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  1. State of the game feedback. The campaign world is mostly empty except during sieges and fort captures. the only exception is you might occasionally find someone farming Kings/ chiefs for tools. This is mostly because of Rank 8 nodes available at no risk in God’s Reach. and Import and export limitations make harvesting or farming in the campaign impractical. Currently the faction war is not working. With no mechanic to balance numbers on each faction Balance wins every fight with twice the numbers. Each win further solidifies their lead as less people show up to oppose them daily as it appears pointless. Order is even more absent than chaos. Siege windows do force PVP to consolidate at one place but also means that only one or two locations needs to be defended. Maybe based on numbers present we need respawn timers to change to even the odds. or we need the dregs so large zergs will be broken down into individual guilds and pvp will get more spread out. it is very common in sieges now to die instantly as a called target with zero ability to change the outcome. Balance is doing a super job. But the resulting game won’t last as soon they will be defending against no one...
  2. I think that you need to rethink the embargo system. if you can’t bring things in or out of a campaign... Why play at all? Imagine working Hard all campaign and then only being able to bring 50% of your hard work back? then the next campaign starts and you are extra limited about what you can bring in... How much incentive is their to go harvest in the campaign if you can’t take it with you?
  3. The toast message for sieges often locks on your screen making it impossible to navigate as it blocks the compass. Outpost capture UI still doesn’t update sometimes Melee hit range and recticle size needs to be increased very hard to hit moving targets Tool drop rate is still too rare.( treated steel, goggles, etc.)
  4. Pre alpha. if they thought it was where it needed to be we would be in beta.
  5. Melee accuracy is really messed up at the moment. The offset recticle and smalll tolerances make hitting anything in a moving flowing action game less than intuitive. They really need to make it hit a larger area to make up for the slop. i personally hate the offset recticle.
  6. Why wouldn’t they? and it’s not like the kill count is anything close to accurate anyway. it really needs to only show PVP kills and PVP deaths.
  7. Or Rogues need a way to increase crit damage past the caps. Like a rogue hand that actually benefits Rogues. im at the cap on a standard blue vessel with only 245 dex. and I have avoided all the Crit talents on my assassin.. I have 4 points I can’t decide what to spend it on because Of the cap
  8. you can get gear from GR to CW but not the other way around
  9. Feedback Limit node rank 1 in Gods reach Mobs to rank 8 Dropped gear to white in level allows people to figure out their templates and then venture into campaigns for better gear/ mats the only reason to go into the campaign is to siege.. when you can farm rank 8 nodes in GR
  10. The scoreboard is entirely messed up It usually never shows the guilds or players in correct order. You should be able to click a column heading to check your standings in each category . Also you sometimes get credit for pvp kills ( not accurate) but then it always counts PVE deaths ... not an accurate K/D ratio.
  11. PS @Tyrannicall In a way you contributed to me finding the bug last night... it was after our fight the other night that I decided to roll a brigand on test ... LOL
  12. They know— that was the bug I referred too earlier ... I worked on it with Gordon, Jack and Fancyhat this morning I was one-shotting people it was crazy 😜
  13. Broken game is broken.. I have a game breaking bug That I would rather not reveal to the entire testing community.. Because I can basically one shot anyone right now.... Submitting it in a support ticket..
  14. Personally I am East Coast NA but play in a 9pm to 2 am Time Bracket ( I get off of work at 7:30 pm.) It would be nice if the system was population controlled and just limited vulnerabilities based on population to concentrate the player population
  15. Because you are a mage and max your int. It is useless to Rogues because we max our Dex. its called a Rogues hand and useless to Rogues .
  16. a LOT of stuck mobs that wander outside their camps don't leash and cant be killed
  17. Necromancy feedback The Rogue hand is basically useless because no one gets close to the critical damage cap. (rogues don't spike int) If it was a Crit Strike/hit cap increase it would be immensely useful as its EASY to hit the crit strike cap on a Blue vessel.
  18. I hope it’s better than the current system.. I crafted two sets of mail armor tonight and the green armor had better stats than the purple armor.... and I have 100 Blacksmithing...
  19. the drop list on mobs seems to not have one handed axes at all. might just be RNG but I have gotten like 5 of everything else
  20. The assassin talent that heals you when you apply a stun isn't working. The combat log- shows lifesteal as Hitting you instead of healing you. Feedback- the crosshair needs to be closer to the the character-- its really annoying to have to stand to one side.
  21. The Assassin Talent that heals you when you apply a stun isn't working
  22. 100% true— Died to this on the final siege last campaign
  23. I socialize with people to dig for information about their whereabouts so I can club them and steal their diamonds.. When do we get some real info about what is going on....
  24. Speaking of news updates... Can we get one? We all need a pep talk coach....
  25. No no no no— in the current grindfest if you have ANYTHING at all you WORKED FOR IT. if they wipe now— I’m done. I don’t have the energy to do this again.
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