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  1. I would say having a low post-launch population saddle point impacts Crowfall way more than it did Albion Online because AO had instanced and world PvE with somewhat more substance than CF has.
  2. Thanks so much, that was very kind of you to provide a timestamp. And yes, you are spot on here with you assessment. In actuality, they could make it so the AH could be specific/local to the EK, or local to a campaign only in a Free city. It doesn't need to be a single Global Auction House like World of Warcraft. EVE Online and Albion Online have auction houses, their economies are robust, the AH's are local to specific regions.
  3. Holy #$%$# did they really say that? Is there a video recap somewhere that has a timestamp? My god, I've been begging ACE to put in AH's for years and they just said NO?
  4. A lot of great constructive feedback and suggestions here.
  5. Some of the more serious and contributory players that have participated in this community for something like 6 years now have been on the receiving end of accusations of dev favoritism and stuff like that for all of these years. So for those of us who have poured countless hours of creating resources, tools, testing bugs, making detailed gameplay problem breakdown videos for the devs etc. to be on the perpetual receiving end of this kind of stuff, it's not really a "fun" conspiracy theory.
  6. Yeah, just go to the official Discord and post in the bug reports channel and tag Tiggs, or post in the Dev partners forum for kickstarter backers. Tiggs is able to promote high priority items to the dev team rapidly. Vanguard players have reputation for seriousness and positive contributions to the community, so Tiggs will take notice. I know it is interesting and fun to stir up sht and get internet attention, but the truth is rarely so dramatic. It's not about zerg guilds having a collar on the devs (and Vanguard is not a large guild), rather they are big guilds because they have been organized and making contributions to the community for literal years. If the devs do take notice, and often over the last 6 years they have ignored well-organized feedback, but if they do take notice it is because the person doing it is not sperging out on the forum.
  7. What could possible make you believe that ACE plays this game, much less embedded with guilds. I've begged them to show proof they actually play the game for years now, to no avail. 😁 The harsh reality is that the game, such as it is, is not very well tuned to accommodate guilds of a dozen people cohabitating on the same Dregs campaign as guilds with a hundred people. If you don't believe that many notable players in these large guilds haven't be clamoring for more gameplay improvements to support large and small guilds, across the board, then you must have only been here since launch. In truth, ACE seems to have ignored tons of great feedback and ideas over the years from players in large guilds - however the recent trend of Community Management putting for Design Docs of multiple pages, well explained and thoughout out - for players to review, is a really nice change. I wish they had been doing that several years ago. Tiggs is pretty great, I wish she had the opportunity to shape community involvement from the beginning, rather than after the situation was already rather sour.
  8. What is interesting to me is CF has pretty much devolved post-launch into the static format it had mid-beta and most of alpha. That is, most dead during the off-peak time in campaigns with a burst of activity during siege windows then dying down again. And by dead-play during off peak, I mean you need to spend some serious effort to find interesting content, rather than just running 5 minutes from your keep and getting into a scrape. I figured this was a high possibility of being the trajectory for CF, and now I suppose we just wait and see if FTP, steam, and other updates can keep the game stable for a 2 year rebirth circle or something. Other games pulled it off.
  9. TBH, feels like my experience playing Crowfall alpha in 2019. Mostly empty server and Discords during USA early daytime hours when I usually can play. Was amazing for a little while after launch when there was a lot more people playing. c'est la vie
  10. That is what I sort of thought the Hunger Dome tech would be utilized to, morph into. I always hoped we'd get instanced content like Albion ONline has, WoW even - so that there are things to do when the timeframe for the individual is not ideal to go into the open world environment, but still want to be involved with the game in a larger sense.
  11. Faction play is going to be ideal for guilds who can only muster like 1 full group of people at a time. Those guilds with that kind of numbers who go into Dregs are mostly just providing farm for the big alliances. Your results may vary, but I've played a lot of CF over the last 5 years at times in large guilds, small guilds, and solo. Faction-play is a lot more fun option (compared to Dregs or GvG) IMHO when you don't have a large guild to run with.
  12. This POV suggests you guys don't know how the campaign win scoring works, or your alliance is unable to coordinate well enough to ensure conquest scoring gets funneled to the designated winner guild in the alliance.
  13. Pretty impressive work @Bzra kudos on your alliance's win
  14. It's fun winning, and it's fun to feel part of an organized "greater unit" striving towards a common goal. Is the individual tactical play interesting and fun? I would say from experience rarely. But imagine how many millions of people around the world find attending/watching sporting events fun and they don't even participate at all. I don't think it is too crazy to suggest that being part of an large organized guild siege is fun - it's just fun in a very different way than how 5v5 group fights are fun.
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