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  1. I am making this topic in order to help the improve the forums view of the game combat and what can make it better. I have seen a lot of people adding and comparing from other games to Crowfall previously in other posts, made suggestions on how combat might work, what a support actually is, and how stuns might affect the gameplay. I have written one post earlier regarding the Druid Archtype and what type of spells they might use, in that post I used Bloodline Champions as a comparison. Bloodline Champions as a game was.. well less of a success, starting up as a arena based game during the upcoming of other games such as HoN and League of Legends its kinda obvious why it fell in the dark. In a last effort attempt to increase player base it borrowed ideas from the games prior mentioned. In the end the game is on Steam (free) for those who wish to share my experience of their combat system. However as I see Crowfall currently they look like they can borrow some concepts of BLC because even if the game lacked player base and continuity what it actually managed to pull off was: Unique Champions/Spells, and excellent combat. The game of course had stuns, the way the game handled it was with mobility, counters and obstacles. Obstacles are one of the most important counters to stuns especially with this type of combat, if you can manage to get in the rangers blindspot while a big stun goes off you will be in pretty good shape after (this is also the idea games like WoW arena shared). Being able to easily travers and create blindspots that is the true idea and aspect of a support! Guild Wars 2 has a combat style which also resembles Crowfall, however I personally find it lacking in the PvP concept while I also find it the best aspect of that game. I am truely excited about Crowfall, and I hope that the combat will be as good and as immersive as I believe it can be. Please share your ideas of how what great combat is, where we could find it and how it can help create a vision/idea of what the combat will be like. While people might not agree with each other about combat I feel like it could be a helpful discussion to have and give ideas of what to play while we wait! (Thanks for reading! Don't be to harsh!)
  2. Orkanen

    Druid Spells

    Personally I am a bit sad to see so many people focusing on the dps aspect of our supports. Secondly the aesthetic of many of these concepts are far from the view I have of a druid (especially a support), Im not supporting the 'Feral' druid concept or the 'Beastmaster' concept. To me a druid is someone who wield life to support their companions, and as life its not instant its more slow growing and empowering. The idea of runes, enhancing and enchanting is more what I see the druid as which was mentioned earlier. If I were to create the concept of a druid or a promotion class it would be more of a Bard or a Alchemist, two ideas which tends to be poorly presented in most games if even at all. In order to help you understand my concept Ill give you an idea of where I borrowed it: Dryad (From Bloodline Champions) which is also similar to: Bard (League of Legends) AND Alchemist (From Bloodline Champions) while bloodline champions might not have been overly successive on its own, the concept for their champions and a lot of their supports abilities are ON POINT. (This is my first post) Thanks for reading and I hope some of you might actually enjoy and share MY idea of what a druid actually is, and I hope this won't be overlooked. Let's help make a great game <3
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