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  1. Keeping this one short and sweet. Either increase the amount of arrows a ranger can have equipped or allow arrows to be placed inside the hotbar to allow rangers to equip more arrows while in combat.
  2. Was worried about the forts having siege timers, still sorta am but I'm staying optimistic, but another idea came into mind that could also result in funneling players to fight and its a system that has been used in another game so it's proven to work. Planetside 2 uses its lattice system to control where the players could and could not attack. So basically you have to have a territory the connects to the territory you want to take in order to siege it. So instead on zoning into map and going straight for the forts, you have to capture the outpost along the way. This could not only allow players the freedom to attack any place they wanted to, this would give defenders enough time to protect key locations.
  3. k that kinda makes more sense but not being able to go after the keep you want when you want to still feels like a step backwards. Like what if you want to gather resource around a enemy fort? Taking it for a safe place for your gatherers hide and store their resources would have been a awesome tactic. Now you have to hope the timer comes up during your play hours. But I can deal with the system as long as they can always be something to siege, I thinks, guess I'll see.
  4. Straight up, I don't like it. I see why you want to do it but... yeah bad move in my opinion. I liked the ideal of prepping up for the big siege and having the forts to capture between those times. Sure you don't always get good fights and no one shows up but if enemy players wanted to contest they could watch the map for enemy movements since outpost become contested the moment enemies are near them them. There are things to add to this that could improve the current system like actual indicators for the boarders of the territory and maybe a indicator that give the approximate amount on enemies in that location. These would make outpost even more valuable because they could be used as a scouting tool. But I'm assuming its too late to revert this decision you made so I will try to ask for something else. Can we get a new type of territory to capture that's between outpost and forts like giving towers walls or something that siege can be used against and takes multiple groups or at least a full well coordinated group to take down. Of course I think outpost and these new, towers I guess ill call them for now, could be used as scouting tools and for point generation to fight for while in off siege hours. Probably should have put this in Suggestions but, hey, I still want to know what others think about this new Siege Window thing.
  5. I pretty sure the Disciplines dropping from mobs are place holder. Even the backers are saying they will be something made by rune crafters
  6. I actually think it should be more like 1/3 of the exp required to level. 10 Should be the max level for them just like the mobs. Just increase the skillpoints gained per level and the hp to match where level 30s sit at now.
  7. Not sure how all bleeds work in the game yet but from what I've seen from this skill you can only stack up to 3 and after that any more bleeds are null. I would at least like to see the bleed with the shortest duration on it replaced by the freshly applied bleed.
  8. I mostly agree with all of this but I just want to state that moving class progression to the vessel from the passive training was definitely a improvement. The issue now if the level grind they have now that have little reason to be in the game. And the fact that you have to do it with each new vessel you make. It does add value to protecting and assaulting grinding areas but is adds more frustration for the little depth that it adds. So I hope they improve on this system some more and figure out a way to remove this leveling process. Hell for now I'd even say keep everything the same and just start the vessels at level 30.
  9. Fix the bug where I don't see my damage numbers. It throws me off and makes me question if i'm dealing damage or not.
  10. honestly they just need to make the higher tier resources a lot more scarce. Extend the re spawn time and make them drop less resources over all. That way you can rush high quality gear but if you aren't the only one there will always be conflict for these nodes sense you can only get so much out of it. Might be a wiser choice to go for lower tier items that better you chances of even getting gear. This will also make gathering enough resources faster for those looking for lower tier gear. Sorta would hate to see the only persistent element of the game constantly reset and I don't think the passive training is the core of the issue. Its the viability of lower gear. Why get it if you know you can just farm higher tier stuff from the start? Make Higher tier items less of a guarantee and more of a "do I risk it?" question players have to ask themselves.
