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  1. The big durability hit we reference here is in regard to the tow-trucking of your vessel back to a shrine, correct? While they did mention the concept of enemies forcing the tow-trucking somehow, that was not definite was it? Seems to me there is room there to experiment and iterate on the concept to find a balance that makes death something you want to evaluate the pros/cons of engaging in combat. In other words, make death more meaningful, and cause it to take more time to return to the fight - giving victors a chance to hold the ground they won.
  2. I suppose one rationale is to create more churn in the gear market to give crafters something to do, which I can understand. They need to let that market develop first though
  3. Just means that being without a guild or group will be even more sub-optimal. They need to add more social tools ASAP, preferably before they make solo play == being shat upon by the 6 biggest groups.
  4. Why I am extremely dissapointed (waste of money)

    Why I am extremely disappointed (waste of time) reading this thread. reasons.
  5. Will Crowfall be f2p or i will have to buy it?

    @JamesGoblin how could you possible like that post!
  6. What am I missing?

    Ok I see what your concern is now. Pretty sure people can make Intermediate gear the first minute of the game going live, they will just have to go to a fort with crafting tables. Also pretty sure that Intermediate crafting recipes use experimentation points gained from the Basic Crafting skill tree.
  7. Intended Play Style of Warfare?

    No, I simply pointed out quite simply how baseless your assertion was by parroting it back. Feel free to keep making up bullsht though. lmao
  8. BETA

    Everyone wants to know the answer to that question.
  9. Will Crowfall be f2p or i will have to buy it?

    No. Maybe it will one day once the game is in decline and no longer very popular - like they do with other old MMO's now.
  10. What am I missing?

    People will just use basic gear instead? I fail to see the problem here.
  11. Intended Play Style of Warfare?

    That method has been tested/used for the better part of two decades and more builds simply does not equal more balance. What you're asserting is an absolute fallacy.
  12. Intended Play Style of Warfare?

    What should the game care about this? It is a concern completely in the realm of meta, so up to the players. You don't like it? Make a guild full of people who want to play whatever they want. "If 1 Race only has access to 3 Classes and each of those Classes only has access to 5 Disciplines - that really isn't very much variation, and withing a month the "best" combination will be found." No, the opposite will occur. The more variations there are the more impossible it is to balance the classes so that as many as possible of their variations are meaningful.
  13. On Assassin - Diffusion ability: With a Basic Toxin slotted, this ability seems to do nothing. More Details, I had two clients running on my computer, both chars in one of my EK's to test. As the assassin, with multiple pips, I did the Diffusion ability on my other char, a Champion. The animation occurred, but no damage or debuffs were applied the the target char.
  14. On the Champion - Hurlbat ability: The tooltip says 24 sec. cooldown, and applies a 50% slow. Actual effect -> 30% slow and the ability has a 6 second cooldown. The slow lasts for 6 seconds.
  15. Pro testing. Serious, good job finding that bug!