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  1. Disciplines should be tied to the Sacrifice system

    Like, no poorly made socks? Make it so that low quality vessels provide next to no soul doobers. Make it so you lose vessel levels every time you die. There are so many ways you can balance stuff to prevent overt abuse, and if you if you miss some it doesn't mean it will kill the game. There are so many ways you can game stuff, subvert mechanics, and overall try to abuse your way to success in EVE Online, and at this point Crowfall can only dream of being as successful and long running as that game.
  2. Stealth movementspeed

    I wonder what would happen if a slow debuff was applied to your character while stealth - First of all, does slow debuffs affect the stealth movement speed in a linear manner? Also, will additional "cushion" speed buff for stealth past the hard cap help counter a slow debuff to your stealth speed?
  3. Disciplines should be tied to the Sacrifice system

    Because, of course my idea was intended to be a fully fleshed out and completely full proof concept ready for introduction to the game. Anyways, you going to waste 10 minutes between kills to get back to your corpse and second account for the next kill? Doesn't sound optimal to me. But hey, that is all some people can manage I suppose.
  4. Disciplines should be tied to the Sacrifice system

    I think it would be great if activities that inherently required more risk produced items that could be sacrificed for more value than more mundane items and activities. That would make it less optimal to try and grind up vessel levels with cheesy crafting activity. eg. along with the heads you can collect from downed players, perhaps maybe some kind of soul doobers could pop out from a player when they get downed, similar to how doobers pop out from resource nodes. These soul doobers could be sacrificed for value far greater than regular ore resources. You could also put the soul doobers into the crafting system as well. I imagine you explain it in the lore as pieces of the crow's soul fracturing from the trauma of its vessel being brought to the point of death.
  5. I don't think it is actually a bird, just looks like one.
  6. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    Well, it's been a lively thread for almost a week, and no dev response. They either didn't see it, saw and don't care, or saw and and care but don't have time to respond. None of us surely have a say in it, and you aren't going to convince anybody who thinks differently from you, because well that's not how humans generally work. So... </thread>
  7. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    Winning is fun. To win you need to compete. If there is no reward, people won't bother if they are just going to get steamrolled. I'm not sure you have played many online games.
  8. Reasons to stick with daggers?

    I'm not sure if the dagger attack speed is in game yet, when it is the faster attack speed would probably confer some tactical advantages.
  9. Nobody playing?

    I have a mind to help with that, but I don't want to sink effort into a project if ACE is just going to make it redundant in the near future. Hence, why I ask ACE if there is a roadmap item for improving the EK user interface to facilitate trade and marketeering.
  10. Nobody playing?

    Precisely, which is why nothing will be different in 5.6 I have yet to see a response to my questions elsewhere about whether or not ACE intends to include in the roadmap some work on the user interface for EK's and trade. If they don't address it, my opinion is that there will be no "in-game" economy when this game soft launches.
  11. Nobody playing?

    What vendors? In EK's? That is one of the big problems. Without more market knowledge and awareness of what is for sale and where it can be bought, a larger economy will never develop.
  12. crowfall or camelot unchained reach beta first?

    At this point in history "beta" is just a marketing term for the vast majority of game shops. Not so for Camelot, which means it could be in beta for along while. Not like a comparison here really matters IMHO.
  13. Nobody playing?

    If there was only one lynch pin that would be amazing - but rather it's more likely to be an aggregate set of issues that depress participation, including but not limited to: - no real tools for organizing into organic groups inside the game - no real economy to limit the necessity to bootstrap the gear creation sequence all by yourself - no clear and compelling campaign win conditions with a reward that would drive long term involvement - no significant improvement in game performance optimizations - no indication that in-game efforts will no longer be wiped. Once they resolve those things I'm sure participation will increase dramatically. To be clear though, those issues are perfectly expected to exist for a game in a pre-alpha/alpha state. Games in a better state than that in pre-alpha are actually just trying to milk their players for early access monies, similar to how was done with Albion Online the last several years.
  14. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    They might like that in games like WoW where combat ability, gear, exp, etc. are all normalized for PvP. I'm sure there will be arenas and stuff in CF, but I doubt it will be super popular unless the devs add a way for people to be restricted in the quality of gear and vessels they can use.
  15. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    If that ends up the case, arenas will not save this game.