  11. So as the title suggest I actually agree with the decision to make disciplines harder to get. I know a lot of people are threatening to quit the game because of it but here's my thoughts on it. Right now resources in the game are pretty plentiful, to the point where contesting the resources of another faction isn't really worth it because there's enough for everyone. But the contesting of resources was suppose to be a key conflict of the game. Honestly even when the game goes live and there's a bunch of players roaming around it still won't be too big of a issue because most of the map a barren even with the campaign at its highest pop. On top of this the only thing really worth camping from the other faction is gold mainly due to this discipline change. So i'm about to look at this as objectively as possible. Her are the cons to the change. *Much harder to get your ideal build *Ancients and camps aren't solo friendly (need friends to help you farm) *Drop rates are crap Now here are the pros *Adds more key farm locations for factions to fight over *Encourages more group play *Brings up the value of the non meta Disciplines The pros have as much a impact because of the low population but when it goes up that will improve drastically what most of the cons will diminish. All but the drop rate one which I agree that this needs to be improved. I mean if it takes 4 or 5 people to take these things down then you should get 4 to 5 Disciplines. Hell and that's with mostly maxed levels. Ideally you want to be farming Disciplines as you unlock them for you vessel so it might take even more people. But that's arguable because most people farming them would probably be maxed level already farming them for a new vessel. Only other negative I see of this is the fact that the plan is to eventually make Disciplines permanent on vessels without a option to destroy them later on. If this is true then this will completely do the opposite to the value of non meta Disciplines and will definitely cause a lot more harm then good. Anyway if anyone agree, disagree, have their own opinions, etc. don't be afraid to post them here.
  12. The issue with that whole thing isn't that they're won't be any customization but how it is implemented. The most game defining aspects are stuck to gear that can and most likely will be lost while you retain the power scaling parts that only can be gained with more time. Why make it where you lose your customization but retain your stat advantages? Who wants a system like that?
  13. This was the post that made me lose hope in this game. If they actually change their minds on this it would be a god send.
  14. You are wrong on so many levels. It doesn't have to be RNG based but the standard for crafting in MMOs have been get the mats and make the gear with getting the mats being the majority of the labor. In CF crafting and gathering is suppose to be two different gameplay experiences of there own. Where's the gameplay at when there is no way to lose? For crafting to have some sort of depth it needs a system with definitive wins and losses. There are so many people against the mini-game aspect that actively crafting things seem to be out of the question. I guess they can take more of a realistic take and have you bang away at a hot piece of steel until its just right but something tells me that will be tossed into the mini-game pile also. So how do you lose as a crafter? What are you actively doing to make sure your projects come out right? Right now nothing, the simplest way to do this is to base it off of RNG. And also, skilled craftsmen even messes up from time to time. So you may have the skills but that still doesn't guarantee a 100% chance at success. Otherwise we wouldn't be haven't bugs in games like this would we?
  15. This is likely to change. Also it's seems reasonable. You are a novice crafter, you should fail at almost everything you make. But you think that means everyone will be walking around naked for a week. Na, the real crafter will put up with the challenge to get gear for themselves, friends and guild mates. Tbh the higher tier gear when fully leveled should be as hard to make as basic gear is underleveled or somewhere close to it. For a aspect of a game to be fun there must be some kind of conflict. Where's the fun when you know you have a 100% chance to get what you want?
  16. mofo, stop trolling and read. I don't care if you have multiple accounts. I don't care if more than half the playerbase has them. Does it break the economy? Does it give unfair advantage (as you just described no), and does it place stress on any of the other game system? If its all no, then i'm saying there isn't a issue. But when one of this issues do occur, then steps must be taken to fix it.
  17. But would I work? Yeah it takes time and effort but would it work and increase the performance of the game? Programmers have to make their money some way right? It doesn't need to be implemented yet. But if you walk into a keep and start lagging when you have alts just chilling all around, it would be a option. I'm not making solutions, and as of right now I don't see a problem. That doesn't mean there won't be any. Looking at other games you can see what kind of problems may occur. But most of those problems steam from the fact that the system could be abused by multiple accounts to the point where playing without one was leaving you in a gimped state or the intended features within the game were destroyed because of them. So yeah, players having multiple account may not be that big of a problem here but at the same time they have destroyed other games so the matter shouldn't be taken lightly.
