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the legendary pvper

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    Just a dude that likes to pvp in MMO games.
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  1. Will any of our beta progress carry over to the actual game?
  2. I am real og, posted on the Non-English board.
  3. Duelists look like gophers, sorry if that was a lame observation. Can they dig holes on the ground and cause sinkholes? Can the duelist just hide underground to avoid attacks at all cost if they could? If the duelist could dig holes, could you like blast fires into them and cause them to get hurt? I see the duelist has a stabby weapon and a gun, are they both melee and ranged attack at the same time? If you could dig would there be limitations to where you could dig? Sorry if this post sucked, but I still don't understand how the duelist can be any good based on his original stats.
  4. lol so this is going to be our guild?
  5. Uh are we able to choose genders on every school? I hope we do because I played a game called Dragonsnest where this wasn't the case, and it sucked because the boy schools were stronger physically but the girls got better magic, and it wasn't fair for people who are lets say straight that couldn't choose more schools than the genders they were. I also hope we can look different than people in our school besides different dyes on hair and stuff. I don't want this game to be like wizard101 except for the stitching part where there is diversity in how people look.
  6. Hahaha nice try "Ronan" and all other people trying to say I am the fake. I haven't talked to any from wizard since early August. You can go on my youtube channel and find the link for the twitter if you are interested in me proving you are wrong. I am sorry for all the confusion that is going on elsewhere, and I will soon post a video on my channel.
  7. I will post a video shortly once this game is released. Thanks all fans out there for me, good luck.
  8. Team Perfect Catch consists of the best skilled players in the game. We do our own thing, you guys follow.
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