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  1. You mean except for their ult which has near constant uptime while melee attacking and provides a large barrier and lifesteal? I feel like you don't have nearly as much game knowledge as you think you do based on your confident tone, to be making proclamations.
  2. "If you add to Constitution, you get more health, nothing more. This does not affect defense capacity in any way, only maximum health, which most Rangers have little demand for (maybe a Warden)." Constitution impacts Barrier bonus, also Blocking IIRC.
  3. If you are going to demand people answer your threads in the manner in which you prefer, you should seriously consider just uninstalling your internet.
  4. If guards had War Tribe type of AI they would be more useful.
  5. I think the moral of the story here is that Staff just runs his mouth a lot and turns otherwise civil conversations into political mudslinger shtshows. He's basically just ChildOfTark.
  6. As far as the callouts, I mean, I take on duels fairly often, but I'll be honest this game is poorly made socks for it. There is zero class balancing on a 1v1 basis, with some classes being horribly countered by others, and most classes completely unable to deal with stealth capable types, etc. etc. I use duels as a way to get content and learn, but if people want to use it as a way to grow epeen, well - lol - I can't think of a worse game for it to feel legit - nothing is standardized or balanced. You could go into a duel with somebody and lose 95% of the time because they spend 10 hours a day hitting rocks and have purple gear while you have green. What does that even demonstrate? Hitboxes and abilities are so forgiving you can't really not hit people, it mostly comes down to who better countered the other guy before the fight even started.
  7. You're like, the one honorable and reasonable person in a sea of bullpoorly made socksters and scoundrels. From here on forth, I'm going to call you Lady Brienne.
  8. Who would be fcking afraid of something in a game? It's about wasting my time, ie. gear durability and time spent going back to corpse. I can kill more people per hour if I don't purposefully run into longshot fights for giggles. Me and Balf have won 2v6 and poorly made socks sure, but at that point winning those fights is more about how completely inept your enemies are rather than your personal skill. The skill cap in this game is not that high, let's all be honest with ourselves. 80% of winning Crowfall right now is the willingness to grind logistics and to make smart macro decisions during the course of the campaign.
  9. Morning crew with Balf and Eth and me were having fun ganking order people the other day till we jumped down into the gorge and saw that everybody in zone had grouped up there. It went bad pretty quick, but whatevs got a couple before we got deleted. The way I see it, just about every fight is an opportunity to learn something. So as long as my group has a healer, even if the fight is 3 vs 10, we'll see what we can do. Like, if it is 2 of us and 10 people, and no healer between us, there is really no point.
  10. Hence why I used alt accounts on enemy factions to spy with "/who". Don't feel like wasting my time roaming around empty zones, so I would pop in to see if there was somebody to fight. So no, Ginko (per his earlier post), me personally I am not ashamed at using cross-faction spying. For a game designed around PvP it is sometimes damn hard to get PvP. I'm hoping siege windows for forts changes this.
  11. The neckbearding is legit though, I log in in the morning for a 6 hour session, and I scout my main keep and I have to deal with people already deleted all of the iron nodes, and I log onto my other accounts set up in order and chaos areas and I find empty keeps with no guards and R10 hunger shards everywhere. I wish winning CF was more about mechanical skill and tactics right now, but simply putting in PvE work regardless of numbers has a pretty outsized effect on points.
  12. Because sometimes it's just one guy farming poorly made socks outside your keep and the beacons are lit but nobody else wants to go deal with it. Also, 8am EST to 3pm EST is fcking quiet right now.
  13. Well, we can't exactly tell other guilds who choose to join Balance to sod off, and we also can't tell people in our own guilds to log off after we determine if order/chaos actually want to play this evening. The fact is, order has more people at their disposal on a long term basis, that you choose to not name here in your "list". I mean, off the top of my head, did Scarlett or Zombie take a night off? I think more interesting questions are: Why don't these other guilds want to play with you? Why does the (to my knowledge) large player community groups and guilds in the death alliance choose not to play?
  14. So you guys took the time and effort to count of people from multiple (currently) Balance guilds, and list the guilds by name, and yet in this list above of order people I see some glaringly obvious omissions of people that always play Order and are well known in the CF community. Like, this sht is just comical at this point. And apparently everybody is just ignoring that several guilds seem to shift faction every campaign it seems. To be clear, the order "list" 25 by my count. 1 acex 2 andius 3 blazzen 4  cbsbigwilly 5 chroma 6 crushedvelvet 7 elbon 8 enoxi 9 gog 10 gopher 11 imageyou 12 jehct 13 nerion 14 neuby 15 puffs 16 rhea 17 seastodd 18 shadehunter47 19 snoww 20 tazerak 21 thalenax 22 valyn 23 wolffang2 24 wooly 25 yianni
  15. Sure, things change through testing and dev, not doubt, but core foundational pillars of the game should not be expected to change.
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