even with VIP to play duelist since only hamsters can be duelists that means i have to train monster...
  6. No live stream today (Jan 16)

    I see that now, but they weren't authorized at the beginning of the night.. believe me i tried
  7. No live stream today (Jan 16)

    Plan B Add Alpha 2 to Snap test on test server Run Test all day till midnight tonight!
  8. Yes. if the focus was put on Campaign mechanics and guild systems. Currently there is little reason to play the came other than to test help contribute to its development. You gain experience without logging in. Once you have equipped your toon and filled out your vessel with runestones ther is no reason to log in...EXCEPT to help your guild win the game. To be there for your teamates. The same reason any man fights in a war. To protect his brothers who are right next to him.
  9. I think its really about ownership. No one feels like they "Own" their character because everything is temporary. You don't feel personally responsible for any success because their is no real ownership, spoils of war or reward for doing anything...yet. There is also very little guild pride because there is no in game guild tag/ heraldry or system. Team pride is important in siege games where you really cant accomplish anything significant alone. Owning a fort or a keep in crowfall does not feel like owning it in SB or Darkfall.
  10. Try getting close enough to a statue to press f and make a character. Make a wood elf ranger and load your right click “dissipate” use it to teleport out from under the altar. i still end up under the altar everytime I make a new toon. Talk about first impressions...
  11. I complained about the silliness of having 14 different looking knotwood trees and the confusion it creates but the “its so pretty” crowd seems to have won...
  12. Necromancer?

    If you are a fan of Lifesteal. Ranger has several lifesteal type powers. if you are a fan of disease check out the plaguelord discipline if you like the undead try the Banshee Discipline, Crowfall is all about taking a base class and customizing it through disciplines to make it your own.
  13. true, but as a pip user you don't start with any resource which means you cant use discipline based bow attacks without first closing to melee range or disengaging to make a pip.