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  1. After reading all the recent articles about the Gods, I find them to be incredibly interesting. I was thinking that one thing that could fit later on as content after release would be to create instanced raids that you can travel to in addition to the campaign worlds and fight a constant fight again each of the Gods. Maybe people would rally to try to figure out how to take one of them down. It seems like a waste to not work in all of the cool mechanics that could be added based on the information we have about how Khronos can get into your head or that Maeve can't be defeated by any of the others in single combat. I wonder what kind of build you would need to be able to tank against that! Anyway, I was curious to get some opinions from others on the officials on what you think about this idea. I think it would add some much needed end game PvE content, which looking over this game, it seems to be lacking.
  2. I hope they become happy, too. Personally, my life isn't interesting enough without little pick me ups here and there. Unfortunately, I don't feel comfortable telling other people how they should feel in their hearts.
  3. I plan to host tea parties in the Serrated EK, the good news is that RQ members have all been cordially invited due to their awesome above win from Thread topic. Please be informed that Raging and Quitting both break tea party etiquette. Thank you for your consideration.
  4. Will the gopher gang be joining me for carebear tea parties in my EK?
  5. Dude , sup ? your avatar from a glance looks like inuyasha xD

    1. FelledFlames


      My avatar is Inuyasha haha

  6. Welcome to the Crowfall Forums! I also hope that this will be the game to re-define the MMO genre (having played tons of WoW myself). I think that the lack of an NDA is super cool. It really shows the level of transparency that ACE is trying to keep with us. Hope to see you around the forums and in-game. Welcome again.
  7. Newest member dropping in to say hey to any of those interested. Members potential and current feel free to drop me a PM for a chat. Felled
  8. Greetings and welcome to the forums! I never played UO, probably because I'm younger and at the time was in grade school busy with Runescape (lol). But if it's that kind of PvP you're looking for, my best suggestion is a game called Tibia, if you want to look it up. I used to play it for a little while and there were many times that I was killed by people thirty levels above me. In an exciting, I am always in danger, sort of way. The PvP is, I believe, any time minus a few of the safe zones. My gripe with the game was that it gets very grindy to level your character. I'll let you do your own research, if you're interested. It's the only lead I really have towards such a thing though as we await Crowfall, so I figured I would offer it up! I am also very excited for the world, because it seems like they are building an interesting world that we will actually be able to adventure in. Here's hoping, Felled
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