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    Dondagora got a reaction from Draftbrew in The Strategy Game - Official discussion thread   
    Not how time works. Depending on the time I go to work, I could either hit traffic or not, differentiating the value I get out of my time in the distance I cover depending on what time it is. Same applies here. Not all time is equal when talking about finite space/resources.
    And, from a gameplay perspective, why encourage a way of playing that exists to avoid PvP?
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    Dondagora got a reaction from Silverback in The Strategy Game - Official discussion thread   
    Another idea, I think, is attaching outposts/towers points to the keeps/forts. An outpost will send a pack animal and a guard to the nearest ally fort/keep and only once that reaches its destination will the points be cashed in. All the while, PvE mobs will wear down these caravans so that the further a camp is from a keep makes it less likely to cash in any points unless the road is somewhat guarded.
    At the least, it reduces the issue to the nightcapping of forts which act as the cash-in points.
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    Dondagora reacted to Jah in The Strategy Game - Official discussion thread   
    If you capture a fort and people are slow to take it back because the population is low during off-hours, that means you do get more points from it. As for whether or not "expectation" is relevant, I think you are getting hung up on just one definition of expectation. I'm not talking about the state of mind of the person who captures the point, I am talking about the probability that it will be quickly back-capped. The probability that someone will quickly back-cap after you capture it goes up with higher population.
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    Dondagora reacted to Jah in The Strategy Game - Official discussion thread   
    Actually, their time is often more valuable than yours. They can cap stuff and expect to hold it for longer because there are fewer players on to backcap it right after.
    Similar to how harvesting during off-hours tends to be more productive because there is less competition.
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    Dondagora reacted to Silverback in The Strategy Game - Official discussion thread   
    I'm thinking the outposts should be linked, so you could cut off the supply lines and eliminate points the other side would get. Also to take a fort or keep, one outpost from the runegate up to the keep or fort would need to be taken. That way, people might be able to see them coming as outposts start to get taken.
    Also, the ones closer to your runegate become more valued, or if you wanted to go deep in the opposing land to take outposts next to their runegate, you could do more damage until the zerg comes to quench their thirst.
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    Dondagora reacted to Doomshadow in Mining Gems   
    At this point I am primarily an explorer/gatherer, secondarily a crafter, and third a pvp'er. I admittedly am not great with the current pvp system even though I like pvp. My computer limits me to around 10-12fps atm so I try to avoid pvp currently.
    I still feel there should be a way to harvest gems as a solo player. Gatherers tend to be solo-they are collecting mats so you usually don't see them going around in packs because they are competing for the same resources. The only resource I can currently think of that you have to team up with someone is gems from mother lodes. I definitely understand the need for playing together in this game and I like the idea. But no other gatherer has the same limitation. There are no boulders requiring two people to smash. There are no trees that require two people to cut down. Every resource that I know off can be soloed. I feel there should be a skill or discipline, or even a temporary potion in place that allows the harvesting of mother lodes solo, or at least have a chance for gems to drop(albeit at a lower rate) from solo-able ore.
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    Dondagora reacted to Samulus in Capture Points testing begins - Official discussion thread   
    Before I bought in, my understanding of importing/exporting was that it was only something you got to do at the beginning (whenever you make a character) and end of a campaign. 

    E.g., I get 10 imports, I'm rolling a Myrm with a purple minotaur vessel (1 import down), and then armor/weapons and jewelry (7/8 down) and then a stack of 100 blue iron to give me a little edge in the market (1) and whatever else I please.

    When the campaign ends, I can take whatever arbitrary amount ACE states I can, but it doesn't necessarily need to be set at the same value import does. 

    Am I the only one that thought this? Better yet, does it not seem to anyone else that a majority of the rules governing importing/exporting right now aren't going to be the way it actually works when the game goes live?

    Edit: I meant to add that campaigns where the import/export is essentially locked is just as possible of a way for them to simply practice the "spirit bank lock" functionality for the future. Am I crazy?
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    Dondagora got a reaction from Esdeath in [Black Market] Trading/Crafting {EU} >18+<   
    I would like to join. Just started playing recently, but so far just really want to make me some Epic-Legendary equipment with Illusionist, Fashion Statement, and Hand of Glory. Also glad to see a merchant guild about.
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    Dondagora reacted to Eckce in New player experience   
    Early access review:

    Give me cooking foil and cooking sticks with a r1 requirement, what really are you teaching me when I can't regen? It should be way easier to regen at a low level. 
