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  1. If they just allow gems to show up in regular lodes that can be solo-harvested, at maybe an decreased drop chance, it would make it all a lot more bearable.
  2. Another idea, I think, is attaching outposts/towers points to the keeps/forts. An outpost will send a pack animal and a guard to the nearest ally fort/keep and only once that reaches its destination will the points be cashed in. All the while, PvE mobs will wear down these caravans so that the further a camp is from a keep makes it less likely to cash in any points unless the road is somewhat guarded. At the least, it reduces the issue to the nightcapping of forts which act as the cash-in points.
  3. I wouldn't mind aligning Night and Day with the night and day of the server, make playing at night fundementally different than playing during the day. More Hunger creatures spawn, a "Cold" debuff that can be warded off by a campfire or torch (but makes you more visible in turn), and such things so that while nightcapping is still more PvP and backcap safe (gaining greater value), it is also more perilous with PvE survival elements. Just throwing ideas out there. I do see issue with the idea that it will lock some people into a certain environment (Night/Day) depending
  4. Not how time works. Depending on the time I go to work, I could either hit traffic or not, differentiating the value I get out of my time in the distance I cover depending on what time it is. Same applies here. Not all time is equal when talking about finite space/resources. And, from a gameplay perspective, why encourage a way of playing that exists to avoid PvP?
  5. I would like to join. Just started playing recently, but so far just really want to make me some Epic-Legendary equipment with Illusionist, Fashion Statement, and Hand of Glory. Also glad to see a merchant guild about.
  6. Just to address this, it isn't unrealistic for a person to have more items than their export slots allow on a single account, indeed it is often assumed that you'll have more than your export, which is how multi-accounting might help simply expand your inventory. So, truly, you aren't farming 5x, you'll be farming the normal amount, as your export isn't assumed to supposed to fit in the amount of items a single account can procure, if that makes sense. In other words, a person doesn't need to farm 5x the items to take advantage of 5 accounts worth of export inventory.
  7. All modes have embargo rules which determine how much you get, but for the Dregs I'd like it to work something like this (just my personal preference): Just as suggested here, there's an amount of slots given to the victor for them to export items from the campaign. With kneeling mechanics, though, the winner may distribute their slots to others. In a similar fashion to other rulesets, making and promising export slots to too many that kneel to you might diminish your own reward a good amount, should you follow through. In this sense, victory will be seen as a limited resource which engag
  8. So you say this, but when a faction wins, who's to decide how the exportation is split up? If it's "everybody gets 10 slots to take stuff in", then isn't that "fair and even" hogwash? It sounds to me like you want to give everybody on the winning side participation trophies for picking the right faction if you prefer this way about it. But I say this: if you spend $100 on a chocolate bar, you'll have lost money for over-investing on the chocolate. You spend $5 on the chocolate bar, you're getting what you put in. You spend $1 on the chocolate bar, you negotiated a steal. This is, o
  9. I wouldn't consider it "interfering in politics", just another mechanic which entails managing a limited resource which, in this case, is Export. Just like how you can't "have the cake and eat it too" with any other resource, it will incite player interaction, but not dictate it in any heavy-handed manner, I feel.
  10. Saw a post on trying to even out the populations for each faction to keep things balanced, and while I do feel the system should keep it loose so that we can benefit from alliances and politicking and such, there should be pros and cons to everything. So, for discussion, here's an idea to play around with: Instead of having every world have a "Export X Slots Per Player", have it "Export X Slots Per Faction". In this, you could have a hypothetical campaign that has an export of 100 slots per faction. If that faction only has a single player, they will receive all the slots, being able to export
  11. Anti-healing and Suppression should be top of the list for an Assassin, able to get in, do damage, and confirm a kill.
  12. Ah, gots it. Haven't gone in yet, so my knowledge of this and that is fairly limited at the moment.
  13. Runes: Arcane Archer, Sharpshooter, Master of Bows, Glass Cannon, Pound of Flesh, Expansive Mind Binding Arrows, Aimed Shot, All Clear, Hunker Down, Glass Cannon, Pound of Flesh are the powers I find synergize well together. Rapid Fire and Suppression Shot from the Ranger's basic kit should also be good. General Plan: All Clear, Glass Cannon, and Pound of Flesh are passives which enhance your damage at range, especially making it easier to weaken high health targets. Start with Hunker Down to increase your damage from your position, hopefully a vantage point. Shoot target a couple of
  14. I think there might be some decent synergies you can aim for. Myrmidon, though I'm not sure of the changed version, has Taste for Blood [+75% Damage passive against bleeding targets] which you can add with Knife Grinder's [Major Discipline] Long Live the Fighter [Bleeding on last basic attack]. Using Arcane Archer's basic attacks instead of melee, you can become a high-damage archer with a root ability, combined with Myrmidon's own Cast Net root, keep an enemy pinned down while you make them a pin cushion. Otherwise, you can use the Bow Discipline instead of Arcane Archer to open up
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