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  1. Anyone know how far down the pipeline adding Mount Models into the game are? I get they wanted core systems up but they have started cutting stuff that won't make release. I'd hate to see them have to rush mounts for them to come out as some clunky/buggy mess.
  2. don't know about that. If you are decently geared maybe. (Like maybe blues if you are wearing leather. I honestly think the cap should be 100% and rate you gain it should be about double. I think this would put it around the power curve of the other stats.
  3. I also considered maybe final damage was easier to acquire like though gear but if I invested into my human archer with dex I would have been at the 400 attack power mark which is Final damage at its best already. I'm barely over 20% Final damage and I do have the human ability to get that up to 30% but with less investment, I could easily hit higher values of damage without a limitation of a time-limited damage buff.
  4. yes, tried plenty of builds trying to make this work but you are much better building into all attack power, critical damage, and critical chance. Let me put it like this. You get like a .05% increase to damage modifier per strength point while getting 1 point in attack power. By the time you hit max level, you have gained about 100 attack power or 5% damage mod. Even if you hit the 1000 cap on attack power the stat points you invested to mod is only giving you 50 more. I thought that adding criticals to the values would change this since %s scale better at higher numbers but the gap became greater. So that leaves other values like specific damage mods and pens that I haven't tested out yet but I think the specific damage mods scale almost as bad as the final damage mod. You will never hit a point where final damage outscales raw attack power or criticals.
  5. it's horrible, you will never pick to build this stat up over any other stat.
  6. I know on your last stream you talked about having certain stats that were dump stats depending on the class, Well this is one of them for every class. Like to compare it to attack power this stat won't get equal value to it until you are reaching about 2000 attack power and the cap is 1000. So at best this is an additive stat that you take for melee classes because you get both attack power and this from strength anyways.
  7. *new question* is there any classes/promotions excelling in situations other than what you intended them to excel at and are you planning to reduce their effectiveness in those situations or leave them as is?
  8. I was trying to think of ways to make Ranged damage sources more viable in the current state of the game because as of now the focus is definitely on tanky melee classes being supported by healers. So as I was thinking of ways to reduce the power gap between melee and ranged I began to question if it would even change the game for the better. While a game's meta is usually seen as a negative thing because it validates some playstyles while stepping on others every game will always have a meta. There isn't a game without one. So developing a game so that it falls into a fun meta for the players to play in is actually a very important decision the devs have to think wisely about. Whether they thought this far into it or not, making the game more emphasize tanky and sustainable playstyles is actually the best direction they could take in this type of game IMO. In a game where large, unevenly numbered groups fight one another, a larger group in a damage based meta will always win. But since melee has enough time to back out to safety and healers can pocket heal people to full health with a group or 2 of enemies on top of them, it gives smaller groups some time to outplay bigger ones. This still leaves squishy damage dealers in a bad place in the grand scheme of the game but it's a preferable evil IMO. This can be fixed though, maybe if more utility were added onto damage based classes they could find a place. But buffing the damage numbers or nerfing tanky play will lead to an unpleasant meta for this type of game to support.
  9. So as a community I'm sure everyone agrees that leather armor is subpar and a waste of mats which makes any spec that only wears leather subpar. So why does it even take more materials to make leather than its better counter parts? I actually think some of these light classes can be pretty good but I have a hard time getting gear made because as i said before, most people think it's a waste of time and mats to make. Im actually constantly being told to reroll to a spec that doesn't use leather but what's the point of testing the game if i can't find out why some classes excel while others are gimp. So I'm thinking maybe the resources needed to make this gear needs to but cut down..... By like half. If leather armor cost less mats this alone would gave more validation to run a light class because the cost to gear them up would be less. At least for the testing i feel as though this needs to be done so some actually balancing suggestions can be made outside of people just stating dps numbers and we can get more people trying it out in actual combat. Thought i was placing this in the suggestion page. Do this on my phone, at work.... Soooo if anyone can move this for me i give many thanks.
  10. They did mention they were "soft" launching and that tends to mean launching with key features missing. Fully functional hopefully but almost guaranteed to have missing features.
  11. i actually think this should change per campaign. Short campaigns have faster durability depletion compared to the longer ones. But I do feel that armor does break a bit too fast even for a short campaign like this. Give me at least 3 days and that if I'm being reckless and dying a lot.
  12. I actually agree with a lot of what you stated. I hardly ever use my Fire for Effect buff and it is hard to get any value in a disorganized battle. But I think you misunderstood some of my statement. The melee ball should always be within AoE range but the enemy back like is usually 15-30m behind that. So while you still remain 30-35 meters close to the enemy front line your increased range lets you hit their back line also. It was really useful when taking out low targets trying to retreat back to there healers. You need to be at a off angle to see around the melee to their backlines but you remain safe from their ranged damage while avoiding their melee. And I said use defensive talents, like the increase armor one. I still run sharp shooter for the AoE root and haven't really figured out what I want to do with the other one, maybe escape artist. And the damage debuff seems to be a very noticeable drop in damage. I mean I use to drop faster using mail as a warden then I do now, as long as I keep using barrage and suppression to buy me more time to escape. So if I'm feeling the noticeable damage drop when their like 5-8 melee on top of me while wearing leather, I'm sure it helps my front line last longer in the fight. Do I think archery might need some buffs? Yeah, a bit. I think some bug fixes would go a long way though. And it does seem to fit my style pretty well and I usually don't like ranged classes like that. Think it would be better than turning it into another raw DPS class and brings more utility for the ranger.
  13. loving the archer so far, its more of a support class though. During big fights your main tools are the damage debuff from Barrage and the suppression from suppression shot. These really hinder the enemy melee train. Also since bow attacks don't require energy you don't have to invest any talents to those allowing you to invest more into the defensive ones. All while using the increase max range talent to allow you to poke at the enemy back line from a perfectly safe distance. Add the fact that movement cc doesn't effect you while you are in your archer stake and using your explosive traps to peel for you and you become very hard to dive. For damage Brigand will always outshine a archer but I feel archery does have it's niche it fills pretty well. Call Fire does seem to bug out sometimes though and rapid fire doesn't sometimes do the animation and go on cd but does no damage and these are important skills for this kit. So I hope they fix them soon.
  14. Keeping this one short and sweet. Either increase the amount of arrows a ranger can have equipped or allow arrows to be placed inside the hotbar to allow rangers to equip more arrows while in combat.
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