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  1. Don't think many of the Shadowbane people here are happy with the direction the game design has one though. 🙄
  2. All Duelist can apply stun with 5 pips of Pepperbox shot, in the amount of time it takes to acquire 5 pips. Dirge can also stun with a 5 pip Impale.
  3. Wondering if that is a trick to reveal a TOS breaking behavior... Merchant PvP
  4. At this point, anybody who has been around for at least 6 months should know that ACE's default approach is to nerf stuff first when trying to balance. The idea of the lunge attack with some of the melee weapons is a nice example of ACE trying to take a different approach - ie. buffing the disadvantaged gameplay instead of nerfing the "overpowered" aspect.
  5. If you want to play assassin, just play Slayer instead. Slayer is really just a ranged assassin, but is orders of magnitude more effective at assassinating enemy players than the assassin in its current format, and not just in terms of raw DPS but also in terms of mobility to catch enemies or disengage and also with tools to deal with fights gone bad.
  6. I personally don't feel much of this is really about Victory cards favoring or not favoring large guilds. The system favors guilds, of any size, that are willing to do a bunch of hogwash to get a chance to have a fight. What we are witnessing is the gradual release of long-time community members that have realized the game as it is being designed does not align with their play-style preferences. that is all it really is - though some of us may assert that ACE has bait-and-switched us over the last 4 years, but hey i think many got their money's worth, even me who spent $1,000+ Now, if what ACE has done here ultimately produces a larger, more vibrant, and sustained player population, at the expense of some of their earliest, longest, and more diehard backers/testers - then it is probably a sacrifice worth making. I'm skeptical it will play out that way, but hope it does work out.
  7. The game doesn't impose a soft cap on guild size, so it is the fault of the game, IMHO. That there isn't enough to players to really provide sufficient content is also the fault of the game design, game marketing, game development, IMHO.
  8. So, it looks like the last patch or two there was a nerf to refining? I see now that refining a metal ingot for the cost of 1 ingot and 10 dust, returns 50 of the non-basic ore type. - this use to be 200 return wasn't it? Also, I see now (maybe not entirely new) the ability to craft ingots at or whatever at the refinery at the cost of 250 non-basic ore type, plus 50 dust. - I suppose somebody might do this if they really needed materials to build up buildings in a fort/keep and had tons of white basics materials? I suppose if you had a ton of gold you could even buy the white basic materials from the NPC vendor and convert it. Thoughts?
  9. And of course sometimes failed attempts to gank the gankers. I've found myself doing pig caravans because I am able to produce more green and blue materials that way - primarily because I play solo at the moment. The events channel is definitely making it easier for the attackers, sometimes that is me, sometimes it is me running the pigs, sometimes both at the same time as somebody is doing a run at the same time. With how valuable the pigs can be, it makes it feel worth the risk at least in my opinion.
  10. A lot of my frens have quit Crowfall, and one of the reasons is the grind. I've been complaining about the grind increase for the last few years, but I don't see it really going away.
  11. pve mobs be pulling out their router cables to not get a death on their score mob ai kited the sht out of you too. lmao
  12. The next step is to ask a question the topic in a QA live stream, like: Todd/Blair: have you considered making it so outposts could provide food or scouting reports to their owners as a way to increase the value of capturing and owning said outposts? (as discussed in the forum) And if it wasn't on their radar before it would be then.
  13. Yes, precisely. Mandalore, good to see you man.
  14. I disagree on some level. If you want to have impact your post needs to be read by ACE and affect them emotionally or logically enough that they make a change in game design. IMHO it really matters very little if other people here read the post. All it takes is to 1) get JTodd or Tyrant, or Blair to read it and strike a chord. Of course, they have to read it first, and clickbait titles get peoples attention. This guy here, the OP, may not care if any of us read this.
  15. Well, I was mainly joking. But trying to play solo can be an interesting challenge in a game designed around bigger groups. On one level, i find the challenge of seeing what I can pull off by myself intriguing.
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