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  1. Tried out a Rockmonster dwarf as champion. The timing of the dmg numbers with the left-mouse attack animation is not synced up properly.
  2. Stuttering problem

    I'm n n not sure wh wh what you're t t talking about. Game plays f f fine for m m m m m meh.
  3. Chat Updates - Official Discussion Thread

    I was wanting more from your post also, mainly for it to not be so emo. But hey, I guess that is just life, eh?
  4. ACE Q&A for July - Official Discussion Thread

    Not necessarily. A knight has a sword and shield, whereas a Champion has only a great axe, but the great axe requires twice as much resources to craft than a sword. There is some degree of balance there.
  5. Thinking About Purchasing, Convince me.

    This is not about enjoying content right now as much as it is helping to test game systems and an incomplete game. Fun may be had sporadically, but if you need us to convince you to back the game, do yourself a favor and don't.
  6. So, apparently NPC vendors will be added to campaigns to allow players to buy some basic items as well as white-level (common) resources. The idea here is to make it so people don't get stuck in a loop where they have only basic gear and cannot survive long enough to get white resources to make white gear. I agree with the premise, but am confused and a bit surprised by ACE's solution. It seems to me ACE does not want to include an auction house or community market place in campaigns, and they have apparently determined that going to EK's and/or using imports to get resources into campaign without harvesting yourself is too challenging, so they are undercutting player-driven market activity by replacing it with NPCs. 1. If they allows an auction or market center place in campaigns for all players to post resources for sell *in-campaign* only, players could still be part of the loop. 2. If they made it easier or less of a chore to work with player EK's, maybe more folks would go to EK's to get resources. 3. Scale the import cost of items based on their rarity level, so perhaps importing common resources or gear costs less, while importing epic level resources or gear costs 5x the baseline or something to that effect. It is a shame the preexisting conditions and restrictions seem to preclude a player-driven solution to this gameplay problem, since it now cuts out entry-level players from participating in a segment of potential market activity by making poor and white level resources basically worthless to harvest or sell.
  7. What direction is the game going?

    Well, heh - I've never played Guild Wars, that's pretty crazy. Either way, the one game I don't see Crowfall compared to much is Rust, and I think it is going to end up more like Rust than any MMORPG. People who have put in several hundred hours in Rust will get the end-game concept of CF instantly, meanwhile people coming from games like WoW are so confused.
  8. What direction is the game going?

    I'm really hoping ACE will put effort into that. But, from my point of view (my opinion specifically) I think that has already been accomplished compared to other MMO's by taking away the requirement to do quests and PvE hogwash. It has been replaced by having to harvest resources (arguably PvE hogwash) but this is an activity which in all cases can be a PvP activity instead.
  9. What direction is the game going?

    "People payed $39-150 to play bless and dumped it after only an hour, trust me when I say they'll leave if they don't like it." Bullsht No I don't trust you, because you are making sht up, claims you cannot possibly verify. Does the process need improvements? Yes, but you guys are acting like drama queens. Takes 20 minutes to make intermediate gear. There is no MMO in existence that allows you to PvP with any modicum of success without first investing serious time in acquiring gear and character advancement. Why should Crowfall not do the same, especially when controlling resources and grouping up for mutual success is a key part of its game design.
  10. What direction is the game going?

    If Crowfall was free-to-play, I would agree with you. However, people are going to pay $30-$50 to play this game. I seriously doubt they will abandon it after 20 minutes. Seriously, the stuff people are complaining about takes all of 20 minutes to take care, less as you become more familiar with the game. Even less if you are in a guild. There needs to be investment in time to do things in this game otherwise you just head down the slippery slope to a MOBA. If nothing takes effort, then nothing has meaning. Just go fuking play League instead.
  11. Curse of Midnight Raiders and Wusses

    The pre-alpha version of that mechanic is already in with the bane trees required for Keep siege.
  12. Curse of Midnight Raiders and Wusses

    When I use the term skill, in this instance I'm specifically referring to tactical skill in the moment, the ability to position and chain abilities to impart kills on battlefield without dying yourself. Once the fight has started, skill in organization and motivating takes a back seat to people being able to pilot their crow's vessel to maximum effectiveness. And I have seen Scipio's video and that kind of situation is not what I'm talking about. Scipio is an excellent knight player btw. I'm not talking about two experienced players, geared out, going up against noobs in trash gear. I'm talking about a group of 6 experienced players in green or better gear, going up against a group of 10 with equivalent experience and gear. I feel confident in saying it would be rare for that group of 6 to win that fight, I think the best they can hope for is to delay with surplus healing for as long as they can to disengage and run.
  13. Curse of Midnight Raiders and Wusses

    "This might be true if focused solely on the outcome, but I've had plenty of great experiences where in the end I lost. No one wants to lose, but the fight can more than make up for it. " Losing in CF hurts a lot, gear takes effort to make. "Looking more and more like CF will be about grinding out top tier gear and stacking players. Less about player/group skill and strategy." That's pretty much a done deal. Gear provides a ton of your individual power curve, AoE's have limits, and classes like Ranger take little to no skill to apply damage, at best they require positioning. The groups that succeed in Crowfall will be the ones that excel at recruiting and maintaining morale, and consistently organize their players to participate at the appropriate times, and at the right moment in order to overwhelm the current enemy in a fight. Once you have a 30-40% numbers advantage and your players are geared, there is really no skill involved, it just turns into a reckless feeding frenzy where everyone is tripping over each other to lob damage at the inferior enemy group. At least in games like Albion Online they have mechanisms where you can punish zerg groups that behave recklessly.
  14. Skill Point System Pretty Underwhelming

    If you haven't played EVE for a significant period of time, I wouldn't use it as a reference point. I've been playing EVE off and on since 2007. The ship:vessel similarity between CF and EVE is there, as well as passive training, but there are a lot of things that EVE does differently that is important. For instance, there are areas players can go in EVE to seek out fights where they are on a somewhat more even level to other players, ie. ship size/type. There are also varying degrees of "Security" throughout Empire space. Neither of those systems exist in CF, and so the experience of players in CF with little training is vastly different. For the most part, they are useless fodder unless they can get instant geared up with high level gear. Again something else different about CF and EVE - EVE online gates access to better gear by passive skill training. To use the most powerful ships requires years of training. Though now you can use skill point injectors to speed that up tremendously.
  15. Curse of Midnight Raiders and Wusses

    If people's option are to fight and lose against a superior (gear, numbers, etc.) enemy, or to take their stuff when they aren't looking and potentially gain for it - the choice is pretty obvious if you care about winning something. Losing isn't fun, and I doubt people will seek out hopeless fights for the luls, especially when their enemies are likely to be douchebags and gloat about winning a lopsided fight. Let's all be honest, Crowfall is shaping up to be a game where you rarely have honestly good fights on even terms. The combat system is even designed to prevent small teams from hurting larging forces because of the limit to AoE targeting to just 5 targets. That right there essentially ensures that the best strategy to win in CF will be to stack numbers as big as you can. So back to the OP, no, this fantasy idea of people charging into fights that are already lost like Don Quixote or something is ridiculous.