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  1. Let's just make the center node be the Class rune icon, and you don't need to spend any points or even have to unlock it. Immediately on your first talent point to spend you just choose which direction in the web you want to go. --- I've never understood the concept of making the first point in a node-web structure require a point and also require you start with that. It's basically a required choice that gives you no choice.
  2. Precisely. The real value of EVE University is that it has training events for players, and lectures designed by players. But most importantly, it is an actual corporation (guild) that new players can join and play with. The Wild Hunt phenomenon a few months ago, for all of its cringiness, is exactly something that needs to exist in CF on a permanent basis, and lead by people with a singular purpose of helping new players transition into active guilds or making their own guild when ready. I would probably try to help make a thing like that happen but I don't have the bandwidth t
  3. I think ACE needs to figure out actually what kind of game they are making, ensure there is an audience for it, then sell that game to that audience. Ideally they will have figured all of that out years ago. It's entirely possible they are going to execute on that and some of us are the unwitting supporters and participants in testing a game that was different than what we imagined. At this point, I'm content with what I have and get to play. I feel like ACE needs to do a more serious job of depicting what they see as a typical play experience over the course of a month to feel
  4. I literally gave you one, but sure, ok. It's called an analogy man. Why didn't you just post that in your original post? If you had done that, we could have just copy-pasted links to yours and others' previous posts on the topic and called this one done.
  5. ACE has already said recently that catch-up mechanic is planned with a timing of introduction after launch.
  6. I think a good example to aspire to is the Roman Empire. Rome didn't dominate the (known) world because they won every fight (they didn't win every fight). They also didn't conquer the world simply because they had an amazing logistics and engineering system. In the Punic Wars, I would argue that Rome's K/D ratio was pretty bad, but they never stopped throwing men into the meat grinder. Eventually they won the strategic level of the war from logistics and out maneuvering Carthage after Carthage was fatigued, and then Rome subquently winning the long game. (massive simplification of a
  7. It never has worked. Have had internal guild discussions about giving people an opportunity to feel like they had a chance for the last several years.
  8. So while doing those things like farming mobs/caravans/circle standing - you are expecting that the people doing that will not be attacked by other players who could be better geared and use pro tactics group/comps?
  9. Is this a serious question? Do you believe you will have a great chance of winning various Divine Favor cards while: running around in intermediate gear? not understanding how to play your class role to the max? For all the asserted issues of the Divine Favor system, I do like how it amplifies the success of guilds that are well-rounded and organized strategically. --- "You don't find it strange that in a PvP focused game, the way to win the campaign(s) is mostly PvE focused?" "For me, PvP isn't limited to player vs player combat. but it has to involve at l
  10. Thanks, I know, but that does not emulate what EVE University is primarily all about, nor the full extent of the value it brings to the EVE community.
  11. A wipe isn't necessarily required for that. If ACE has been smart they have all kinds of data capture or database queries to determine what players are doing. I suspect they do and that data analysis led them to do the class and talent redesign for 6.2 -- That being said, over the last few years I feel like I've gone through like half a dozen wipes in CF alpha, and within months it always ended up back at the same place. Each time it is just different people asking for a wipe. By not wiping, I think ACE will learn more, that is what the impact of the gameplay is after the l
  12. The game/community needs something EVE University real bad. https://www.eveuniversity.org/
  13. They can keep live up, just not put an infected or dregs campaign, Gods Reach only. Then they comply with their promise to provide a live service, while funneling people to Test.
  14. "Next thing is Siege warfare, I'm hoping this isn't the real raid schedule because for most people doing raid/defense 7 days a week is too much. I'm seeing people burn out after just playing a few weeks. Too many of us on discord are just watching and hoping the keep timers run out so we can drop out of the game. That's not what you want." Other people in this same forum are complaining about siege schedules and advocating for constant open sieging. "However, it shouldn't only be for the 50 hard-core Shadowbane players from the early 2000's. " I'd actually like ACE to come ou
  15. You're right that they don't have years. But I'm not worried about making the current campaign or next impacted. Realistically they need to plan out for the next 12 months what they are going to do, and that is probably feasible.
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