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  1. The problem with this kind of idea is that it's straight buying of power. The character slots were intended for you to have multiple archetypes training at one time, but with the inclusion of vessels that can't really stay. It would give VIP players far too much that they could skill in and those who don't have VIP,or stop paying for it, now getting VIP for free. Sorry to say but this is a really bad idea.
  2. I'm not trying to be a hooligan but the main reason this game is lacking PvE content is because it is a PvP focused game. Your idea is an ok one for a normal theme park style MMO, but CF is looking to not be that. So as the game is right now, and hopefully forever, this idea isn't even really a consideration for ACE
  3. Welcome all of the new member to the watch. Glad to have you with us.
  4. Welcome everyone who has joined while I was away lurking in the Slack chat. Glad to have everyone of you guys here and don't worry when you end up in the Slack chat, its not always as crazy as it looks.
  5. The main problem I had with the OP is that we have very little info on what we are actually going to be able to put on the hotbar. We know every archetype has a set number of skills, then with disciplines and promotions we're going tk get some new stuff but no set amount. It may also come down to being that there isn't going to be anything to put down on the hotbar, though I really doubt that but just keeping my options open. Once we get some more info on what can go on hotbars and such do I feel we must have the abilty to add more or change things that aren't as important. The other stuff l
  6. I think for gifts it would have to be consumed so that way the buyer doesn't end up with an excess of keys but this is just speculation, nothing that I have proof for.
  7. You have access to alpha/beta based on the pledge not if you consumed it or not. Consuming gives you all the extra stuff, not availabilty to play the game.
  8. Hey. Been lurking in the forums for a while and finally figured I should apply. Would love to join the guild and hand out with you guys. This is looking like it will be a great time.
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