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  1. Thanks for putting out some new content about Crowfall, good luck and hope you have fun. Can be a challenging game to figure out, so be prepared.. heheh
  2. Funny stuff! Link for those who don't know the reference: https://frakipedia.fandom.com/wiki/Sons_Of_Warvan
  3. I think there is room for it in Crowfall!
  4. Hello there, were you able to find the UI controls interface settings in-game? To be honest, I don't believe I ever saw a setting in-game for "turning left or right".
  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thorough telling of your experience and point of view. I sincerely hope ACE developers read it as thoroughly.
  6. Well, beauty is certainly in the eyes of the beholder. I think compared to games like Black Desert Online or the character builder in EVE Online, - Crowfall leaves a lot to be desired. However, I'm hoping that by being more judicious with art asssets CF is able to keep boosting performance for larger and larger battles.
  7. Thank you for providing such thorough feedback!
  8. Thank you for your feedback, it is super valuable. Has some have noted here, there are some answers to some of the things you point out - however ACE developers it should be noted - that the fact the new players don't realize some of those functions suggests that the user experience and user interface is not intuitive or obvious in several ways.
  9. I'm in favor of HungerDome, but the kickstarter pitch also said no grinding. So, ... um yeah ACE has deviated on foundational things already.
  10. I'd like to see Hunger Dome integrated in the main game in the 2 following potential ways: 1. Make it so you can queue for Hunger Dome while running around in Dregs. I'd feel less bad about finding nobody in Dregs if I knew I had guaranteed fun somewhere on the way in the near future, like 10-20 minute time frame. Similar to queuing for instances in World of Warcraft. 2. Another option is to make it so there are instanced 5v5 or 5v5v5v5 style fights a la Hunger Dome sort of thing, that you can only gain access to from the "overworld" map. So, see Hell Gates from Albion Online - https
  11. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. As a new player with fresh point of view, it is incredibly valuable insight!
  12. I think you can actually get a small chance to get Epic level drops off Kings/Chief mobs in Infected Sky Point zone.
  13. Thank you for your comments and Feedback Azure! @ ACE - there you go, that is in a nutshell why 90% (made up number just my perception) of your beta invites seem to flitter away after 2 weeks. You made the NPE to alleviate that but I believe you missed the mark. If you haven't already, maybe consider a focus-group with some actual real new players. Like, talk with them over a Zoom call.
  14. I wish ACE would just copy Albion Online, AO is not perfect, but it has solved many of the challenges of this type of game much more successfully.
  15. I have never seen unlimited time and money either, it is a rhetorical point. It is technically feasible to do any of the things here, they have to just prioritize it. For some reason they are not, I don't understand why they don't see it. They were able to make other large and fundamental changes based on player feedback, behavior. There are hooks in the game to recognize guild affiliation and to recognize guild officer levels. Why they don't prioritize adding a /inviteguild command that calls some methods for the guild system just seems crazy to me.
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