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  1. You are just digging a hole now whilst getting creepily/weirdly personal. Big 5 MMO's: WoW, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy XIV, GW2, SWOTOR... only 1 with dwarves. Not an opinion--just facts, admittedly that refute your original point (which obviously stings a bit). Of course, that is just portion of my position, which you've decided to focus in on for some reason. Perhaps your last statement here sums up your position the best: If there was any good reason for your opinion to be discounted, it would be this. Sorry, I want this game to be the best it can me. And, for the record, I don't want a drunken scot (Blizzard's invention), I want slightly smaller arms and a slightly larger head on the Stoneborn model.
  2. etc. And as you know, there is a difference between doing something innovative and something substandard. See The Last Jedi... Half a dozen recognizable elves/elf variants; one mutant dwarf--doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. Again, decent on paper, not quite there in execution. We have an awesome centaur. We have an awesome minotaur. We have an awesome rodent-man. How about an awesome dwarf?
  3. First, the only popular MMORPG I can think of that has "dwarves" is WoW. So, there isn't an overabundance of the same type of character race running around across multiple, popular MMORPGs. How many people have you actually heard say, "man I am so tired of dwarves" (unless they just came out the third cinematic Hobbit abomination)? People get tired of fantasy, sure, but specifically dwarves? Not so much. You know what there is A LOT of that people don't ever seem to tire of? Elves, and CF is doubling down on that. Props to ACE for the beast races (especially the centaur), but who are they making Stoneborn for? Ostensibly, it is for fans of fantasy games, especially SB, and therefore we have a dwarf with the stone skin twist. Great! However, if there is a Stoneborn fandom it is minuscule compared to the preexisting dwarf fandom First, what appeals to you aesthetically appeals to you, and I cannot argue against that. However, I would argue that were not talking simply about a variation of a theme, we are talking about how Stoneborn, to use your word, look "odd". Not just odd for a dwarf-like creature (we all know they are basically dwarves so let's quit pretending), but odd as far as proportion, movement, and overall aesthetic is concerned. They seemed to have been designed after Pinhead from Puppet Master, and while that sounds extreme and some might chuckle, compare them for yourself (see my earlier post). Stoneborn appear like a design that looked good from a certain angle on paper, but when 3D and animated they don't hold up. There is a fix, however, and it seems simple enough: slightly larger head; slightly smaller arms. The model doesn't need major changes. That being said, ACE may not be able to afford to do this (and it could be far more involved than we will ever know), but now that the game is not launching this year I will hold out hope.
  4. This... ...is actually not that far off. Come on, a little bigger head and a little smaller arms, pretty please?
  5. Good Q&A, thanks. Female Half-Giant looks great. As far as the Stoneborn is concerned, here are my thoughts... Aesthetically, would anyone really disagree with taking off 5% off his arms and redistributing that into his head? The current design is, unless I am missing something, exactly like the original reveal (just now animated). Is just a slight reduction in the arms and a slight increase in head size possible without too much of a resource sink? I trust it would go along way for fantasy dwarf enthusiasts. He also runs a bit like Bo Derek, but I not sure if that is an animation issue or if that is just the way his extreme proportions dictate movement--perhaps highlighted by the floppy shoulder pad that echoes Bo's bouncing, beaded braids? Just 5, maybe 8%...
  6. Mithril Warhammers

    "Azog laughed, and he lifted up his head to let forth a great yell of triumph; but the cry died in his throat. For he saw that all his host in the valley was in a rout and the Dwarves went this way and that slaying as they world... He turned and fled back towards the Gate. Up the steps after him leaped a Dwarf with a red axe. It was Dáin Ironfoot, Náin's son. Right before the doors he caught Azog, and there he slew him, and hewed off his head... When at last the battle was won the Dwarves that were left gathered in Azanulbizar. They took the head of Azog and thrust into its mouth the purse of small money, and then they set it on a stake." --LoTR, Appendix A
  7. Necromancy is Misleading

    Re-animator? "Herbert West brought a lot of dead people back to life, and not one of them showed any appreciation."
  8. Stoneborn yet?

    ...or at least coming soon? The throng needs a mustering.
  9. Isn't that what's on Other Joe's head? I just thought it was neat it showed up on such a popular gaming channel. *thumbsup*
  10. Good for druids! I like strange feats of strength and powerful yet bizarrely orchestrated abilities. Homogenization kills RPGs. If there is a problem, ACE will know it because 75-90%+ of players will play a druid.
  11. Mr. Blair used the example of a Stoneborn vs. Elf campaign world, which is an obviously fantastic idea. There is so much they can do with thematic rulesets that could be very immersive and keep the game fresh for a long time to come.
  12. '; Looks great; sounds great.
  13. First--how does EVE handle this? I don't know but perhaps there is something to learn there. Also, if you live online, you are most certainly not going to like passive progression. You hit "the wall" now (without a skill surge) or later (with it) either way. Finally, I have no doubt that ACE will have to fine tune passive crafting, and it may be sped up, slowed down, added to, rerouted, etc. in order to improve it.
  14. I don't know Kraahk, but I think it goes something like this: "What?! There's no respec mechanic? I just wasted several days worth of training on X but I've come to find out that X sucks and now I can't really play with my friends. I spent $50 on this game and it's not like I can roll another character to use my skill surge again. What a waste, WTF!?!?" However, let me hasten to add that it could be that begging training is very generic/general and that a starter time bank just acts as a tutorial, which makes more sense to me personally. If everyone gets the same generic head start then it isn't really a head start at all, just a teaching tool and I think that could be useful. I guess, in all honesty, that you could probably make that argument now with the way the skill trees are currently if the initial time bank wasn't too large.