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    Writing, Photography, History, Outdoors, Gaming, Lore, and World Culture.
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    Tucson, AZ & South-Central Texas
  1. ravensinger

    Vanilla Wow

    You guys looking forward to patch 6.1? I mean it could be better but it's got some neat stuff in it so I'm not tripping out about it like a lot of other players are. What server are y'all on?
  2. Currently playing WoW almost exclusively -- doing rep grinds and trying to gear up via Highmaul and now Blackrock Foundry. Hope to start playing ESO again once it goes free in March. Occasionally hop into Pirate101/Wizard101 to do pet stuff but that's about it waiting for new content in both games i.e. New world for Wizards, Book 15 for Pirates.
  3. Old school player who got their copy of Blue back in 1998. I've played just about every Pokemon game: Snap, Colosseum, Trozei, Mystery Dungeon series, Ranger (Only 1st one), Pinball, Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Leafgreen, Firered Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, White, BW2, X, and Alpha Sapphire. Needless to say I'm pretty much a Pokenerd.
  4. I've played it off and on since July 2014 but it didn't hold my interest. Not that it was bad, though.
  5. Thank you, I definitely look forward to see what Mr. Coleman and the rest of the ArtCraft team have in store!
  6. Must be the Santa Ana winds blowin' ;)

  7. Hello one and all! So not sure if I'm completely sold on this game being revolutionary but I'm hopeful. I'll be weighing in on the feel of it all: teases, future beta (hopefully I'm in), and the community itself. Looking forward to meeting new people as well as continue to build on previous relationships from other games. I've been playing MMOs for about 7 years but games in general for 16 years. Some of you from the Kingsisle community will recognize me. It's Alric Ravensinger, Community Leader and Official Fansite owner of The Petnome Project and Petnome Pirates. I have a tendency to play RPGs but I've played a bit of everything from Mario to Resident Evil, Pokemon to Everquest, God of War to Banjo Kazooie. Current games include: World of Warcraft (WoD), The Elder Scrolls, Hexic, and a tiny bit of Diablo. I'm very passionate person in general, tend to debate but I always keep it friendly -- kinda. Other interests include cooking, photography, and I absolutely love the outdoors especially the mountains and deserts of Arizona where I'm from. I live in Texas now with my awesome girlfriend but I'll always miss home. (Go Wildcats!) I love reading, writing, and I like discussing culture/customs with folks especially friends from across the pond. Hope to see y'all around the forums. P.
  8. Great new addition! If you haven't checked out Crush the Throne yet you're missing out! It's no half-baked idea! Glad to see you're almost to 100 members now.
  9. For @Mr Coleman is there anything you wished you'd done differently with Wizard101/Pirate101 and the Spiral in general? More specifically in establishing the world, lore, the feel of it all, direction to your team, etc. I liked Wizards because of the lore but there was something lacking almost non-immersive about it that as time went on the questing, the worlds themselves didn't hold my attention as well anymore. There are moments in Wizard101 where lore is very good and truly well written like Avalon and in some places, Celestia lore shines too. But when paired against it's younger brother Pirate101 I feel (and so do many others I've talked to about this) that the pacing, story, lore, and overall feel is night and day. I'm not a complete convert and I'll never walk away from either one (The community is real close knit as you know and I run 2 official sites for both games anyway) but I play Wizards now mostly for the social aspect -- to hang with all the friends I've made there over the past 5 years. I play Pirate101 for the social aspect too but mostly because the story is a damn good one and it keeps me coming back, wanting more. I love story driven games. When individuals see a vision and bring it to life in a game via a beautiful marriage of driven story, gameplay, and aesthetics.
  10. So cliche. I'm more of a meat and potatoes kinda guy versus sweets. The Nyquil was just to calm you down. But to get back on topic, I'm not upset but I just find it funny to complain about W101 being brought up in a topic specifically asking a question about the game. I've got nothing but love....and hate for you firestarter, you are after all the member who joined after me. Were are like clutch-brothers.
  11. None of those, I'd rather have you....with a side of eggs. Over-medium. But would you like some juice? Or NyQuil?
  12. Oh right, because you're "hardcore" right? You don't play "dem kiddie games" huh? That aside, half of the damn people that have come to support Mr. Coleman come from those games possibly more. Who would of thought there would be a lot brought up about it? Hmm.
  13. Versus adults who get tough on the internet? Lol. But I guess it makes sense to pick on others, we all know IRL your wife and kids (possibly your mother in law) IF you even are married wear the pants and pick on you. Now go back to watching reruns of Top Gear. Here is a beer on me!
  14. Sickness and germs! Now give me a kiss!

  15. I want mounts that can be earned and/or obtain by some sort of Crafting or Profession system. Crafted: Motorbikes Abomination creatures (Think hindquarters of wolf, front a lion, head of a buffalo). We "stitch" them. Flying contraptions like Jet powered packs and Steampunk Icarus Wings Tanks Dropped: Stallions Leopards Hippocampus Hawk (I'd love a Harris' Hawk mount personally) Professions: (Sort of stealing WoW's professions for sake of topic) Herbalism: Flytrap Vines Cactus Skinning: Skinned Wolf Skinned Bear Mining: Stone giant Some sort of Crystal creatures etc
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