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  1. I've said almost the exact same thing in a thread months ago, and a member of ACE team liked my comment. So I don't feel off base whatsoever.
  2. Redirects to https://crowfall.com/en-US/account/profile - no such menu item for Shipping Address. pls halp. I want to ensure I do NOT receive this item. tyvm
  3. That fact that I have been able to kill players, being such the terrible player that I am, suggests otherwise. That is a fundamental component to my theory in fact. lol
  4. We're talking about dodging in the PvP combat aspect of CF Jah. Yes, I know there other aspects of skill in CF, like leadership or communication skills, which are important to success.
  5. I'm just stating my perception of how the game works from my point of view. ACE may think they've created a skill-based PvP game, but I would beg to differ.
  6. Pretty sure this has been brought up before. Your video Nihil is an excellent representation of how the system works. Kudos I think a lot of people are under the impression that Crowfall is a skill-based PvP game. I don't believe that is the case. It is more of a Build-based PvP game. IMHO, there are many aspects of how PvP works in CF from a mechanical and philosophical standpoint where individual skill plays no significant factor in the outcome of engagements.
  7. In my opinion, the moment it felt quite certain to me that this game was going downward before launching, was when the beta release happened and instead of all of the thousands of people being super psyched, within weeks they were all quitting again - complaining about performance and lack of compelling gameplay. ACE got a ton of renewed excitement with the Dregs launch, and blew it IMHO
  8. I've stuck around because of sunk cost fallacy, I've put more than $1,000 into this game, I'd like to see it come to fruition. But the majority of people I've played CF with over the last 4 years no longer play it, so I don't think your assertion really stands. I would venture a guess that 95% of the people who have played CF the last 4 years no longer participate in the community or the beta. Just a number that I pulled out of my butt that feels right compared to the number of people I played with that no longer show up.
  9. With the business with the new entity for the game engine, my guess is ACE realizes they are failing to make a game people want to play, are setting up their investors to cash in from the licensing of the tools they've created, and have already started working on the concept for their next game.
  10. I think plenty of people who do it also say its bad. But if it is available why not utilize it?
  11. My guess is ACE is sacrificing the rest of the holderover old guard to try and secure a different, larger, audience - how will find the grindier approach fun for some reason.
  12. Interesting point of view. Most of the people I know who were deep into the crafting/logistics side of CF felt that the passive skill tree was more of a hindrance than a fun factor.
  13. Or, just get ACE to play the game. That might help. I still believe they don't play their own game in the live environment every day. Would love to be proven wrong.
  14. You keep saying that like it's some kind of gotcha thing about Jah, but it really reflects a broader playerbase sentiment about Crowfall gameplay. People find the game sufficiently unenjoyable that they would rather do the least amount of effort to achieve what they need for resources, and to secure a chance at PvP. Make the forts less attractive, it won't create more PvP, it will just make forts something people ignore again. Personally, I don't care very much anymore. But seriously the level of debate on this subject is pretty poor.
  15. Realistically, people will just cycle to the next thing they think is responsible for low interest after this, to blame for nobody wanting to play. It's always a different cycle of people too. People complain for forts to be like mines. Then new people complain for forts to turn into exactly what forts use to be. It's kind of comical if it weren't so sad.
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