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  1. Sorry if I was not clear, but my initial idea was to help new characters to join events comprised of maxed characters. The "Role" I was talking about is not just a task, but a temporary set of bonus and powers to help newbies participate during special group event.
  2. Thank you Jon, this is what I wanted to know, sorry I missed it when reading the FAQ. That's what I was thinking, that the skill based system was used partly because of this problem. And I think the flattening of powers, skills and equipment curves will help a lot, not sure how the stats will work yet... (health, stamina, dexterity and such) but I'm sure they will be fine. I was thinking of a "Role" system for groups and group events. For example, a group leader could give the new characters the temporary role of "stretcher bearers" or "Shield wall" that comes with a few skills, buffs,
  3. Hi, I was curious about how the game will deal with low-skill vs. high-skill players. Will there be a big difference between them and how useful a new player can be in group event?
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