    Architectural frames have an unfair advantage to leveling up. I barely played the game for less than an hour and spent the next six hours building frames, now I'm level 30. I didn't earn this, should I complain?
    How else can I get to 30? There aren't enough mobs
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    Dondagora reacted to PopeUrban in "Soft" Population Control: Total Export Cap   
    Shadowbane's mine times weren't set by developers. They were set by the current owners of the mines.
    Shadowbane's siege timers weren't set by a developer. They were given a rough window by the attacker which the defender had to work within to set a more specific vulnerability window.
    They invented these systems after launching with always on vulnerability. The problem with always on vulnerability in a video game is that unlike real life, a whole lot of hte inhabitants of your world aren't in that world all the time. This creates a situation in which, in Shadowbane (and also in EVE and other always-vulnerable systems) promotes avoiding PvP as the primary strategy rather than a supplementary one.
    Player set vuln windows allow defenders to determine a point in time when they are best capable of bringing defending forces to defend, forcing attackers to contend with defenders rather than empty objectives. This also requires attackers to assemble a sufficient force. Setting the vuln window is part of player strategy. It is not arbitrary and the mechanic serves a vital purpose of ensuring armies actually meet in a game about armies meeting one another populated by adults with other life responsibilities so they can arrange to show up for these important fights. Without that element, a large number of "battles" are resolved without any actual player combat at all, and taking objectives is often pointless because they become impossible to effectively defend as everyone has to log off at some point, and most players do not spend the majority of their day logged in, but rather spend the majority of their day logged out because of real life responsibilities like jobs and sleep and families and stuff.
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    Dondagora reacted to KrakkenSmacken in "Soft" Population Control: Total Export Cap   
    I know they have said that location limits of some sort will be in play.  Just not specifically what those limitations are.  I agree, that there should always be an incentive to ship out resources.  I actually think the end of the world embargo should only be one of the ways of getting materials out for winning. I would like to see active rewards put into play.
    For example, your team takes a fort, and for 1 hour after there is a chest in it that will export to an EK bank up to 6 storage units without cost per player that uses it. 
    Miss the active window and you don't get to use it.  Don't have prepared resources you can get there quickly enough, you miss it. Enemies keep you from being able to move the materials to the fort, you miss it. Think you need all your resources to win the war, don't use it. Have an alt army, well it will be hard to organize them all to show up at the new fort with enough material to justify shiping out. If you hold off an attempt, the chest activates as well.
    Stuff like that is more interesting to me from an economy point of view than the win the world materials rewards. I would rather see more world winning rewards along the lines of relics, banners, skins, etc.
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    Dondagora reacted to mandalore in "Soft" Population Control: Total Export Cap   
    It looks like you two are both arguing different points.
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    Dondagora reacted to Jah in "Soft" Population Control: Total Export Cap   
    That isn't really true.
    The core concept of the suggestion is that campaign rewards shouldn't scale up with the number of people on the winning side. I don't get the sense that the people arguing against the suggestion even understand it.
    Adding more people to your faction or guild shouldn't result in greater rewards for winning.
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    Dondagora reacted to KrakkenSmacken in "Soft" Population Control: Total Export Cap   
    I know many people that only have to log in once with all their ALT accounts to get that share based on overly simplistic end of campaign rules.  No matter how you try to design it, say for example by requiring X hours played, or whatever, some clever players will figure out how to game around the increasingly complex rules you will have to apply. Those rules would have to decide things like "How about the participation of pure crafter players?", "Are all crafting roles equal by design?", "What resources should count for more 'effort' to harvest over others?", and other impossible to algorithmically answer questions.  
    Also, end of world embargo only, will result in a totally cut game economy loop for EK's.  They are going to need regular occurrences of material input to have an effective economy,  just like people get paychecks every two weeks, not one every quarter.
    If you try to do it only by account, you are left with two choices.
    ALT owners can collect a full share per ATL no matter the participation Totally unwieldy rules trying to determine individual participation. However.
    If the team is forced to decide amongst themselves the amounts to split, you leave it MORE in the hands of the players to figure out for themselves, not less like some are suggesting.
    Bring your 5+ alts and park them, the only way you get a share of the bounty is if your teammates valued your contribution, not because you imported a pile of gold and bought resources and parked the account.  If your guild Zergs a server in a week, all the members get to only share a one shiny gold ore between them because they had such high numbers and won so fast.  
    But probably the best way to handle it is a mix.  Every player gets a set amount, AND the team gets a collective amount to distribute. That way the system makes sure everyone gets something, and players get to decide amongst themselves who to reward with extra for going the extra mile.
