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  1. SSSSHHHH!!!!! Jesse Strung MUST play Crowfall. He must.
  2. Eggs? Really? Seems odd. I was thinking more whip cream and chocolate, but we can try it your way. No need to go all Bill Cosby on me with the nyquill either. Just holler at me girl.
  3. You seem upset. Would you like a cup of tea? A laxative maybe?
  4. I'm not sure we need a middle ground. i think most of us on both sides get it. The only problem is those who can't seperate the trolls on both sides from the communities as a whole. Don't believe all this wizards are gonna stick together and succeed with love and teamwork crap. A lot of us are really anxious for this to be open pvp, not least because there are other wizards we want to kill. People should also take a break from these sb v wiz threads(which are great fun) and read a bunch of the threads actually having serious discussions about game design and content. There is some great stuff here. This wiz is learning a lot.
  5. Some of these wizards, you are gonna need to get in a long line of other wizards if you want to kill them.
  6. Omg Neso. I would like this post a million times if I could.
  7. Drogenn! What happened? The stache was gone last night, how did you grow it back so fast? Also, you look....different somehow. New glasses?
  8. See, this is not how you do talk smack, forumbane, whatever you want to call it. Don't be painfully awkward Rob Lowe, all afraid because there are people here. It's ok. Use the the stall if that helps you go pee pee. When you get out we will see about getting you fitted for a sense of humor and maybe even a little bit of wit.
  9. Lol, not sure the way to make the SB crowd take you seriously is talking about pve content my fellow wizzies. A lot of wizard players are gonna wash out of this game quickly I think. That's ok, I may even be one of them depending on how of a time investment it takes to be successful. But there are some wizards here that are gonna surprise the heck out of you guys. They are smart, experienced players who have been playing together for years(sound familier?). Keep an eye on that Hive clan for sure. Ass for the carebears and asshats, take it for what it's worth and have a laugh. There are a few trolls on both sides taking themselves way too seriously. Don't feed them. Oh, and all I ask of any of you who may want to take a jab at me personally? Please be funny, be original, be smart or clever. I will do my best to return the favor.
  10. Wow, are people really bent out of shape about this stuff? I thought it was all in good fun, and the few SB guys I jabbed at seemed to respond in kind. I don't know if this is going to be Shadowbane two, but I'm pretty damn sure it isn't going to be anything like Wizard101. Anyone who can't handle being called a care bear might not enjoy this game methinks.
  11. As swiftly and harshly as possible!
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