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  1. What went wrong?

    Well, I'll just stay out of these discussions then. I figured you guys might have some videos, but in the end proving it is possible doesn't mean the system makes sense. Ultimately this just looks/sounds like me QQ'ing so I'll give it a rest. Knowing it is possible to win in a system that has hundreds of variables that could change the odds doesn't change my mind about the baseline mechanics being set up to to benefit zergs.
  2. What went wrong?

    I agree with Blazzen, it's technically possible to win outnumbered fights in CF, so yeah sure maybe not guaranteed, obviously, because you have like the Balance faction where 80% of the people play assassin or are new, organized groups on voice comms vs pugs, etc. etc - but in my opinion the game is designed to make winning outnumbered fights not a thing by virtue of the mechanics. There is no legitimate reason that I can think of why AoE's should be limited to just 5 targets that makes any sense with respect to the concepts of warfare unless you want to ensure that smaller groups of players cannot annihilate a much larger group by virtue of landing AoEs on them. You've got some great anecdotal evidence that I feel is unverifiable, but that's ok I know you are a good player and I respect what I've seen you and your group do, so I don't think you are lying. I may not personally be a stellar player but I have played with what I feel is some of the best players in the game, off and on for the last 2 years, and I've never seen us win a big fight outnumbered out in the open. We may have put up a good fight here and there, but it always ends the same. There is my non-verifiable anecdotal evidence. lol
  3. What went wrong?

    Personally, I'm talking more about 5 vs 8, or 8 vs 12 -- rather than 2 vs 3. The larger the engagement the more exacerbated the numbers advantage becomes. If you think understanding some new meta, as if there was a high skill floor for combat in this game anyway, is going to win those other fights, yeah nah. Some would say that winning those first fights should never happen, debatable IMO. I take issue with the fact that the game is designed to ensure those lopsided fights should always end in one outcome. Presently, if you have enough (3:2, maybe less) numbers advantage you don't really need to use any game skill, just bum rush the enemy. That's poor game design I feel. There is really no penalty for mindless zerging.
  4. Range stat

    It use to, but then they reduced the abilities it would work on because what you are asking for is custard ridiculous.
  5. What went wrong?

    Do friendly players in front of you (los'ing your target enemy) block bow basic attacks?
  6. What went wrong?

    ACE has specifically designed this game to be determined by numbers advantage. That is evident by the cap on number of targets you can hit with AoE. Playing on Balance basically means you are outnumbered all the time, so thats #BalanceLife
  7. Yeah, I tried pointing out the inefficiencies and obnoxious nature of that setup in the past. A lot of folks invested in the trade/crafting side of this game seem to prefer the status quo. There is a large spectrum of possibilities between universal global single point of sale auction house (like WoW) and unique EK-based vendors not available in campaign worlds (CF). Adding a resource marketplace clearing-house for people to buy and sell ore/hide, etc. in the campaign world like in a fort, that isn't global, would go a long way to increasing the volume of trade between players while also not making the process trivial to participate in. In non-faction worlds, it would even provide a way for people to ferry resources bewteen exchanges (geographically distant) in order to conduct trade arbitrage.
  8. With my 3 crafting accounts, I would love to be able to go to another EK right now and buy resources. It is obnoxious that crafting output in EKs has a hard cap based on the exports from the single campaign, but with enough accounts it is workable for this month-long campaign. Since ACE seems to want us to use this annoying workflow, I guess I have to deal with it. If anybody wants to be dedicated to selling ore through an EK vendor, please let me know, and I will buy that stuff from you on a regular basis. I would be thrilled if my crafting accounts never had to leave the EK space in order to get raw materials for making armor.
  9. Also agreed. Since it is used in the crafting of various items it has intrinsic value. But then, they could just make it that you use gold in crafting instead.
  10. For me it was because the trade/vendor system is incredibly obnoxious to work with. There needs to be a resources only clearing house marketplace vendor inside campaign worlds so that people can buy/sell resources asynchronously. Having to export poorly made socks to your EK or meet manually after spamming General chat to do a 1:1 trade is so inefficient that it is annoying to do.
  11. I mean, on Balance, when we own no forts, and there aren't any other, maybe 1 other person in the main zone, I just log off. #BalanceLife
  12. State of the Knight 5.7.1

    They should give second wind with upgrade to third wind capability to knights, downgrade it to first wind for champions. Make a new and optional block ability that when actively blocking you take ZERO damage, but cannot move, and get no damage bonus. The various "wind" abilities trigger when you don't take damage right? So make it so knight can choose to bunker up with their shield, while their stamina holds they regen health rapidly, then come back out swinging.
  13. State of the Knight 5.7.1

    I tried out knight the past couple months, made a serious effort at it. Guinea knight is interesting with the ability to collaborate with stealthers. The lack of a self heal is just hard to deal with though. I went back to Champion.
  14. East Europe Is Not Russia

    To be fair, most Americans are so poorly educated they could not point out Belarus, Lithuania, or Ukraine on a map. Sorry man.
  15. The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

    People who farm those areas solo in a non-stealth class deserve some kind of medal. Not sure if for bravery or whatever, but something.