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  1. Yeah, it's called going out and fighting people, which is the whole point of the game. The reason why there are so many abandoned threads like this is because there is no intelligence test to limit people creating accounts and posting on this forum. If you want busy work to do to make it feel like you are "progressing" go play one of the dozens of on-rails theme park MMO's. This game is aimed at offering a differing kind of experience, one where the players create conflict and interesting outcomes organically through their own machinations and behaviors. If you don't see a lot of that going on right now it's probably because the game is not complete and in the middle of an update drought pending the next big release.
  2. It is interruptable. I once caught McTan and his buddy while recalling and waited till the channel was almost complete before stunning the other dude, meanwhile McTan recalled away before he could stop it if he wanted to. The guy was left behind to die alone. Maybe it could use a longer channel time, I dunno. I think spirit banking while being ganked is more of a problem personally. While harvesting, if I get ganked, I just spirit bank all the greens and blues.
  3. 5.8 Multiple Campaigns Import/Export Issues

    Personally, I don't believe the export system will ever work like how the originally laid it out, as in you can only export after the campaign ends. The only way they can make that happen is if they add marketplaces inside campaign worlds where people can buy/trade harvestable resources, or auction gear. If they don't, and they keep the end of campaign export idea, then EK commerce will basically never exist, unless campaigns are only 1 week long. A functioning economy requires a flow of resources and capital.
  4. Shouldn't VIP training be baseline?

    I don't believe there should be any aspect of this game free, but it won't be anyway it will be buy to play. The baseline should be VIP, and people should play to pay the game. I didn't make millennial, so no, I won't take credit for their bullsht.
  5. Shouldn't VIP training be baseline?

    "I'm talking about the student who had to save his pennies to buy the initial game but doesn't have 15 bucks to spend every month. Ok, he can train only 1 thing in each of the 2 categories. " Why should we give a sht? Games take money to make, compared to other MMOs, so far this one has been made incredibly cheaply. I'm so tired of this trope. This is a myth. Now that student loans are so easy to get in the US there are no such things as poor college students, just dumb ones. If they are broke and need entertainment they can go sit on the lawn in the quad and watch co-eds play ultimate frisby in swim suits like the other idiots who blew all their financial aid on clothes and weed. Now, if you are talking about people in other countries where the standard of living isn't as high, well, maybe they can get special control of their publishing region and get something like this.
  6. Discord needs to support games like Crowfall

    Can just use Teamspeak which already provides this functionality. But I agree, Discord needs to add this.
  7. Combat needs to be more accessible

    I mean, there are really that many people playing/testing right now, am I right?
  8. Full Wipe

    When they hint at it, it means yes. They won't come out and say yes affirmatively because they know people will just stop playing. Activity has dropped anyway, but there you go.
  9. Food - > Nuisance

    Except, they are trying to make game that is more similar to Conan Exiles and Ark, than they are Zelda or Monster Hunter. Some people may not like the system, but it seems to be perfectly in line (from my perspective) with the game concepts they have been talking about for more than a year.
  10. Bless you for trying Pann. Feels like interest/activity has basically fallen off almost completely.
  11. What went wrong?

    Well, I'll just stay out of these discussions then. I figured you guys might have some videos, but in the end proving it is possible doesn't mean the system makes sense. Ultimately this just looks/sounds like me QQ'ing so I'll give it a rest. Knowing it is possible to win in a system that has hundreds of variables that could change the odds doesn't change my mind about the baseline mechanics being set up to to benefit zergs.
  12. What went wrong?

    I agree with Blazzen, it's technically possible to win outnumbered fights in CF, so yeah sure maybe not guaranteed, obviously, because you have like the Balance faction where 80% of the people play assassin or are new, organized groups on voice comms vs pugs, etc. etc - but in my opinion the game is designed to make winning outnumbered fights not a thing by virtue of the mechanics. There is no legitimate reason that I can think of why AoE's should be limited to just 5 targets that makes any sense with respect to the concepts of warfare unless you want to ensure that smaller groups of players cannot annihilate a much larger group by virtue of landing AoEs on them. You've got some great anecdotal evidence that I feel is unverifiable, but that's ok I know you are a good player and I respect what I've seen you and your group do, so I don't think you are lying. I may not personally be a stellar player but I have played with what I feel is some of the best players in the game, off and on for the last 2 years, and I've never seen us win a big fight outnumbered out in the open. We may have put up a good fight here and there, but it always ends the same. There is my non-verifiable anecdotal evidence. lol
  13. What went wrong?

    Personally, I'm talking more about 5 vs 8, or 8 vs 12 -- rather than 2 vs 3. The larger the engagement the more exacerbated the numbers advantage becomes. If you think understanding some new meta, as if there was a high skill floor for combat in this game anyway, is going to win those other fights, yeah nah. Some would say that winning those first fights should never happen, debatable IMO. I take issue with the fact that the game is designed to ensure those lopsided fights should always end in one outcome. Presently, if you have enough (3:2, maybe less) numbers advantage you don't really need to use any game skill, just bum rush the enemy. That's poor game design I feel. There is really no penalty for mindless zerging.
  14. Range stat

    It use to, but then they reduced the abilities it would work on because what you are asking for is custard ridiculous.
  15. What went wrong?

    Do friendly players in front of you (los'ing your target enemy) block bow basic attacks?