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  1. None of the website store or kickstarter mounts are importable a the moment. Presently, you can go to an NPC vendor in the campaign temples and buy the standard mount for 1200 gold. You can loot a recipe to upgrade that mount to a faster epic one, which costs a bunch of leather and some chaos embers.
  2. So, the Vindicator spec has a talent that adds 30% slashing damage bonus (default cap btw) when activating Holy Warrior. But here is the thing, and yes I know for vets this is known, but I am checking in on this. So, when you activate Holy Warrior its default activity is to convert all damage to Holy Damage, which can't be mitigated. So, does this talented Holy Warrior boost your slashing damage by 30% and then convert to Holy damage, or is it the other way around and the 30 slashing dmg bonus is lost to the void? I know a lot of vets believe it is the not optimal version, but has ACE ever acknowledged this and weighed in on the behavior?
  3. They're probably just going to soft launch after they are satisfied with their polish and bug fixes post-Dregs release. Todd essentially said anyway that the terms alpha/beta are meaningless in the context of their project.
  4. There is no content to be had in campaign worlds because of the half-baked siege timer system and high level resources spread out everywhere in numerous supply. And even then, the resource levels are high enough in Infected that I personally see no need to bother harvesting in campaign world. So yeah, all the recommendations in the OP are spot on.
  5. You complain constantly about uncle bob and yet don't see how gating advancement completely behind access to resources will produce more uncle bob. Either way, IDGF too much because ACE is going to time-gate advancement in some form another because every MMO does. If they don't this will just be a long term MOBA.
  6. "The first flaw is it offers new players a reason to log off for a week and come back, or forget to come back and not come back." Or they could log in, play, kill mobs, accumulate gold, buy higher quality gear, etc. Just saying.
  7. Watch how people would then complain that they can't advance their characters at all because the top guilds completely control access to the rare and required resources in your theoretical alternative system. #PlayToCrush No, what ACE would actually implement is a system like Albion Online where instead of grinding mobs for a few hours (white) or days (blue+) to get your vessel to 30, you grind mobs for weeks and months to get skill training nodes unlock actual upgrade stats.
  8. Already pretty low pop compared to Albion Online when it was pre-alpha. New people will come in, see an even more deserted game, and say #deadgaem, byeee. ACE just needs to finish getting Dregs (the real game) into release. amirite
  9. If Passive Training does stay in the game and there is a soft-launch, and ACE does implement catch-up mechanics, I could see some kind of BIG post-soft-launch promotion for the real prime time that includes a bunch of catch-u-mechanic voucher/items to people purchasing the game.
  10. People who rarely play or have not been playing long don't feel like they have much to lose. That is not surprising to me. Time and energy spent trying to be successful in this game is certainly something that is expended, ergo lost. That wiping of effort is keenly felt by folks who log 20+ hours a week in this game every week for the last 9 months (beginning of big content release of 2019) Some people like to snicker at WB for "tryharding" but honestly - for the folks saying this phase of the game needs to be tested to be prepared well for launch and live, well there you go, WB has been testing and showing what effort might look like to try and win/succeed in this game. Your welcome? lol ok, sorry I'm not sure what valuable test info will be gained by having people who log in maybe 3 times and quit as the body of testers for this so-called essential testing operation. A full wipe is likely to cause the people actually doing the bulk of playing and testing, to not want to do much playing and testing. In my mind it is a catch22. The catch22 is primarily a result of many people being tired of playing Crowfall 5.X So, TLDR - a full wipe is not likely to cause the kind of testing that people think a wipe will enable.
  11. When people here say they think the game at a zero start state needs to be tested, what many are actually saying is they want other people to log in and test it for them because many of the folks in this and the other thread don't really play the game anymore to the degree that is required to actually test this stuff.
  12. People already buy more accounts to do everything, I do that, what I mean is preventing people from being able to do everything at max effectiveness from the moment they install the game. ACE will not allow that, no game allows that. You take away passive training as a means to time-gate players capabilities and ACE will add active grinding chores to time-gate people from being able to do things at max level right away. You are trading a time-gate mechanism which is egalitarian and applied equally to everyone to one that benefits people only who do nothing but play all day doing mindless game chores. We already have that game, it is Albion Online.
  13. Except ACE will then just add some kind of active time wasting component as an alternative to ensure that people aren't able to do everything right away. The grind as you put it will be increased.
  14. You mean except for their ult which has near constant uptime while melee attacking and provides a large barrier and lifesteal? I feel like you don't have nearly as much game knowledge as you think you do based on your confident tone, to be making proclamations.
  15. "If you add to Constitution, you get more health, nothing more. This does not affect defense capacity in any way, only maximum health, which most Rangers have little demand for (maybe a Warden)." Constitution impacts Barrier bonus, also Blocking IIRC.
  16. If you are going to demand people answer your threads in the manner in which you prefer, you should seriously consider just uninstalling your internet.
  17. If guards had War Tribe type of AI they would be more useful.
  18. I think the moral of the story here is that Staff just runs his mouth a lot and turns otherwise civil conversations into political mudslinger shtshows. He's basically just ChildOfTark.
  19. As far as the callouts, I mean, I take on duels fairly often, but I'll be honest this game is poorly made socks for it. There is zero class balancing on a 1v1 basis, with some classes being horribly countered by others, and most classes completely unable to deal with stealth capable types, etc. etc. I use duels as a way to get content and learn, but if people want to use it as a way to grow epeen, well - lol - I can't think of a worse game for it to feel legit - nothing is standardized or balanced. You could go into a duel with somebody and lose 95% of the time because they spend 10 hours a day hitting rocks and have purple gear while you have green. What does that even demonstrate? Hitboxes and abilities are so forgiving you can't really not hit people, it mostly comes down to who better countered the other guy before the fight even started.
  20. You're like, the one honorable and reasonable person in a sea of bullpoorly made socksters and scoundrels. From here on forth, I'm going to call you Lady Brienne.
  21. Who would be fcking afraid of something in a game? It's about wasting my time, ie. gear durability and time spent going back to corpse. I can kill more people per hour if I don't purposefully run into longshot fights for giggles. Me and Balf have won 2v6 and poorly made socks sure, but at that point winning those fights is more about how completely inept your enemies are rather than your personal skill. The skill cap in this game is not that high, let's all be honest with ourselves. 80% of winning Crowfall right now is the willingness to grind logistics and to make smart macro decisions during the course of the campaign.
  22. Morning crew with Balf and Eth and me were having fun ganking order people the other day till we jumped down into the gorge and saw that everybody in zone had grouped up there. It went bad pretty quick, but whatevs got a couple before we got deleted. The way I see it, just about every fight is an opportunity to learn something. So as long as my group has a healer, even if the fight is 3 vs 10, we'll see what we can do. Like, if it is 2 of us and 10 people, and no healer between us, there is really no point.
  23. Hence why I used alt accounts on enemy factions to spy with "/who". Don't feel like wasting my time roaming around empty zones, so I would pop in to see if there was somebody to fight. So no, Ginko (per his earlier post), me personally I am not ashamed at using cross-faction spying. For a game designed around PvP it is sometimes damn hard to get PvP. I'm hoping siege windows for forts changes this.
  24. The neckbearding is legit though, I log in in the morning for a 6 hour session, and I scout my main keep and I have to deal with people already deleted all of the iron nodes, and I log onto my other accounts set up in order and chaos areas and I find empty keeps with no guards and R10 hunger shards everywhere. I wish winning CF was more about mechanical skill and tactics right now, but simply putting in PvE work regardless of numbers has a pretty outsized effect on points.
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