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  1. I cannot unbind keys in an eternal kingdom. In the video I attempt to unbind a name plate hot key. Upon doing so, it fails to clear the binding and instead locks my keyboard from sending inputs to crowfall. I just attempted to unbind keys in god's reach and I cannot unbind keys there either. Tyrannicall killed me multiple times while testing this bug.
  2. We seem to have an additional skill named Ice Blast on arch mages. it looks like frigid ground and freezing blast.
  3. I don't know if this is a bug or not. On an Archdruid promotion specced druid with force of nature I will place a stack of orbs in an enemy stack. I will then dodge roll into those orbs to trigger their conversion to damage orbs through the passive effect of force of nature and immediately use my ultimate to suck enemies into the explosion. The orbs will heal me because that is still instant, but they will not do any damage. My guess is their conversion to damage gets interrupted by my ultimate ability.
  4. ZZav's pancake is even regarded as legend.
  5. I would like to add my support for the ideas put forward by Thornz, Xarrayne, Yianni, and BlamedPack. As other's mentioned, Arch Druids had one of the most well defined class roles in the game, with their blight bombs. This functionality is relegated largely to engagements of 5 players or more and shine in specific tactical environments such as bombing chokes, enemy blobs during long engagements, or zoning enemy groups with anticipated bombs. One thing that was not emphasized is just how 6.2 changes erased previous cross-class synergies from Arch Druids that supported the classes viability. You once ran Arch Druids because they empowered other classes through cross class synergies in addition to their primary role as a damage capacitor class. Namely, Pack Avatar and Blight are no longer available solely from arch druids. I certainly support the ideology of making abilities characteristic of specific classes available to other classes. However, it is exceedingly costly to re-obtain Pack Avatar. To regain the Pack Avatar buff that is essential for Arch Druid bombs, players have two choices: First, they can either play half-elves or adopt a Nature Domain for Pack Leader, containing redundant form life powers and no damage boosting implicits. The most glaring problem with this route is that it sacrifices a major discipline slot just for the sake of regaining something that is essential for effective blight bombs while providing essentially nothing else other than healing bonuses to augment a very weak healing kit. The other option is to take Storm domain for Avatar of Storms. This is by far the better option, but the buff granted by Avatar of Storms is inferior since it is not shared with party members. However, other than the stun these buff only the druid's LMB and it's implicits do little to bolster blight bombs since they are all specific to electrical damage. On this point, I think it is worth pointing out that while sickles are specific to storm-callers and deal electrical damage, 2 handed mystical staves used by Arch Druids should deal nature damage instead to help unify the AD damage theme. Blight along with it's inherent 20% electric and nature mitigation debuff is no longer specific to Arch Druid since it was added to each other druid promotion class. I really don't have a big gripe with this one. Other than the fact that this has eliminated a very interesting cross-promotion mechanic through which different druid promotions previously acted synergistically. I think Crowfall needs inter-class synergies because it adds a layer of choice to composition decisions. This is very likely a case where you watered down something unnecessarily and eliminated an iconic spell from being specific to the Arch Druid. No longer does the blight sound effect mean there are bombs on the field or players are being debuffed for high storm caller dps. I played a cleric in crowfall for years wanting to play an arch druid. And honestly moving in to 6.2 I saw room for arch druid buffs since it was already under-utilized in combat. Since it functions as a damage capacitor and shines situationally, it was already difficult to run it. This problem is exacerbated ten fold with the loss of class specific buffs, debuffs, and blight bomb effectiveness. I'm posting here finally to stop pissing off all my DIS friends. I love Crowfall and I sincerely think the loss of arch druid viability does it a huge disservice. edited - Pack Avatar to Pack Leader to reflect major disciplines actual name and fixed word choice ('however' redundancy).
  6. That way they can tell us when they die. In all seriousness though, they could put an internal cd to prevent it from spamming.
  7. Outpost guards could probably be changed to announce when they engage players, but they are still easily circumvented. I wouldn't give outposts much share of the "territory control" Keeps and forts - actual strongholds should carry the brunt of control for a zone.
  8. Hello everyone o/ I had an idea that would probably not be too difficult to implement but may profoundly shape the relationship between players and different territories. Give guilds a %damage/%mitigation bonus related to the %control they have of a given zone. Currently, when it works, we can see an approximation for control in each territory of the world map shown below. Alliances actively vying for dominance would essentially split the damage and defensive buffs associated with their zones, while others with no current stake in it would get no such advantages. This would probably help to carve out real territory lines where alliances attempt to control as much of their zones as possible to ensure in zone gatherers are able to fend off harassment from others while in their respective "safe havens". From the hunters standpoint, this would mean that while you know you are at a disadvantage from going to a specific territory, you know you are more likely to find enemies of the given alliance in that zone. And also, you would have the option to pursue more meaningful takeovers of zones over time to deny enemies that safe haven. There are plenty of pros and cons to this, and I have only just outlined it. I am looking for opinions regarding benefits of this system and pitfalls as well as any advice on how problems with such a system could be addressed. One of the biggest problems with circle standing for control of territories is just that it seems pointless aside from arbitrary conquest points that no longer accurately depict overall campaign scoring.
  9. You really have to give ACE a chance to address this through rule set though. This is the first time that guild politics have taken control of a campaign. I would caution against calling them bad players. They are certainly opportunistic, but that can't be used against them. Do I believe alphas are a good time to spout about elitism and shut out dissenting opinions? Absolutely not. That is pretty counter productive for an alpha. I would argue that the post was not meant for community feedback at all. It was a statement acknowledging that an uncle bob scenerio had been realized. (Edits since alliance carry over as an argument for uncle bob scenerio is tenuous. Maybe it is just that uncle Bob and aunt Maurie decided not to attack each other?). In his post he said that it is game design that caused, or at least precipitated a stacked campaign. I believe ACE will move carrots around for a time, but I imagine their best mileage will come from taking carrots away or reducing the disparity between losing and winning. One important part, that people active on the forums should think about is that pann locked that thread conceding that they didn't want to pass out warnings since it would lead to account bans. Seriously? It is just a game, in alpha, Be nice. (I am not pointing any fingers T_T;) I am thankful that at the very least, lead developers see a problem and they would like to address it as well as possible. Yeah, your right on the money here. I don't know the best way to mediate it, even though I can throw out some half baked 30 second idea, I definitely don't think this has a simple fix. I think that by design ACE intended for the really hardcore players to be drawn to the DREGs (or w/e the GvG campaigns are). Therefore, they would incentivise the NBA players to not play with the more casual player base.
  10. Emergent gameplay is a very dramatic form of sandbox. It has extreme potential for generating strong communities, lasting rivalries, and alliances. Unfortunately though, this requires developers to be shown worst case scenerios that must be mechanically punished addressed through game design. ACE makes no excuses and takes responsibility for what is going on. jtoddcoleman stated that they are aware of this in news and announcements. I recommend glancing over some of his points to see how this will shape the future reward structures of campaigns.
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