  18. I feel the same way. As long as it doesn't break the game in any way I'm fine with giving people more options. But if people start to become a jack of all trades way too soon then you will a(break the economy, b(make the game impossible for anyone not using a alt account to compete, or c(Hinder the games performance because there are so many people dual boxing and playing multiple accounts at once. These are the real issues with multi-accounts. I'm just trying to state if you want to suggest a improvement to the current system to take these things in mind and question would your solution actually make things better or worse.
  19. You are assuming the 3 archetype training queue will be the only VIP incentive. And they don't have to miss out on the other aspects of the game. If a person really wants to experience all 3 then he shouldn't focus on only one. Divide your training up a little. People shouldn't be so afraid of falling behind because the gains shouldn't be that big. If they are, then the skill tree is a flawed design, not the VIP.
  20. So this topic has been covering the forum for a while now and has been moving in circles the entire time. I just want to summarize what I've read and place my thoughts on the matter here. Please bring up anything I might have missed. People are concerned that people will buy multiple accounts to gain a advantage over other players. A valid concern because Crowfall will have a passive training system. Multi-accounts will always be a thing in games like this. Any game where time bars your progression multiple accounts will be a thing. Looking at all the cash grab games in the mobile market and you can see how they have adverse effects on those games. So passive training isn't really a desired progression to have. But it does have its positives also. It's a effective way to pull a game away from progress and bring the focus more to the gameplay itself. I have suggestions to limit these adverse effects but I'll state some suggestions already made that I don't agree with. The first being letting players pay for VIP to train multiple general skills. Seems like a good idea, it would make the VIP method more appealing and a decent alternative than buying multiple accounts. But does it really limit the adversity multiple accounts cause? No, it just gives more options to reach that same result. So I'm against this because it just turns VIP into a p2w mechanic. The next option was to add a active training on top of the passive one. This one I only part way disagree with it. As I stated before, one of the main positives of the passive training system is to take the focus away from the progression of your character and place it upon the progression you make in the game world as a whole. So adding a active training system completely negates the positive to just lessen the negative impacts. But it could be done right, maybe a proficiency system that degrades overtime for not actively doing something. It would need to degrade to reduce the value of grinding and the gains from this system would need to be small. Effectively balanced it would make active accounts better than alt accounts, only by a little though. So it wouldn't have much of a impact to begin with. So the time and effort would probably be wasted. In the end, people will have multiple accounts. Trying to find ways to stop/limit people from buying multiple accounts is unrealistic. The most we can do is try to suggest ways that limit the damage multiple accounts will have on the game. Like limiting how much you gain from the skill tree or base how much passive training you get based off of how much time played. Like if you play 2 hours you get like 20 hours of passive training or something like that. Hopefully this topic will start to progress somewhere instead on going in circles like it has been.
  21. But you have to play all 9 counts. You have to go gather with one character, find a way to trade the items to a new character, craft on the other character (maybe multiple), then transfer the finish product to your main. That's a lot of logging time you are wasting here. Compared to being able to do all 3 on one character.
  22. And that's what you remain blind to. You aren't taking in how big of a advantage it is to be able to do all 3. In a game that wants people to be interdependent. You are essentially letting people buy their way out of it.
  23. Because people want to be self-sufficient. When people have the money to spend on it they will do so. With your system it makes it easier to obtain that. Paying 3 subs for 3 accounts and managing them sounds a lot easier than buying 9 accounts and managing all of them.
  24. I would like them too. I am worried about the results if the game releases with a passive training system that gives vet players a flat increase in power instead of the horizontal progression that the devs claimed this game would have during kick starter. There was so much potential here and I'm afraid it's going to be wasted. But in the end, it might actually work out. So now I'm just hoping all the other systems either makes up for the skill tree or that something unforeseen occurs with the skill tree that I'm not seeing.
  25. I'm trying to make the point that people will buy multiple accounts no matter what way you look at it. There are people playing eve that have half a dozen active accounts right now. That's 2 games a month. So believe me when I say, there is no fighting it. Adding 3 general skill training for VIP will only make things worse.
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