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  1. In the investor emails they say exactly how many people they've hired and what they are spending money on.
  2. New character Nethari Templar Died at level one (don't laugh) ressed at temple. Now stuck in perma-combat mode, but none of the UI indicators say so. But I know I am because my weapon is unsheathed and I can sprint. Attacking the air once, caused combat mode to show in UI, then it ended.
  3. So just checking the Vindicator talents now, doesn't seem like the "Warrior of Vengeance" talent was changed. It still causes Holy Warrior to increase Damage Bonus: Slashing - but doesn't Holy Warrior cause your damage to be Holy Damage? So the bonus damage never happens Can you confirm? Have they still not fixed this horrible oversight?
  4. As a youtube content creator he is incentivized to create controvercial content, seeing how much attention he got on the forum here I would say he was successful. The most efficient way to get reactions and engagement on the internet is to share some infuriatingly incorrect stuff.
  5. "No one stays still long enough to get multiple back shots" I think Black Mask has a power that makes all attacks be treated as if from Behind. Probably a requirement for Cutthroat
  6. Yes, this. I hate so much having to put points into In and out of combat healing points, like Cloak in Moss talent for Rangers. I don't think ACE plays the game in a serious manner to test, otherwise they would know that In and out of Combat healing points, the way the have them scale right now, is utterly useless.
  7. Level 27 Half-elf Warden Ranger, have the capstone talent node unlocked. The Aero Spin passive shows up in my spell book, however there is no buff showing visible in my UI nor is there the counter associated with the Aero Spin buff to indicate the timer for the damage bonus.
  8. Yeah, my feelings are much the same. Was expecting a ton of improvements/changes. A lot of it might on the backend because the game doesn't really feel any different to me other than some things are more annoying or at best more limited than they use to be. I suppose also a lot of the work was for making the Dregs campaign type possible, and we're not seeing that here yet.
  9. They don't always get delivered immediately. Might show up in a later patch. That being said, when you are in the game lobby screen, look at the"Purchases" menu in the top nav bar.
  10. Are you sure retaliate is slotted? By default it was not slotted for my half-elf ranger.
  11. None of the guilds I have played with had trouble gearing, we put in a sht ton of work. We routinely went up against people who rolled around in wartribe gear. We know this because they would talk about it on streams. Before wartribe gear they would just quit. After wartribe gear, they stuck around a little while longer and then quit. Maybe after launch more people will have the interest and perseverence to put in the work?
  12. I think one of the actual issues people had, which wasn't always suggested as such, was that folks who didn't put a lot of time into coordinated logistics couldn't compete with organized groups who did. Adding dropped equipment attempted to solve 2 things then - 1. Make it so people who couldn't or wouldn't self-organize on a level needed to be somewhat competitive could now get gear much more easily through mob farming. 2. People might get more satisfaction from mob farming and PvE activity through loot drops.
  13. No, I don't. But then this isn't being pitched as a casual game. I doubt this will have mass-market appeal, and I'm pretty sure the devs at ACE are on record acknowledging as much. That being said, people should totally be able to do what you describe in Gods Reach, or some eventual Faction-based campaign that is where people go for a more casual experience.
  14. If they made it so players could craft gear with the many varied types of named attributes like "sword of Arkon, shield of stoneborn" - there would be an uptick in crafter demand because some people want to focus on specific types of gear for their build (Anti-crit, Damage Bonus: Fire, etc.) Since the wartribe drops are somewhat random, being able to work with a crafter to get exactly what you want would be nice. Doesn't solve the passive training issue, but I think it would increase crafter utility to compete against wartribe drops tremendously.
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