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  1. Character Diversity Numbers SB vs CF

    Well said. I think my favorite "Gimp" build was my "Lost" build - a min dex max con human scout. The "Found" build, which was the max dex/defense human scout was not anywhere close to as fun to play.
  2. QFT

    It took him a while to climb out of the Gorge of Eternal Peril.
  3. I think a large number of the old SB folks recognize the need for foes on all sides in order to increase the fun factor (and to be clear, I'm certain others do as well).
  4. That makes sense. We do have a love-hate relationship.
  5. Yessir, that's the one! FYI - I'm putting that on my IMDB page: Vandarr as Self (Uncredited)
  6. You guys should post the old SB Flight of the Furies video just to show what we were doing a decade ago.
  7. Stop saying things that make me like wood elves!
  8. No - wood elves burn with less smoke.
  9. Ordo Castum Carnifex (OCC)

    Why hello there friend elf! I'm having folks over for a barbecue this weekend... would you like to be our special guest?
  10. Ordo Castum Carnifex (OCC)

    Autumn is here! The leaves are falling, and so are our enemies. Fun trick - after you rake the yard, light an elf and throw him into the leaf pile. It makes the burning so much more fun!
  11. Age limit

    Sonofabiscuit. Looks like I'm out folks.
  12. I find it hard to be friendly in a chat program named discord.
  13. Character Diversity Numbers SB vs CF

    Amen! It was fascinating to see how your enemies would counter their charter's inherent weaknesses - do you just over exaggerate their strengths, or do you try and brainstorm a character to cover the gap?
  14. Character Diversity Numbers SB vs CF

    They rule set was key though - nearly every combination could have relevance in lore play. In addition, crowd think isn't always correct. I think a number of the guilds who played on lore showed just how powerful certain classes could be with races that would be considered "gimp" on other servers. Look at the Flight of the Furies video, for instance, or the Half Giant bow huntresses, or FTP's druids (which I believe were aelfborn).
  15. Stealth OP. Toxins OP

    Hrm... that definitely sounds a bit overpowered. I'd have to see how this would work when scaled up into a small stealth group to give any better input. For 1v1, I would agree that generally a stealther should have the advantage - but something that's a little OP in 1 on 1 could be ridiculously OP en masse in the hands of the right players. That's where the real danger lies in my opinion.