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  1. I guess that's subjective. I pretty much lived and died by my ability to dodge things in that game, and I died far more often than not. But even if GW2 is on one extreme of the spectrum as you suggest, CF is undisputedly on the opposite end of it. Perhaps as PopeUrban suggests, there is some middle ground that would still provide engaging dodge-gameplay without going overboard. My perspective is that dodge-tanking is more active/engaging/fun than many other forms of counter-play, and it can be balanced more delicately than outright removing it from the game.
  2. It rains indoors: You can dodge while logging out, resulting in a weird animation. Since dodging does nothing but reposition (no iframe), and since logging out roots you in place, I assume this must not be intentional: Actually, you can use all skills while logging out. I think you need to try and open menus/inventory while logging out in order to make it happen: When splitting very large inventory stacks, some digits are cut off:
  3. This isn't only applicable to TEST, but capturing small objectives like outposts seems to involve steamrolling meaningless NPCs, then sitting around by a campfire twiddling your thumbs for several minutes. Making the NPC combat significantly more difficult so that the fight lasts longer and taxes your resources, and then shortening the 'waiting around period' would help to mitigate this. The outpost could become 'contested' once you engage the NPCs, so you would still attract other PCs, and you would have to make sure not to blow your resources on the NPCs, lest you find yourself in a hi
  4. Opening the map while in game causes FPS issues. These improve after spending a point on the passive skill tree. Enbarri still sometimes charge directly into the ground, putting them in this state:
  5. I agree the game feels slow, and not just with the rez-timers. Things like 10-sec channeling to activate a temple gate, followed by 5-minute zone loads are even more egregious. Scarcity of mobility and de-emphasis on dodges (they lack an iframe), slow and/or unresponsive-feeling animations, long cool-downs, and passive gameplay (literally progressing while offline) add to the geriatric vibe, too.
  6. There is still no option in the settings to reassign the UI button to cycle through comms channels (defaults to the tab key). You can still assign the tab key to another action, though, which means you can still assign the tab key to multiple functions. The solution should be to add an option to reassign the comms channel switching button, under the UI section. (no video) There's a floating rodent merchant in the keep in Blenden: There's a chest that looks like another was placed over it and slightly offset, making it difficult to interact with: Faerie Fire effects drop off
  7. The cooking stations sound ridiculous. Stamina regen from things like disciplines and talents should appear in the combat log. That's a major resource and needs transparency. Related...it's unclear why Retaliate Refund is a "trait" on disciplines like Underdog. Why not make it a "power" instead? Is the Fast Counter Attack Talent on the Champion tree also a "trait"? Do they stack? More visibility is needed, as these are very important abilities.
  8. The moon had an artifact that looks like it was getting cut off by trees or something: Enbarri would sometimes launch themselves into the ground and get stuck there: The red border/screen on low health doesn't always trigger: Personal healing modifier from Champion's Obstinance talent doesn't seem to have any impact on Ultimate Warrior's healing amount, which is Champion's main personal healing skill. The heal also doesn't seem to scale with healing bonus, or with support power.
  9. Then adding an "evasion" to the dodge would accomplish the intended effect (avoiding getting hit). Otherwise it's very hard to consider it a dodge or defensive skill at all. Right now it is purely a repositioning tool, which isn't useless, but certainly not what it could be.
  10. It would help to see the amount of xp gain from quest objectives, instead of xpGainedReward/2 etc. On talent trees, Minor Disciplines should be gated behind only one rank in the leading skills. Especially relavent for knight's Chivalry, for example. You shouldn't be forced to take 3 ranks in a garbage talent just to unlock a minor slot. More active methods to significantly increase short-term crit chance would improve build options and gameplay. Surfaces like marble, etc. should work like roads, granting pathfinder and speed buff. It's strange going from a cobblestone road to a
  11. At extreme distance, fae on horses look like they might be in T-pose and standing on the back of the horse. There are two urgu rangers stuck in the ground and invuln on the sun temple map. NPCs, when blinded, seem capable of turning and facing the character to attack. Minotaur champion basic attacks while falling or jumping have broken weapon animations. The new discipline vendors (resource reagent vendors) have runes in random (non-alphabetical) order. Numbers shown on screen don't match those shown in the combat log. There's an elemental minion stuck in th
  12. Healing skills need to be able to self-target.
  13. The number shown on the game screen (in green over the character's head) when using Naiad healing skills is always one higher than that shown in the combat log.
  14. I'm not convinced that some kind of behind-the-scenes adjustment to account for uneven sides is necessarily a good thing. Outnumbered fights should be difficult. We ought to lose far more outnumbered fights than we win. I think most people would figure winning a 1v2 fight against decent opponents should be fairly unique and should provide a sense of accomplishment, and I don't see why 5v10 or 15v30 should be any different. But as others have also suggested, we should have tools that at least give small groups (or solo players) a better shot if they play really well. From my experie
  15. I think the main crux of the issue goes beyond the campaign rules and availability of objectives, though those are also important. There aren't sufficient tools available for survival alongside zergs, short of joining or forming another zerg. More kiting tools (mobility and cc-immunity), self-sustain, and all-purpose builds are needed. That's how you "deal with it".
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