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  1. Didn't try the system myself but I was more so expecting a autopathing epc that you had to escort on a set path or risk it being killed by Npcs and/or other players.
  2. You are right, can't judge until they do it. But It's definitely something that deserves a lot of time and effort also and I am just really concerned with the idea of saving it for last. It makes sense why but I hope they leave enough time to work on it and don't allow it to just be a afterthought.
  3. you are worried about them quitting over rage for being PKed but they will quit anyway out of boredom. It's just a fact that the New Player experience is boring. Are you really denying this? They can't launch this game with a boring starter experience because it will kill the game.
  4. Well For one, the core of ArcheAge is the grind. You do grind to get to PvP but honestly ArcheAge is just a downgrade to Black Desert. Also I'm not saying there needs to be PvP to introduce the core experience of the game. Just make the PvE reflect the siege/throne Wars nature of it. Instead of just grinding mobs have player's storm camps to accomplish objectives. Teach the the processes of making and using siege. Have them defend objectives from NPCs. Try to mimic the endgame as much as possible so players can jump in, get a glimpse of what is to come, so they can decide if the game is for them or not.
  5. I think everyone that are hating on Peon isn't understanding it from a average player's perspective. GR is practically a 3hour+ tutorial that really covers none of the core gameplay of the game. You get comfortable with your class and possibly gather and craft a few things and that's it. That shouldn't take 3+ hours. And it's 3+ hours that most of us didn't enjoy, especially if you are just going to recommend a new player a guide to help rush though it. How can anyone say that a new player will enjoy this game? I doubt most players will give a game more than a hour to keep them interested. Is there anything to experience in your first hour of crowfall that makes you want to keep playing? Love this game but there are big issues that can't be put off till last minute. Otherwise I feel Crowfall will fall flat at the starting line.
  6. I would like to see other races with race specific classes though. Sorta add to the lore of the game and they can add abilities that's reflective of the race using it like burrow.
  7. Didn't they say on the last U&A that they were still talking about how much they would speed up the training but hadn't settled on by how much?
  8. Anyone know how far down the pipeline adding Mount Models into the game are? I get they wanted core systems up but they have started cutting stuff that won't make release. I'd hate to see them have to rush mounts for them to come out as some clunky/buggy mess.
  9. don't know about that. If you are decently geared maybe. (Like maybe blues if you are wearing leather. I honestly think the cap should be 100% and rate you gain it should be about double. I think this would put it around the power curve of the other stats.
  10. I also considered maybe final damage was easier to acquire like though gear but if I invested into my human archer with dex I would have been at the 400 attack power mark which is Final damage at its best already. I'm barely over 20% Final damage and I do have the human ability to get that up to 30% but with less investment, I could easily hit higher values of damage without a limitation of a time-limited damage buff.
  11. yes, tried plenty of builds trying to make this work but you are much better building into all attack power, critical damage, and critical chance. Let me put it like this. You get like a .05% increase to damage modifier per strength point while getting 1 point in attack power. By the time you hit max level, you have gained about 100 attack power or 5% damage mod. Even if you hit the 1000 cap on attack power the stat points you invested to mod is only giving you 50 more. I thought that adding criticals to the values would change this since %s scale better at higher numbers but the gap became greater. So that leaves other values like specific damage mods and pens that I haven't tested out yet but I think the specific damage mods scale almost as bad as the final damage mod. You will never hit a point where final damage outscales raw attack power or criticals.
  12. it's horrible, you will never pick to build this stat up over any other stat.
  13. I know on your last stream you talked about having certain stats that were dump stats depending on the class, Well this is one of them for every class. Like to compare it to attack power this stat won't get equal value to it until you are reaching about 2000 attack power and the cap is 1000. So at best this is an additive stat that you take for melee classes because you get both attack power and this from strength anyways.
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