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  1. WTF is "Game of Thrones - A Throne War"? It's referenced twice. Typo for A Game of Thrones (from A Song of Ice and Fire)?
  2. I remember one time an Aracoix Thief in SB flew over our city walls and stole my Xbow from my Nightstalker's inventory when I was trying to cast Holy proc on it. It was the best Xbow/exact stats I wanted; rolling gear on our vendor for days to obtain it. That was custarded up. Then I arranged to buy it back. He got to feel like a bad ass, but I had tons of gold, and would rather pay him for being a bad ass thief than try to RNG that damn Xbow again. 😎
  3. If it does wind up being a failure in your eyes, I do not think it is a swindle. I think they believe in the project, even if it ultimately fails.
  4. I hope that when they do the Stealth revamp and add Tracking that they revisit stealthing related disciplines in general. They could have a thieving discipline to let players steal inventory items from others while trying to remain undetected. They could have a magic user themed discipline that turned the caster invisible. I think if detecting stealth/invis is available on a minor, the minor version of that ability should have reduced range and duration. I think it should require a major discipline slot to access the best anti stealth/invis ability, and be geared toward a "Scout" type of role, perhaps an increase in your movement speed as a passive, etc.
  5. I want to know this as well. And would anything that affects healing also affect lifesteal (e.g., a heal-block type ability)?
  6. Stealth revamp and adding Tracking is on the mid-range road map goals I think. I hope see-invisible abilities are on a couple major disciplines only. If not, having detecting stealth on a minor should be less effective, like less range. Also, once stealth is revamped, that'd be cool if they had a major discipline for a caster-type discipline that had an invisibility ability. And this would be a good time to put in a Thieving discipline that let players steal inventory items from others.
  7. Hit response/feedback is overall in a bad spot imo. Needs audio improvements to make it sound like things are impacting when they are supposed to be (i.e., when abilities land). There's also a general delay to the way combat feels. It feels like I'm selecting abilities to queue up and everything is happening half a second or more after it should feel like it is. This happens even with a low ping, so it does not appear to be just a laggy server. The response from when you hit the buttons to when things are happening on screen feels off and there is a lack of audio effects that convey impactful and responsive combat noises. Edit: I also remember they used to require more twitch/aiming to land things. Now, it seems everything is 180° or less of an aiming cone that will guaranteed hit whatever you last pointed at if they're still within the cone. I think they made it waaaaay easier to start landing hits. I'm guessing it's because the lag/latency/combat jankiness was so bad that people were unable to land anything, so they had to make it feel like you could land things to prevent just logging out in frustration. It's like a ploy they used to make you think you're landing abilities skillfully to avoid people quitting due to bad performance lol.
  8. Yep. Crafters will need to rely on getting many resources from pvpers running caravans and capturing forts. And those pvpers must rely on crafters for their gear.
  9. Yes, I agree they need to go the cosmetics route. Doesn't impact game play at all, but people will pay for the bling. Effects on blades and armor pieces etc. would make them money. I'm just not sure whether they have the manpower to dedicate to improving everything that needs improving on top of cranking out skins for armor/weapons/mounts.
  10. Free respecs through level 29. Respecs should be free for learning your character/class abilities and how they work, but require the gold/VIP if you're just tweaking or re-speccing to counter another guild, etc. Also, I'd say if you insta-boost to level 25, you don't get free respecs. If you want to boost to insta-25 you should already know wtf you're doing. Otherwise, take your monkey ass through the tutorial and enjoy the free respecs as you learn the class.
  11. I haven't had this good a laugh at an internet thread in a while. This game is already my favorite, here why.
  12. The NPE does cover this, toward the end. I think it's at around level 27/28.
  13. I'm not the most knowledgeable, but I believe it eventually builds up cc immunity for a short time. When your character is highlighted in that light blue/white aura, you are cc immune. I do not know how to see how close you are to hitting the immunity, however (if there is a way).
  14. I was hoping they would offer unique armor/weapon/mount skins with custom special effects, etc., and emotes for cash. No impact on game play, but many games have already shown that players will drop loads of cash on cosmetic stuff. I'm guessing right now the manpower they have is being used on trying to implement features from their roadmap, however, and we may have to wait a bit before item shop stuff is worked on.
  15. It was only down briefly. Been up for hours now.
  16. If they're yoloing that's hilarious. I can't wait. See you suckers bright and early!
  17. Based on what I've seen of development in other games, we'll be lucky to get the short-term goals implemented in 2021.
  18. Aren't handshake sieges even higher on their roadmap priority than free building?
  19. I like how making 1 post is "rare" lol.
  20. Yeah, very happy to see that. I should've been more clear. When I came back after the hiatus it was scrapped and there was no word yet that they intended to work toward it (or at least, if that was always the intention, I didn't see it yet and wasn't told about it yet). I'm pretty pleased by their roadmap, overall. I just hope the game has enough staying power for them to implement all that stuff.
  21. I think the free beta just closed today. You're a bit late, unfortunately. I believe at the moment only purchasers have access. I suggest searching 'Crowfall' on YouTube and sorting out the ones posted within the last month. Lots of people have been posting up initial impressions videos lately. Wouldn't hurt to also search for 'Crowfall siege' to check out some high level gameplay as well.
  22. Is there a tutorial for this somewhere on the boards? I never heard about this, but that sounds like a pretty good fps bump.
  23. I've noticed a trend where players that have played CF a poorly made dergs ton and rather continuously are more dissatisfied than the players that haven't played much or played a long time ago. I remember playing a long time ago coming back to 6.5 after something like 1 to 2 years hiatus and I thought it was a marked improvement. That said, I also came back to hearing that free-building was scrapped, EKs weren't that great, and the cool destruction physics were gone. So definitely pluses and minuses.
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