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  1. "Healing" is usually the first thing that comes to mind. If I can't cut it as a PvP'er then maybe crafting is where I should focus.
  2. Question: If a player focuses nearly all of their "effort" into things like weapon crafting and armor crafting, and can make some of the best gear on the server, will that player be a valuable asset in a campaign world due to his skill? Or would an above average crafter who has also put "effort" into combat proficiencies be more valuable (i.e. can craft good enough gear but is also not useless in a fight)? I guess it comes down to numbers. Is there a hard cap on one guild/faction roster where they will have to consider the pros and cons of dedicated crafters as compared to a well rounded player? The reason I ask is because I don't know how well I will stack up in the pvp aspect and I would like to keep my options open. We all love to pvp but that doesn't necessarily mean we are all good at it. And winning is more important to me than a K:D ratio. If my talents are better used and appreciated as a legendary crafter, that may just incentivize me enough to embrace crafting as a calling.
  3. I suspect one or two EKs will rise out from the others and will become the equivalent of Orgrimmar/SW in terms of social hubs. As I understand it there will be a lot of trading/crafting going on outside of campaigns-especially for those campaigns which have liberal import rules. You yourself have said on many occasions that part of the appeal of WoW was hanging out in capital cities and seeing people with badass gear. I don't know if crowfall will have an equivalent 'peacock show' but it would probably benefit ACE to try and incorporate that. I personally would find it more dynamic if even the hardcore players had reason to spend maybe 5% in thriving trade hubs and 95% in campaigns. If the only time you see a notorious player is in combat, that would detract from the experience. Imagine the effect that would have had on raid or pvp guilds in wow if you literally never saw the best players on your server.
  4. I will likely get the new Legion WoW expansion just to see the content. I was a big fan of Burning Crusade and the Legion xpac could bring back some fond memories! I quit after the first raid tier of cataclysm (nefarion 2.0) so I figure a 2 month sub would be good to level from 80 to 110 and see the new legion stuff. I have no interest in raiding though. Sub, level, run some dungeons, un-sub. That's the plan.
  5. What sort of win conditions do you envision for the dregs? With free-for-all, no faction, and friendly fire it sounds like a virtual meat grinder for anyone joining. If people can fight as a guild, then how is the dregs different from guild vs. guild campaigns? Thanks!
  6. Those expensive castles will prevent you from having to pay a monthly sub.
  7. More evidence this game is going to be made right!
  8. I'm concerned about the fact that everyone starts with an EK of one size. I think this runs counter to the fealty system whereby people are encouraged to distribute land to other players for development. Why should I (hypothetically) attempt to build and improve a small Lot on someone else's land instead of spending resources making my own (where I am King) better? When everyone is special, no one is. It seems to me it would make more sense for EK sizes to be small at the start and campaign spoils should be used not only to improve the land but to increase the available area. This would provide more incentive to join campaigns and also promote social interaction as some EK's quickly grow in size and require underlings to develop the area for economic advantages. I think it also provides a form of bragging rights for larger, more successful guilds to show off their prestige. I suspect the current model will have tens of thousands of kings and queens sitting in their keeps or cottages alone on their 500 acres of virtual land wondering why no one wants to accept the generous offer to develop a small piece of land for them as their servant.
  9. Hi Everyone! Absynthe here but everyone calls me 'Abs'. Just jumped in with an Amber package. Unlike many real MMO veterans I got my start in WoW, the FIRST MMO from what I hear Anyhow I enjoyed raiding in WoW from TBC till early cataclysm and then got fed up with WoW. I didn't do any regular pvp but I recall the ridiculous fun I had doing dailies at the Isle of Quel Danas. I was in a newish guild and I was frustrated and shocked at how some alliance guy was going after me so much while I tried to get my dailies done. I mentioned it in vent and some of the guys were like 'what guild is he in?' and when I said something they all laughed and said 'yeah he's just got you KoS because of our guild name'. Anyhow it was great how pvp wars would flare up in IQD at random as people tried to get dailies done and what started out as a gank would continuously escalate to ludicrious 20v20 battles. I loved the pendulum swing and the chaos. The open world pvp was great. Besides WoW I also played Eve online for a year and a half. I started out in a carebear mining guild and quickly got bored of the safety of high sec. I realized there were more valuable ores in the low sec systems and I would go to neighboring low sec systems to grab some slightly more valuable ores. I think the risk is what was more enticing than the slightly more valuable ores. Soon I left my mining behind and joined a medium sized corp trying to carve out a corner of null sec for themselves (I forget the systems but it was conveniently located at the end of a 1-system pipe transit). I trained up armor triage and had the most fun i ever had running armor reps in large fleets. Soon our corp had done enough damage that we caught the attention of a bigger fish and our fleets would get jumped by theirs and we would get overpowered when they cyno'd in their capitals. This caused the corp to go back into turtle mode in our home systems and the corp decided to move into a wormhole system to farm some isk. With no need for armor reps things got very slow for me and I decided to close the account. Anyhow, that's how a pve WoW raider / carebear high sec miner became obsessed with living a life of constant risk of fiery death in MMOs. Crowfall can't come soon enough!
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