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  1. silhaku

    Board and Board

    K, i'm sure we all know that talent is trash but I just realized the shieldmanship passive your get from the last talent already does what board and board does but with every shield attack. Like at least make it turn shield slam into a stun instead of a knockback or something.
  2. even in the eve trailer, its still sort of a lie because you are going to be playing so zoomed out you wont be seeing your ship XD
  3. In dregs maybe. They could easily fix this with allowing certain neutral zones to give the buff also. As I said in my post, the mobile banking idea itself i could do without. But the fact that it adds to the value of outpost and camps makes it worth it. If anything I think everyone should have the mobile banking ability but give it a long CD.
  4. Was wondering for stormcaller. Like for secondary states purposes. Haven't seen much of a difference when I tested it though and also I don't even believe it crits. Been testing it since I made this post and haven't seen any changes out of it besides the relation to health.
  5. Honestly I like the summon bank system because it does give more value to capturing poi's because you can only use the bank in a territory you own. Getting rid of banks all together would be nice imo also but I feel as though it would take away value from another system in game.
  6. honestly I don't think they are even planning to keep these chest in game. If I remember correctly they are just a placeholder for something else.
  7. Why not give people temporary stealth when they come though a Gate like in Eve? Otherwise New/solo players will get ganked the moment they enter a map.
  8. Anyone know if healing modifier effects this skill? Nature Grace is the skill that heals you for 2% of your max health for auto attack.
  9. honestly don't think they need to redo the system. Just buff some items/make new ones and nerf some of the crafting passive trees.
  10. but there are things like cutting grit and hunger crystals and heartwood. There are a lot of resources that get no bonuses from tools that they can incorporate with the crafting.
  11. small amounts out the base crafting stats. You get the majority of your stats out of the passive training tree and I feel as though it could be divided up more evenly by basing more of the stats in the gear.
  12. Skin, meat, blood but no bone. And all the other tools only have their base materials and one rare drop. Why not be able to make a knife for gathering bones, which you can only increase that chance in the passive training trees and not even by much. It doesn't even have potions to increase the chance. When it comes down to it, everyone just uses tin to make all the tools because tools isn't changed much by how you craft them.
  13. I know there is beneficial harvesting and critical chance and amount but i don't think there is anything that gives bones chance of the materials like bones and gems
  14. i mean like chest, gloves, head, and boots that give assembly success, experimental points, etc. Depending on the materials you use to craft it.
  15. Clothish gear that gives stats for crafting and possibly gathering. Basically the gear would allow you to craft decent gear without the need of passive training but to get the best gear you need both crafting gear and passive training for the max benefits.
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