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  1. Well, some players will. I would not say that is a universal. All the complaints about gear imbalance between factions would suggest some players are more willing to put in the effort than others, even with the reward is substantial. Reduce the reward significantly and I suspect even fewer will put in the effort - hence no demand for crafters unless they just make gear lootable on death.
  2. I see it as an alternative to leather confessor in terms of ranged elemental damage, maybe a little more tankiness with the mail. More useful against enemy group I suppose, not individuals, since it gets splash damage. But it has mana issues at least until 5.8.5 Do people using confessor instead make them slaves to meta? You could have just as easily said veteran players like to play classes that work well in the majority of tactical situations they encounter.
  3. "That's a fancy way of saying to only play like 25% of the specs in the game." No, it's almost as if whatever you are doing at the moment in the game might require a different setup depending on how many people you have with you, where you are at terrain/map-wise, and what you are trying to do. When you are ganking in valleys all day like you do, why don't you do it with a confessor? "A lot of the people I've talked to don't actually enjoy feeling forced to play meta classes and feeling like they have to run double healer. Why bother having the other 75% of promotion classes?" I mean, there are folks who play Overwatch that refuse to switch off of Hanzo and Widow, can't really say that means the people who play useful picks during matches should be considered slaves to meta. They are more interested in winning and playing in an optimized group setup than fulfilling their adolescent fantasy of pretending to be a ninja.
  4. It's weird, I've come to observe the exact same phenomena you have and yet the conclusion I came to is that I should strive to form groups up with classes that synergize to do what we need to accomplish. Are you advocating that people should be able to win with any group comp as long as they have better gear? I'm sure it was no accident that you use the negatively connoted term "slave" but I think it would be more appropriate to suggest that some players are more interesting in being successful in their efforts rather than looking cool or playing whatever they want at any time. Are you salty that you can't win every fight as fae assassin? Or that chaos can't win every campaign with 75% of the players being fae assassins? Because damn that is sure what it feels like from my point of view, and is half the reason I roam as a ranger lately.
  5. But it is almost all knowledge-based. You have guys like Paindotcom complaining about people making beneficial harvesting armor, and yet beneficial harvest has existed in its current state for longer than I can remember. The people who actually test, yes I mean test like the boring way of trying anything and everything, not test as in "log in and treat this like a game", the first group will have a distinct knowledge advantage because they took the time to learn the ins and outs of the game.
  6. If gear didn't have a noticeable impact on gameplay, not many people would bother crafting it. Then why would there ever be an in-game economy?
  7. A few things - 1. ACE lied and made healing firehose healing. 2. There are ways for healers to have imminently sustainable mana. 3. Some people don't know how to play and kill people effectively.
  8. I'm sincerely rooting for you and Scarlett. You two rock
  9. That is a pretty cool idea, and kudos to you for wanting to do that.
  10. He is talking about the difference between blue to purple, not white to purple. Purple gear is definitely better than white by a large degree, but the difference between blue and purple as so much smaller it begs the question on whether it is worth the effort or not. If any supposedly serious guilds/groups that have been playing since the last wipe and are still in white gear at this point they should just quit and go play something like Elder Scrolls Online. This stuff isn't hard, it just requires effort and will. #unpopularOpinions
  11. By "information" I mean about what products or services are available - not tutorials on how to setup a vendor.
  12. Capitalism and free markets work well when there is an abundance of information for consumers to choose optimal providers. This game doesn't provide any useful info about vendors and EK markets, sht you can't even filter out offline EK's.
  13. Nobody is disputing the need for a wipe. Just pointing out it won't change anything and most of us who put in big time to the game it won't effect either way, though it will negatively impact the solo/small guild players who are excited to have finally made their first set of blue armor or something. The main reason for the kill/death disparity is that most chaos people I run into just stand in bank instead of fight, or literally farm in basic gear and seemingly don't care. I fight in green gear and white vessels, like just try out PvP - you might find you enjoy it.
  14. Yes I know, I honestly don't care if there is a wipe because it won't effect me much, I'll be back in gear in no time. They could wipe tomorrow, I don't give a sht. " suggest a item wipe, my reasoning is due to people taking advantage of the 100% uptime of bene harvest, infinite trees on EK's for mass farming of dust/embers, bugged weapon crafting and a few other things that gave them an advantage over people who didn't know about these things or newer players." My point is for the last time, it is not going to remove a so-called advantage that you perceive. What holds most people back is lack of coordination, organization, friends, and time.
  15. I have been on test server, and I am aware. Doesn't change my stance. I'm sure there will be a wipe soon anyway, but it won't stop me from asserting that wipes don't somehow magically even the odds for everyone. The odds are even only for that brief couple moments after every logs back in for the first time, then the calculus immediately starts changing. Wipes hurt the players the most who have the least amount of guild-mates and time they can commit to logistics.
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