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Everything posted by vandarr

  1. Elves are all the evil I need to cleanse from this world.
  2. Who did? I'm ah... asking for a friend.
  3. You guys worked with filthy elves? Ugh.
  4. And y'all say my posts sound slightly dirty?
  5. I heart clubbing people with a spade so I can take their diamonds and bury the evidence.
  6. Doesn't everyone hate elves? On the original topic, I think PopeUrban nailed it - any action should remove immunity, period.
  7. I'm not anti-elf! They make great firewood. Burning them warms the body and the soul. That's like calling vegetarians anti-lettuce because they use lettuce to create energy.
  8. This makes me wish for a quiver of arrows to skewer them with.
  9. I keep hearing people saying that winter is coming. Please let us know if you need any tips on burning elves and heretics to keep warm.
  10. Soulein, I'm glad to see you didn't clip the ears of your monkey servants to look more like filthy elves.
  11. You'd be amazed at how many I took experimenting with different insane ideas.
  12. If you only die 3 times, then you're not trying hard enough!
  13. Ha! I never realized how that could be read - I've been calling all caster classes finger wagglers since my Everquest days. Nicely done.
  14. I would consider learning finger waggling if it led to this.
  15. Hey Soulein, recent snows have diminished my firewood stores more than anticipated. Any of you old elves available for burning?
  16. Well said. I think my favorite "Gimp" build was my "Lost" build - a min dex max con human scout. The "Found" build, which was the max dex/defense human scout was not anywhere close to as fun to play.
  17. vandarr


    It took him a while to climb out of the Gorge of Eternal Peril.
  18. I think a large number of the old SB folks recognize the need for foes on all sides in order to increase the fun factor (and to be clear, I'm certain others do as well).
  19. That makes sense. We do have a love-hate relationship.
  20. Yessir, that's the one! FYI - I'm putting that on my IMDB page: Vandarr as Self (Uncredited)
  21. You guys should post the old SB Flight of the Furies video just to show what we were doing a decade ago.
  22. Why hello there friend elf! I'm having folks over for a barbecue this weekend... would you like to be our special guest?
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