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  1. It's da bomb... Archdruid bomb compilation

    Hey take it easy!
  2. leather armor cost

    That alpha cow is not fat, he is just big-boned.
  3. Leather armor takes more materials to craft than other armor types, and accumulating those mats takes longer than other harvesting types. Considering how bad leather armor is, surely this must be a mistake in a spreadsheet somewhere....
  4. leather armor cost

    Yeah I know, just saying, there is some.
  5. You have to hold down the button while firing Rapid Fire.
  6. leather armor cost

    You get dust from looting the corpses of the mobs you skin for leather. But still, skinning takes longer to produce materials then other professions, and leather uses more of it than other types of armor, and leather armor sucks. Based on how bad leather armor is, the cost to make it should be lower, not higher, than mail or plate.
  7. Won't help singleton players or noobs, they will still get rolled by the organized guilds and murdered mercilessly. Except, with a wipe, it will be obvious that it is their fault for getting wrecked and their ego will no longer get a chance to blame it on some external factor like showing up late.
  8. Crafting Harvesting tools

    Is it true that the passive skill training for harvesting that improves damage on nodes when using rune tools is only added on when you have a blue "spirit" run tool equipped?
  9. Fastest characters in the game

    I would say if you don't have a mount, either don't bother playing or don't do anything else (but farming ember shards and leather) till you get the epic mount.
  10. That is equivalent to a 1-stack minor poison DoT. I don't play confessor, but in your opinion how much damage should be delivered by a DoT that (from what I can tell) takes no skill to apply?
  11. There literally is a reason, that is because melee classes tended to die more and take damage more often than backline characters, thus making it inherently more expensive to play melee front-line classes. We had a situation where people were going into fights without armor because their armor would break during large-protracted engagements. They normalized this by making combat-tray activity a durability hit and simultaneously lowering the on-death hit to durability, and additionally making tow-trucking your corpse very expensive.
  12. Armor, weapons , durability =bad 👎

    Meaningful choices and outcomes. If you want something more simplistic, I'd recommend Black Desert Online. Trying to play this game solo though is definitely hard, and a chore. With a group it's really not that bad, unless your group is bad.
  13. Realistically, though, the whole wiping thing to protect the new players from quitting does not accomplish that at all. Veteran players naturally form up into organized guilds, and those guilds accumulate gear and train their vessels at a right much faster than new solo players. This whole preoccupation with wiping is supposedly to keep new players from getting trashed, but it will do nothing of the sort, and further, it will exacerbate their feelings of inadequacy because they might perceive they were trashed while on even footing. At least if they got trashed by veteran players with good vessels they can save their ego by blaming it on that. You would probably do more to keep noobs from quitting by banning the assassin class or some specific Twitch streamers. I joke, but am half serious.
  14. I largely ignored Ranger during it's heyday, an am now trying to get into it. Definitely seems like an uphill fight sometimes. So, you're not the only one playing it in 5.8 What are your thoughts about the Brigand Ranger bombs intentionally taking the stealthed Ranger out of stealth? I find it to be counter intuitive, especially since Agent prov stink bomb does not take you out of stealth when it hits a target.
  15. Hey man, that's awesome. Ash, here, from Day 1 in WWII online, did a stint in HC too for Allies. God, some of those campaigns were rough.