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  1. We need someone to start a Calimath class here apparently. Everyone can cease the debate - I clearly won the campaign, but am so awesome even my score is in stealth and can't be seen. (Note - Sylvanna, this is not meant to state you are correct or incorrect - it just brings up some fun memories and some of the old SB vets will get a kick out of the debate.)
  2. Sorry, I was not clear in the delineation - but hopefully you got the point.
  3. Because the mass market cares more about how the game looks than how it plays. Graphics take far more horsepower and bandwidth than anything related to gameplay does. Frankly, I could care less how ugly a game is - I just want it to be fun.
  4. Just a subtle reminder, but you could do that without cross chartering.
  5. I remember the events you're referring to well - and don't disagree with your recollection of them. What I disagreed on was the absolutism of the statement when you said "no sportsmanship". There isn't a heck of a lot of it, but it can and does exist in spots. There's no reason that people can't collectively choose to have it exist here (and granted, it'll be in spots).
  6. I disagree with that. One of the things I enjoyed the most about SB, and specifically the loreplay server, was that the majority of the player base absolutely played in an honorable and sporting manner. It's certainly not the norm - but it's not impossible, either.
  7. Anything is possible with data if you have the right people involved in the architecture and coding.
  8. Vamp scouts were for suckers. Human for the win!
  9. Sounds like they need a true scout class to settle disputes on numbers. Just saying.
  10. Thanks. Zelda taught me that you can't trust a Link.
  11. What's wrong with the cheese sandwiches? To the OP - I agree with another poster above. If you want to show mercy (which I have done more than once in previous games), then just don't roll them. I know I often ranted on the boards when big guild X would wage war against small guild Y, and that's no different. If you Want to show mercy, you don't attack them to begin with - or just stop attacking them at some point before they are dead.
  12. Many of my favorite times in Shadowbane was doing exactly that. To the Original Poster, you have to understand that - especially in the dregs - ganking people carries with it a strategic objective. By denying my enemy resources, I make it harder for my enemy to take mine. Another poster nailed the solution pretty well in my opinion. If you don't have someone to watch your back from hunters, then you need to be the hunter.
  13. He was a filthy elf. Need you say more?
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