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  1. He was a filthy elf. Need you say more?
  2. Bah. In the world of MMOs, rangers are just another form of hippies.
  3. I'm already in the Crowfall offices waiting for my chance to code a scout class into the game. Since they can't detect me, who's going to know?
  4. The eagle does not pull a plow, Dardalion, and M60 gunners don't walk point. - David Gemmell (Paraphrased!) There's a big difference between your average grunt walking point for a platoon every now and again and being a Lurp out in the boonies. I see no reason why you wouldn't want a specialist and someone who can occasionally don the mantle when needed. I.E. - Why not have the class and the disc?
  5. She has her limits. For instance, staring at her in lingerie does not make my wife any happier or more likely to put it on. Go figure.
  6. Elves are all the evil I need to cleanse from this world.
  7. You guys worked with filthy elves? Ugh.
  8. I heart clubbing people with a spade so I can take their diamonds and bury the evidence.
  9. Doesn't everyone hate elves? On the original topic, I think PopeUrban nailed it - any action should remove immunity, period.
  10. I'm not anti-elf! They make great firewood. Burning them warms the body and the soul. That's like calling vegetarians anti-lettuce because they use lettuce to create energy.
  11. This makes me wish for a quiver of arrows to skewer them with.
  12. I keep hearing people saying that winter is coming. Please let us know if you need any tips on burning elves and heretics to keep warm.
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