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  1. They should adjust the balance knobs by giving High Elves a higher proc % on the free dodge.
  2. That's what makes me bummed about hearing they're scrapping dynamic city building placement AND location placement. 🤬
  3. Don't say anything about it then, right? You could've just blocked/"ignored" (what you got upset about and accused me of doing to you) me and said nothing. You obviously did have something to say, and did give it your time in posting passive aggressive nonsense. Don't prance around like a nancy passive aggressively addressing me while pretending I'm not still "in the room." Passive aggression is for $@*!&#. You're better than that, right?
  4. This is what they should've showed to show what playing EVE really looks like.
  5. The best part in The is REALLY EvE video is when he sounds like he screams Allaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh at the very end.
  6. Wait, what???? Edit: Oh, and for the record I thought I'd point out that you ignored all my points and just wrote what you felt like writing without addressing them. The same thing you were accusing others of doing... Edit #2: It's obvious after your latest responses that you're only here to be "right" and anyone offering opposing viewpoints is "ignoring you" or "just wants easy-wins and no challenge." The most thrilling part about fighting a larger force is that when you win, you earned it. It wasn't a game mechanic helping you. 100 v 100 is definitely more fun--for bot
  7. SB did a lot of good things when it came to UI. Fully customizable placement (including toggling things on/off entirely) as well as a slider for transparency and toggle for "click-through".
  8. If we're bringing up annoying screen motions, I think the screen jerk when switching between melee and ranged trays is annoying.
  9. Yianni, what video card are you using? I've never seen that many fps (approaching 80) in this game in my life...
  10. It wouldn't matter what I said to you. Anything said to you in this thread you ignore while saying they ignored you (even if they didn't). If you weren't daft, though, you'd see that I did make a point (albeit sarcastically): Don't cater the game to the lowest common denominator. ACE has made no secrets from the get-go about this game being "hardcore" in the sense that it wasn't going to hand-hold and give freebies to guilds that weren't capable of taking things/wins for themselves. The game marketed and made a huge deal about bring politics into the mix. If your guild is too small o
  11. This is the problem with our society these days in a broader sense. "What about X person that is not as good/not as smart/not as capable?! Let's just cater everything to them--the lowest common denominator!" Blah.
  12. They should at least reduce the cooldown on Redirect Pain to 24 seconds to match the cooldown on Whirling Pain and see how that feels. It would still be nowhere near the awesomeness of Whirling Pain considering it is almost half the barrier and also consumes 5 pips.
  13. This issue is not limited to 4/17 but I've noticed it repeatedly since 5.110 released: The UI seems to have trouble updating and/or remembering values for HP. Abilities that affect max hp, for instance, will not update the numbers showing on the UI HP bars. If I change out pieces of gear that affect HP, the UI HP bar won't update. I've noticed the same issue with barriers sometimes. Barriers will trigger but nothing changes on the UI HP bars. I'm not sure if it's that the barrier works intermittently or if it's the UI "refresh" that's broken.
  14. I agree with the GCD seeming off. An ability will feel to me like it's been executed and that I should be able to trigger another ability, but then the second ability won't go off. It just feels like I'm constantly having to spam each ability in succession until I see it activating on my screen and then start spamming the next ability I'm wanting to trigger next. If I tried to just activate abilities based purely on visual and audio queues they would rarely work correctly.
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