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  1. I don’t think training time is a problem at all- Passive training stays with you campaign to campaign. it will only be a problem at launch and for the first couple months — after that the economy takes over.
  2. Some of the biggest problems though is promotion classes being semi locked to a damage type Blackguards don’t use piercing etc.
  3. Thank you Todd, One way you could also make this work better is to go back to allowing all weapon types on all characters. so If you are an assassin and find a long sword you can use it, etc. otherwise “finding loot you can use” is still going to take a while and your storage problems will be huge” or you could have a “fence” npc that buys the stuff you don’t need and sells it to the people who need it to facilitate the drops getting to the people that need them. or even better. have the mobs drop what they use and you can hunt the one that uses what you need.
  4. Stay true to your original concept- The world needs SBII that works. It doesn't need another random loot chasing wow clone. We came here because we believed in YOU @jtoddcoleman. This group of people is the only group that could have funded your dream, because 15 year old's don't invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in a game idea. But us 50 year olds Nostalgic for the good ole days of SB do.
  5. Thank you for typing this out so I don't have too. Rng is the problem not the solution. We need dedicated discipline droppers that drop the same discipline everytime. We need to get rid of "Rare Drops" and stop gating player progress behind a random generated number. and I run 4 accounts and still have to make mules for inventory space...
  6. So to use in higher quality vessels need to refine disciplines by getting three of the same disciplines and combining them. but disciplines drop randomly off rare spawn boss mobs.. so what kind of crazy Tripple RNG craziness will that entail.. what are the odds currently of getting THREE of the same discipline at all—- It’s tough to find ONE of the disciplines you need let alone three..
  7. In shadowbane you didn’t need a point system to know who was winning
  8. I just need goggles or first aid. @Jah are you trading any of those... or just showing off..
  9. i can triple box and get better than that on my laptop Advanced Razer Blade 15
  10. or three Runic arcana scrolls I have lots of Folio of shadow 186 simple steps or Manuscript of great weapons
  11. trading Paradoxical stiching awl (leatherworking tool) for necro goggles
  12. This— people have gotten sick of the pve focus of a game marketed as pvp— and they are now playing Conquer’s blade or other stuff because it’s fun.. and the longer the game takes to get rebalanced the harder it is to reactivate people— if they get invested somewhere else
  13. if you read the forums and see the current state of the game.. UI improvments are REALLY low on the list of things that need to be addressed. I hope Thursday's update will be something addressing--Any of the following 1)Gating character progress behind rare drops of rare spawns(goggles/ hammer/shard tool) 2) making cash valuable again by allowing any Vessel to level with it. 3) increasing gear durability ( i heard this was tweaked on test!!) 4) Increasing discipline availability( I heard this was tweaked on test!!)
  14. @jtoddcoleman glad to see you hanging out here! the community really needs some updates on what you guys plan to do to fix these issues— You have some dials to turn to get the population back!
  15. you missed :gating character progress behind random loot drops on rare spawns...
  16. i have been trying to purchase rare items for two weeks... no one will accept gold as a currency-- only dust and embers. Bring back gold leveling.
  17. What we lack is real ownership and control. Real pride in accomplishment. No one gives a poorly made socks about their faction- Guilds faction hop all the time.. Guild pride and guild ownership are where it is at.
  18. I am part of a large established guild with hundreds of players. there are TWO of us who play regularly and the 5 that log on maybe once a week. Why-- Bait and switch-- too much pve and grind, not enough pvp. What is the most important flaw? Gating character progress behind RNG drops. I own a membership based business-- Progress leads to interest leads to retention. No one is making progress, if they cant improve their vessel, or their gear without a rare drop item.
  19. You think I want to farm dust 8 hours a day? 100,000 dust? I have never seen 1000
  20. Chat lag is back - takes like 10-15 seconds to post something and its empty I had to wait in a queue to get into Krim kingdom ? ( No keep here) killed a Ranger Captain every 30 minutes all day-- No Goggles- Have now killed bosses for 2weeks with no goggle drop... I did get a leatherworking tool...
  21. i would gladly trade some ambrosia for a set of necro goggles
  22. I still have not gotten goggles to drop when I have done NOTHING but farm bosses every evening for two campaigns. @vkromas Do know how frustrating it is to log on only to pve for over two weeks and not make any progress? as a necromancer, I have jumped through all the hoops, harvested all the body parts and extra pieces - have my ambrosia ready ( which is a giant pain to make) Maxed my skill training, made plus necromancy rings and armour and still can’t make high quality vessels ...been stuck like this since you added goggles...
  23. cant login to Eu Server gets stuck on connecting to zone
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