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  1. Change the word "siege" with "Combat"
  2. They really wanted my FP set www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFvR61xb400
  3. LOL thats literally what u did. My opinion was different than yours and you cant handle it.
  4. Nothing was false i posted an opinion. One you obviously cant handle. I know you donated probably thousands of dollars on the game and its like talking down to your baby but get past the bias guy. Combat needs tons of work the OP asked for opinions i gave mine. Believe it or not i want the game to be good and strive. With how the combat is now it wont make it more than a month maybe 2.
  5. You are just posting to post now. gotta get that count up i guess.
  6. Obviously saying football size AOEs is an exaggeration, Im sorry you took that literally. Hitboxes are definitely huge and you pretty much cant miss a spell thats been the same since the beginning idk how anyone can deny that. This is why combat will stay bad you guys white knight any criticism on the game and act like everything is perfect. Look at any of the more popular videos on youtube and you will see hundreds of people complaining about the combat.
  7. Coming from one of the biggest zergs in the game of course you would defend the combat. You know I played lol. Can watch 1 video and see the combat hasnt changed since I was playing. Just added more lackluster abilities.
  8. The way combat is right now is completely setup for zergs. Its going to come down to strictly a numbers game there is very little skill gap right now. Insane amount of CC, Football Field size AOEs, 1 button heals that dont need to be aimed u just click Number "5" and you heal your whole group. Hitboxes are monstrous you cant miss a spell. All the spells are ray casts. No physics. Still a ton of animation locks. None of the classes have any kind of synergy to them whatsoever. For a game thats suppose to be a PVP game the combat is just not there.
  9. Just gonna keep randomly posting here til they fix the completely lackluster combat. k thx
  10. Sounds like something that should have been in long ago but thats a good start i guess.
  11. "pre alpha" "pre alpha" "pre alpha" Blah Blah if they actually want people to stick around and test their game for them they should make everything take 1 ore or 1 wood like they did with the Ruins or w.e they are called. Not many people who wanna harvest for hours to "test" something.
  12. Was gonna try this out but putting the servers in EU ruined it. Cant be competitive in that game with 200+ ping. I think both of the New (old) versions have failed by now also their both pretty dead.
  13. Glad the job is still getting done.... an older contribution, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yuGzQU3Ra4
  14. yep.and all thats changed with combat is they got rid of animation lock...and they made everything ray cast . They need real physics real spells not ray csts. Get rid of all this atrocious CC there is so many different types of CC in this game. this much CC doesnt belong in a "skill based" full loot game. ACE is trying to make a pvp game they need to stop listening to washed up crafters/harvestors cuz they donated thousands and listen to actual PVPers.
  15. Iv been saying this stuff and that combat needs a complete overhaul for so long now. They only listen to people that donated 5k+ tho Game is a tossed together mess.
  16. Must be your first PvP game.
  17. Nothing to do in game. Most every backer that was gonna play has played already and is already burned out by the bland combat/tedious crafting. Just waiting to see if much changes by launch but have lost most faith these days.
  18. Not gonna happen Iv been asking for this for a while now also. Everything is a massive AOE or a "Chant" or an instant heal. combat is way too bland right now and not setup at all for FF. Like iv been saying just gonna be a bunch of nutcupping zergs running around fist punching their keyboards throwing out huge unmissable spells.
  19. Changing races/classes isnt going to change the combat and how everything is a massive unmissable aoe and a Click button heal group type spell. All these Aura/Chant type spells arnt adding anything skill wise to the game their just forcing Fotm Meta groups to form. People are gonna only wanna roll around with 2clerics 2bards type thing for max buffs and every little competitive edge they can get. I foresee bard/cleric bots aswell. super easy to make a script to change auros and throw down a giant heal aoe at yourn feet for your group with no FF in game.
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