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  1. ZZav's pancake is even regarded as legend.
  2. I would like to add my support for the ideas put forward by Thornz, Xarrayne, Yianni, and BlamedPack. As other's mentioned, Arch Druids had one of the most well defined class roles in the game, with their blight bombs. This functionality is relegated largely to engagements of 5 players or more and shine in specific tactical environments such as bombing chokes, enemy blobs during long engagements, or zoning enemy groups with anticipated bombs. One thing that was not emphasized is just how 6.2 changes erased previous cross-class synergies from Arch Druids that supported the classes viab
  3. Hunger shards are now granting each other immunity to damage. edit: Hunger shards are making other hunger shards immune to damage similarly to how they shield ore/stone/trees/carcasses.
  4. That way they can tell us when they die. In all seriousness though, they could put an internal cd to prevent it from spamming.
  5. Outpost guards could probably be changed to announce when they engage players, but they are still easily circumvented. I wouldn't give outposts much share of the "territory control" Keeps and forts - actual strongholds should carry the brunt of control for a zone.
  6. Hello everyone o/ I had an idea that would probably not be too difficult to implement but may profoundly shape the relationship between players and different territories. Give guilds a %damage/%mitigation bonus related to the %control they have of a given zone. Currently, when it works, we can see an approximation for control in each territory of the world map shown below. Alliances actively vying for dominance would essentially split the damage and defensive buffs associated with their zones, while others with no current stake in it would get no such advantages. This would prob
  7. MYRMADONKED - at the setting up an ambush when part you should have played the metal gear solid exclamation noise after you get jumped. XD
  8. The most fun CSC I have been having is just fighting at the chaos keep before siege.... We always get swamped eventually, but usually there are some good fights after we poke the bear enough. It kind of sucks, but it is unfair to blame a guild for the current predicament even if it is easy to do so. 20 coordinated players are significant in a test environment that is always below 300. The goal is to have thousands of concurrent players, at which point those numbers won't mean as much. (plenty of flaws in that argument I know.) It was fun playing order for a time in zaleena, but u
  9. You really have to give ACE a chance to address this through rule set though. This is the first time that guild politics have taken control of a campaign. I would caution against calling them bad players. They are certainly opportunistic, but that can't be used against them. Do I believe alphas are a good time to spout about elitism and shut out dissenting opinions? Absolutely not. That is pretty counter productive for an alpha. I would argue that the post was not meant for community feedback at all. It was a statement acknowledging that an uncle bob scenerio had been rea
  10. Emergent gameplay is a very dramatic form of sandbox. It has extreme potential for generating strong communities, lasting rivalries, and alliances. Unfortunately though, this requires developers to be shown worst case scenerios that must be mechanically punished addressed through game design. ACE makes no excuses and takes responsibility for what is going on. jtoddcoleman stated that they are aware of this in news and announcements. I recommend glancing over some of his points to see how this will shape the future reward structures of campaigns.
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