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  1. I thought roadrunners where extinct...
  2. Probably a bot. They hit the star citizen forum about once a week. Flag and ignore.
  3. It funds the game and really what it comew down to is can you justify it as an expense. To me the package Im doing layaway for comes with a small castle, mainly because lqyaway is freakin awsome and I would rather not have to spend ages grinding. So I pay a little extra now to save time later. It may not make sense to you but to me its good.
  4. Gyay puppy! Even if they dont somebody somewhere will figure the math out. I plan on minmaxing for straight crafting and building. I WANT TO BE THE VERY BEST LIKE NOONE EVER WAS!
  5. Its a long shot, I just like the idea
  6. Would prefer a novel/comic/manga myself
  7. I just would like to know the size difference between latge, medium, and small castles. Sorry if its mentioned, Im reading through the class arch section of the faq atm.
  8. Ive been tapped out on normal fantasy for a while now, thats why I have been enjoying the stories that are more rpg oriented, like D. RUS'S alterworld series and the Overlord novel. Game verse becomes real seems big lately and I like it a lot. That and old journals from people in the 13th century.
  9. Stoneborn Golemaster Born of stone to give life to stone the stoneborn golemaster creates living creatures from the earth around them. Craft minion- craft a statue and bring it to life, capable of carrying things or small labor Craft stone guardian- creates a minion of stone who excells in fighting. Walking wall- enchants a section of wall in place to move it to another place, only useable on your own walls. Passive ability: Body of steel- you can use some of your metal resources to craft superior minions instead of stone.
  10. I plan on being a member of the Dorf master race. But I also plan on maxing out my building and crafting stats via any minmax build I can think of. Hammer of the gods with a bad eye and a drinking problem? Sounds about right to me. Brothers of the Mine rejoice! Raise your pick and raise your voice!
  11. so I may have missed it but I cant find any info. Do we have any idea how large parcels actually are?
  12. You know an underground base could easily be a tomb if someone collapses your mineshafts.
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