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    Dondagora reacted to Anthrage in "Soft" Population Control: Total Export Cap   
    This is one area where I would like to see it play out live a bit first - can be pre-release, in testing - before we commit to anything that might be used by people with an ulterior motive against Crowfall. While I do prefer a hands off approach, no artificial constraints, I also see and have seen how badly that can go. I think we need a clearer picture of how everything is going to work before we can make any firm conclusions on this one.
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    Dondagora got a reaction from Anthrage in "Soft" Population Control: Total Export Cap   
    All modes have embargo rules which determine how much you get, but for the Dregs I'd like it to work something like this (just my personal preference):
    Just as suggested here, there's an amount of slots given to the victor for them to export items from the campaign. With kneeling mechanics, though, the winner may distribute their slots to others. In a similar fashion to other rulesets, making and promising export slots to too many that kneel to you might diminish your own reward a good amount, should you follow through. In this sense, victory will be seen as a limited resource which engages players more with each other than making campaigns giant gather quests.
    We have differing opinions on this and probably won't come to any agreement here, but I feel there's merits to both our concepts. Yours considers exports to be capless and, in that sense, provide players an ultimate freedom to take everything. Mine takes exporting, and therefore victory, and makes it into a limited resource to further engage and incite players. To which I say thus: literally no downside to testing both, benefit of temperary campaign worlds afterall.
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    Dondagora reacted to mandalore in "Soft" Population Control: Total Export Cap   
    I forget you guys want to play tri-faction and hide.  My mistake, as you were.   
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    Dondagora reacted to mandalore in "Soft" Population Control: Total Export Cap   
    You were in QFT?  How many Tough as Nails are you stacking?
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    Dondagora reacted to mandalore in "Soft" Population Control: Total Export Cap   
    They are indeed boring but then some people want fair boring games. 
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    Dondagora got a reaction from KrakkenSmacken in "Soft" Population Control: Total Export Cap   
    I wouldn't consider it "interfering in politics", just another mechanic which entails managing a limited resource which, in this case, is Export. Just like how you can't "have the cake and eat it too" with any other resource, it will incite player interaction, but not dictate it in any heavy-handed manner, I feel.
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    Dondagora reacted to Jah in "Soft" Population Control: Total Export Cap   
    "Meddling with politics" is an unavoidable side-effect of designing the game. Different designs have different impacts on politics.
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    Dondagora reacted to Jah in "Soft" Population Control: Total Export Cap   
    I do like this sort of system, where being a zerg means splitting up the spoils of war across more people.
    The opposite would be terrible-- where you get more spoils of war as a direct consequence of being a bigger zerg.
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    Dondagora reacted to Wolfwynd in 2 Weeks In.   
    So, I'd like to share my initial "14 days worth of having played the game" opinion, both as a game, and as a concept.
    The various disclaimers apply - Yes, I know that the game state is heavily in development. Yes, I know many features aren't implemented. No, I'm not new to this.
    And to clarify my experience: MMOs include the usuals (WOW, GW/2, W:AR, Warframe, Starwars etc etc) and also old titles... Shadowbane in particular. RTS/MOBA/FPS: all of the usuals here too.
    I've been an early-access, alpha and beta tester on a few games, among them Firefall. I'm an IT guy who (Like most folks here, i'm assuming) has been a mid to hardcore gamer for twenty plus years. The rig I'm running this game on is more than a rust bucket (custom i7 8700k, 16Gb DDR4, 1060GPU) so the issues aren't based on poor running or lack of technical proficiency. 
    Game Concept: Awesome, great.
    I like the races, classes, skills, production ideas, combat... all of it. the changes made that I've looked at over the game several year development have made sense, and the look is particularly cool. Design style is a really solid evolution of past titles, and the renders are tight. There was been some thought go in to making a kingdom builder MMO with a significant economy based on PVE, and yet fostering a hardcore PVP playerbase in such a way that the two work in tandem instead of against each other. The lighting, terrain, mob designs, all really hit the right tones with me. I love the blue runetool light reflecting off stone, and grasses.
    Execution at this time: Abysmal. Absolutely should not be charged for, even as a pre-alpha.
    Please, let me clarify. No part of this game is ready even for soft launch. Skill trees time out randomly, and look basic AF. The older, darker style skill tree looks significantly better than the current iteration. The character animations are smooth, but super long, seemingly uninterruptibile, and their audio tracks are grating. The UI is another issue - windows that can't be over ridden (I want to press esc to clear and get straight back into the gameplay, not have to hammer the escape key 35 times just to get back to usable screen. How about being able to type while autorunning? That doesn't feel like it should be missing at this stage.  
