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  1. Hab da gerade unter "Das Spiel -> Über das Spiel -> Unsterbliche Champions" eine doppelt gemoppelte Angabe gefunden. Dachte ich poste das mal fix zwecks Korrektur ... "Du kannst mehrere Charaktere erstellen und führen und an mehreren Kampagnen gleichzeitig teilnehmen – jeden mit einzigartigen Kräften, Fähigkeiten und Ressourcen! Du kannst mehrere Helden erstellen und durch mehrere aktive Kampagnen und Königreiche führen, jeden mit seinen eigenen Fähigkeiten und Ressourcen." ... Was man nicht alles so findet auf der Suche nach Antworten zum Legionären-Bildersuche-Event? ^^
  2. I think inns should be handled like a must for the game out of all the different aspects of the game: First off, just think of the crafters who dedicated themself to professions like cooking or brewing. If a smith may have his workshop for crafting and trading, then the cooks and brewers also need a spot for that. Also, those crafted consumables may play an important role, so many people may look for an inn to supply themself up between their adventures. Also, the RPG-part playes a great role. Yeah, CF is a game of sieging and warfare, but also an rpg where people want to play their characters not only as combat machines. This also includes ingame meetings like recruiting people, handle out contract between guilds and all the other social interaction between the players. Of cause, in some CW there should also be places like inns, but that depends of the nature of the CW (like allready mentioned). I also think of main fortresses of guilds/factions which are safe enough (not lost again in a day or two ^^) to include an inn that is then used as a meeting hall for strategic discussions as well. Also, this could have more cooking places to support more food crafters to supply the surrounding forts and other points of interest controlled by that guild/faction. The idea of minigames sounds fun, but I think that would be something for the time after the game releases. But if something like such games happen I would be a fan of dice and card games ... for the bounties, well, that can be quite dificult to implement and may lead to some problems, so I think such should be handled internal in a guild and not globaly through a blackboard.
  3. What's about modularity of skins? ... I think of items "forged together" with different parts. For example a sword can be made with different blades, hilts and pommels. Or for shields you can chose a base material (wood, polished metal, rough metal), a frame and a logo/attachment. ... This would also reduce the time to design all skins, because with 5 blades, 5 hilts and 5 pommels you would be able to create 125 different skins (for example)
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