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  1. No significant difference between most classes.

    That's not what I'm talking about whatsoever. I'm talking about removing abilities from many classes' baseline, and only making them available as a discipline. Additionally, not letting a large number of classes get acces to use premier ranged disciplines, and instead get access to a dumbed down version meant for melee classes to gain some low level ranged capability.
  2. Crowfall viral marketing on Imgur

    The idea of something is often much better a marketing tool than showing the actual thing itself. Personally, I find the story and imagery of this comic they made more interesting than the current gameplay.
  3. Not sure if Crowfall needs millions of $$$ for marketing, maybe just make a lot more of that comic they made a while back and post them around.
  4. Poor performance

    You need to double your RAM, at least. On basic graphic settings the game has a potential to use a minimum of 6 GB of RAM I think. You also didn't mention your video card which is relevant.
  5. No significant difference between most classes.

    One thing they could do is make Arcane Archer and Sharpshooter only usable by Rangers, and then make a new dumbed-down "Archery" discipline that other classes can use. Make the abilities and stats from the Archery discipline here much less compelling than the premier Ranger disciplines.
  6. If you think your shares from the player participation program will mean something, you're like that guy from the Facebook movie.
  7. State of Melee In Crowfall

    Wood Elves getting burst 20m teleport dash is well recognized as a core problem with Rangers right now, as if anybody would play ranger on any other race. You suggest melee needs to just spec to solve the problem, without recognizing (admitting?) what the main problem is. Additionally, the teleport dash is immune to roots, making them less vulnerable to "ranged movement hindering abilities" as you put it, as other race/class combos. Are you just playing dumb because ranger is your favorite class?
  8. State of Melee In Crowfall

    Please tell me more about the disciplines that provide burst movement abilities.
  9. State of Melee In Crowfall

    That's ok when the Titantic had just struck the iceberg a few minutes ago, arguably you still have time to do something. At this point in Crowfalls development and fast approaching necessary soft launch timetable, the bow of the Titantic is already under the waves.
  10. No significant difference between most classes.

    I believe the only consequences your choices should have is that your immediate combat performance is degraded in some capacity in opposite effect to what you have gained in some other area based on some kind of discipline choice or ability slotting. This whole idea you have Scree that players should be punished permanently for making mistakes in character training is toxic, and has been repudiated as a concept by ACE, and for good reason IMHO. Punishing learning players permanently for making ill-informed choices is not compelling gameplay design, and it only serves to increase player attrition and benefit players who have publicly extolled their intent to only ever play one class. Like, what meaningful choices do you have to make if you are only ever going to play an assassin?
  11. No significant difference between most classes.

    I can't think of any game system for Crowfall that matters more than PvP combat. Character balance is a part of combat, they irrevocably intertwined.
  12. No significant difference between most classes.

    My original post was pretty specific, with several examples of how to make things work better.
  13. No significant difference between most classes.

    It totally should be a priority right now, unless anyone actually believes that gutting entire character systems from classes that existed since alpha, after launch, would be a good idea. For the same reason that it was a good idea to redo the combat system right away as soon as it became very clear there was a lot of negative perception of it, it makes a lot of sense to reevaluate the race/class/discipline designs as soon as possible if it becomes apparent that the way they play out in implementation is incredibly unbalanced. The longer you wait to change core features or designs, the bigger the upset to everything and everyone they effect. I'm not trying to be a chicken little here or anything, but I think the recurring cycle of a single class or race/class combo becoming incredibly powerful vis a vis to all the others points to a larger issue that if not dealt with adequately will potentially make all the investment in these massive game subsystems (race class split) essentially worthless and a waste of time. Like, whats the point in having 10,000 avatar combinations when everyone picks the same race/class combo for DPS?
  14. There is no significant difference between most classes, most of them except a few well-designed classes all have CC, DPS abilities, mobility, or healing available to them. The end result is a lack of meaningful choices and thereby you just select the combo which has the highest dps and mobility or lockdown. That is why Myrmidon was so frequently used months ago, then it was nerfed, and then confessor was everywhere then it was nerfed, and now wood elf ranger is the current flavor. Myrmidom did great damage and had high survivability. Confessor did great damage and had high mobility and CC. Wood Elf Ranger does great damage, has high mobility and escape from root, has melee capability with lifesteal and invuln, baby-stealth, ranged root, cheap and easy damage type swap, etc. * * * This phenomenon will continue until ACE takes a hard look at how they design classes/races and what disciplines they have available to them. The Duelist is a great example of a well-designed class that has a clear purpose and can do it well in the right circumstances, and yet is still not considered OP and played by everyone all the time. Some examples of how to change things would be to take away all CC and self-heals from DPS-centric classes and allow them to add back those capabilities with disciplines. Make it a meaningful choice. Give up something to gain something else - rather than just getting to be able to do literally everything. The Destroyer and Runecarved Gladiator disciplines for Champion are good implementations of options for speccing out your Champion character. I often am forced to choose between the two because I want to have Juggernaut as well. Meaningful choice, I love it. And also take away the melee tray from Ranger by default and allow them to add it back with a weapon or major discipline - similar to how Druid and Duelist work. Want to have melee on a ranged DPS class? Give up some ranged DPS in return. * * * Damage Dealing Crowd Control Damage Mitigation Mobility Healing Stealth Ideally, the more options of the above list you add on to your character, the less impactful each of those should be. Pick 3 out of 6.
  15. With Duelist using Black Mask, and Shadows Linger (passive giving 50% crit chance upon leaving stealth) -- This only procs if you leave stealth through an attack like "Go for broke". If you leave stealth manually by hitting "Z", it does not proc.