    Economy: In game economy and item production has the worst balance, just the worst. 25 Ethereal Dust to produce even basic/intermediate items? Even after training nearly exclusively harvesting skills that increase drop rates in the last fortnight, the ED drop rates are still so low that 3 hours of actually boring and repetitive grinding (Taking into account need to make new tools that last longer than 3 swings, which themselves require ED)  won't produce enough to make a whole set of armor. This leaves me feeling irritated that I just killed an entire nights gaming only to still be behind the eight ball.
    EKs: Loving the concept, but again, hating the execution.
    If i misplace a single item, it's a giant PITA to have to run over, loot it, open the menu, bring up the worldbuilder grid, raise, lower and replace the item. Times 12 for the pieces of the wall that i have to go and reset thanks to my useless grid (Which resets every time i go to load a new fence piece from the inventory) because it's failed to help me line up my walls to get a simple large rectangular fence around my lodge. How about a specific architecture "bag" that i can drag all of my architecture gear into and access from the worldbuilder menu so that i'm not killing hours of my night just jumping in and out of menus, huh? How about adding creatures to my EK? Even just for the look if not the harvest value? Nothing in the forums covers it.
    Combat: What. The. Hell.
    This is animation hell. Animations fail to match floating combat text. The skills make little sense in correlation to what is happening on screen and are considerably less than intuitive. I can see straight away the influences from other titles. But this is a poor emulation of those rather than an evolution. 
    The PVP and PVE aspects of the game I like.
    I like that I have a spirit bank to hide my valuables in, so that suddenly having the crap ganked out of me by someone with 1/8 of my ping (Yes, I'm in New Zealand, I'll never see lower than 180ms) only results in the loss of the few things in my inventory, rather than the 5 hours worth of runetools I spent all that time building aren't just ....gone.
    Oh wait. Thats happened twice. Thanks, Obama. Spirit bank doesn't mean jack when my five runetools just got lifted by the fireball throwing git who jumped me.
    Overall conclusion: I'm asking myself why I'm bothering. Why anyone would. I have liked some of the things I'm seeing, and I can see the potential here. But this is raw. Not raw like good sushi, raw like carpet burn on your ass raw. Raw like improperly cut puffer fish raw. I say this as I'm going to go in and impulsively check that my skills are still cycling, instead of dropping off for the 3rd time today.
    If you want to view this as a whine, feel free. This is only my opinion as a longtime MMO player. Comments are still welcome, as is helpful wisdom from some of the people who have been here far longer than me.
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    Dondagora reacted to Xarrayne in What We Want   
    And where do we want them?
    In our bedchambers!
    Anyway... @Monx brings up some good points about the structure of brainstorming and developing powers and classes, and how it can affect the gameplay experience... You present a good argument for putting balance before cool factor; the people who play the game are more than capable of finding the fun themselves, especially if the base that they're playing on is well-structured and allows each player to have meaningful interactions that don't overshadow everyone else's. Unfortunately I'm not qualified enough to know how these things idealistically play out on the Devs' side of the whiteboard nor the specifics of how it actually plays out, with ACE or any other company, but I'd imagine that ACE already have these self-checks in place. This isn't their first rodeo after all, but I do feel like it's a good idea to make sure that game balance is kept in the forefront of the Devs' minds at least as much as "cool/fun factor".
    As for the Devs remaining dispassionate about their creations (that's not going to happen), and players wanting to throw around cool abilities and see it play out with other people and their cool abilities... It's just in our nature; we're emotional creatures who love to manipulate our environments, solve problems and be surrounded with exciting stimuli! That doesn't mean we shouldn't exercise restraint and aim for something that's objectively balanced, of course, but all these things aren't mutually exclusive - just gotta get the priorities right and walk the tightrope.
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    Dondagora reacted to Mayhem_ in Dizzy Down   
    There are a lot things I am looking forward to in 5.3 but I really wish "Dizzy Down" for OOC was looked at a bit closer.  I get that @thomasblair thinks it essential but I have yet to read one person post an agreement on that - not that I have read "every" post on it
    Possibly a solution in the middle:  
    Keep Dizzy down (Hope you don't) but create a Minor Disciple called "PTSD" to counter at least the "Down" effect......... some of us really never go OOC.
    Semper Fi,
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