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  1. in Infected we were able to build the walls and level up a mini keep but unable to build or upgrade buildings-- vendor is there and there doesn't seem to be a bank?
  2. Im moving in-- thanks to ArtCraft.. @jtoddcoleman @Tyrant
  3. This is a huge issue! How can we really test crafting with a crafted vessel?
  4. PaleOne

    Mage Assassin

    Shade Mage assassin Shroudbourne Wyrmslayer....... That's right a pale mage with a big F*cking spear... Cold nukes, cold debuff, and cold weapon power dot with the spear-- was nasty..
  5. Did I miss a vendor somewhere or are there no higher quality crafting major disciplines available on test?
  6. Any word on getting a version of dregs with ek style building ?( we choose where to build SB style) one of the issues with randomly generated worlds is we can’t choose the locations we would build in to control a resources or area . @jtoddcoleman
  7. Besides the lack of Uncommon/rare/epic/legendary Minor disciplines-- We are also Lacking in Hands for vessel creation/modification. Please put hands back on guard drops
  8. Please address the lack of uncommon/rare/epic/legendary Minor Disciplines
  9. a lot of truth in this post. I have stopped playing temporarily because character/vessel progress is locked behind the lack of rare minor disciplines. I liked the small scale pvp we had going with outposts and such-- but with the events channel making outpost conquest heard across the map its difficult to accomplish anything with 2-3 people
  10. Character Progress is totally halted due to the lack of Green and Blue minor Disciplines. My whole guild is basically in limbo waiting for them. We have a full inventory of everything we need to start creating rare vessels except Minors!
  11. There is still a distinct lack of Green/blue minor disciplines in the world — This makes the use of rare vessels as they aren’t complete less powerful than they should be
  12. The events Tab.. So the guards now all have cell phones- this makes any type of sneakiness impossible when it come to outpost capture- Gotta Bring a group because one is certainly headed your way.. Guilds no longer need to pay attention to the map or even send out scouts to find the enemy -- We all get a notification...
  13. amen Shade Shroudbourne wyrmslayer Mage assassin...
  14. Duelist Ultimate power does not put you back in burrow
  15. or of course you could play Brigand with Poisoner!
  16. This game is about creativity and customization- not cookie cutter classes. The more multi classing the better!
  17. As Leadership in the smallest guild to score top ten I have a unique viewpoint. We had 11 Total Players Participate in The campaign. 5 of them vets, the other six JUST STARTED PLAYING During THE CAMPAIGN! We are a large guild but are playing several other games at the moment and its been difficult to recruit more LotD to play a game in Alpha rather than games that are more polished like Albion. We played the outpost/landless game and focused on playing the per player cards- only capping a fort at the end of winter. The campaign was fun -but if the purpose of a campaign in to pull resources out of a dying world, yet sacrificing resources to the gods got you points- you kind of have goals that are diametrically opposed. I would like to see zone based capture point bonuses.- We held most of Garantol Moreden for the entire campaign outpost wise. Zone control was a fun way to play. Possible Suggestion? Give all participants the number of exports based on their teams Divine favor score
  18. Ladders on towers don’t work to get back down
  19. Character progress is important to encourage participation and build enthusiasm. After you have maxed out your white vessel, your next step is your advanced vessel. but you can’t complete your advanced build due to low number of discipline droppers in the world total absence of minor disciplines in any quality greater than white lack of necromancy additives due to some sources not available (hands don’t drop from guards any more — low numbers of other options other than rare spawn elders animals ) some of this is due to a lack of captains/chiefs/kings in dregs currently
  20. And minor disciplines in any quality above white are no where to be found
  21. Also— complete absence of chiefs / kings/ captains make it really difficult to regear in this enviromemt— discipline droppers are still way toorare in Spring and Summer
  22. A few bugs on duelist my stealth bar has been unsllotting all my powers - possibly after zoning not dying randomly I notice cool down graphics on powers that don’t have long cool downs- yet the powers can still be cast duelist q power is not providing invulnerability/ barrier and is basically useless ( this might be a big interacting with force mage)
  23. Forcemage exploding barrier passive activating takes the character out of stealth Redirect pain has been nerfed into worthlessness
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