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  1. I liked the lore but in all MMOs, I view it as a gentle guideline... like an introductory glance of the world rather than something that dictates features and mechanics. Is there a subsect of male fae hiding away somewhere? I guess there is. Some will care, some won't. That's subjective... but there we go. I think it's generally a good idea to include male and female models for all classes. It's an MMO... it's nice to try and include everyone. There's no reason a guy can't play a female character or vice versa but many people like to put themselves into the world and that helps them, regar
  2. All true and well put. A few bizarre examples not withstanding... NOBODY uses the character mesh as a hitbox, as you say. God help you if your models are concave in any way. Even something like CSGO uses very simple shapes to get a 'feel' for the character's shape (and CSGO has a history of janky hitboxes, go figure). But to go further... even these simplified hitboxes mimicking the model probably aren't right for the game. You have 2 legs, 2 arms, a torso, a head. Make them all out of capsules so it's fairly simple... you still have a big problem because we aren't talking about firing ray
  3. Figuring out ways of having friendly fire catapult us over obstacles should be awesome,. There was a post on animation and capsule colliders that mentioned difference sized colliders for different archetypes. I look forward to Duelists being able to squeeze through tiny holes (hopefully made by ourselves!) that others cannot get through.
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