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  1. So any of you mother custarders that are still around, I'm in SBEmu right now attempting to relive the glory days. Come on over. https://discord.gg/PZQz9eU
  2. How does one go about getting into this game to check it out? It's still in...pre-alpha? ETA...2025? What the actual custard.
  3. Czar! When is this game happening? Let's do it.
  4. And still, you have yet to list a single one of those "other games". And which one of those "other games" did you do well in a large, competitive environment? I don't expect you to answer this, but I figured I would ask. Again.
  5. You assume that "SB Loyalists" only played SB and nothing else? Pretty ignorant assumption. What are these "other games"?
  6. To sum up all of his posts: I quit SB before it evolved past "we have the bigger zerg"... The early days of Shadowbane were garbage. How can anyone claim to be "elite" when they were hiding behind 150-200 people that were nothing but cannon fodder? Shadowbane peaked when the powerhouse guilds were 50-100 strong. When skill and tactics trumped pure numbers. When a tight-knit group of 30-40 could obliterate 2-3 times their number, and did so regularly... The first few months of Shadowbane were trash. I was there, and I fought with, and against, the supposed "elite" guilds. They were noth
  7. Hi Tool. You ever get one of those electric motorcycles?
  8. Shadivak


    I like you people. Burn. A lot.
  9. I am here. I paid five bucks just to reply to this thread. I want to fork shat up like we did back in the day... And yes, this is the real Shadivak. PM me and we'll get this going again....
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