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  1. CF is not supposed to be balanced for 1v1. It presents a series of choices, and leaves it to the players to decide. It can be very complex when you start considering player builds, group compositions, multi group interactions, crafting, gathering, etc. While this may have it's own challenges, some believe it is far better than homogenized wasteland of sameness found in some games. ACE has chosen to potentially err on that side of the spectrum--on the side of experimentation, expression, and creativity--and I think it is a great choice. So, going forward, I hope that ACE continues no
  2. Stuck in mount mode until I logged. Then, I was stuck in combat mode and could not log out, had to quit. Also, one of the respawn POI guards disappeared after using the knight ultimate which made it impossible to take.
  3. So, CC is one of those things that seems to have to be almost perfect. When there is too much CC, the whinging is deafening. When there is to little, people seem a little less concerned about it, but it is still a problem. Since CF has CC builds, it is definitely important to hit a good balance. It is my experience that, currently, CC is a bit on the weak side right now, and could use a bit of a tweak. However, I really don't know how it will scale in the long term.
  4. People need time to learn the game and get comfortable before jumping into the deep end. Otherwise, your going to have a lot of discouraged people who will just stop playing. PVE is part of that experience.
  5. It is, but it doesn't necessarily allow for individual customization/specialization like the passive tree does, and as such narrows the avenue for contribution. Also, we don't know (at least I don't know) what effect and to what extent the level of accumulated wealth will have on actual game play. It seems that ACE is earnestly concerned with the Uncle Bob scenario, and for good reason. Therefore, I cannot see it being that big of a factor, overall.
  6. No one would be more pleased than me if they got rid of the vessel system, but that isn't going to happen (even though it was something added later after KS and early backers--end of 2015 I believe) as it has become part of the core design. I think, since that ship has sailed, it is essential that ACE hold onto overall long term progression/customization/specialization/investment/attachment/etc. Right now, the only thing that allows for that is the passive system. Since we are this far along in development and that is still the case, time might be better spent honing the passive system
  7. Though I think the passive skill system should be improved upon, I support it (and have always supported it). Perhaps, it could use a course correction. It needs to, first and foremost, allow players to specialize their accounts to support cooperation and conflict. You sacrifice a useful skill to gain another skill you prefer/find more useful--making your account somewhat unique, and therefore useful to others. This requires thoughtful decision making and progression. This is role-playing. EDIT: Also, I've played games where just using a skill leveled it. Old UO was like that (may
  8. After returning, I happily found a game that is progressing and fun. That being said, a couple things stuck out to me, that are probably obvious. However I thought I'd share them anyway: 1. Zone borders. You need some oceans, tall mountain ranges, or something perhaps more creative at the edges of the zones. A false horizon perhaps, that you can see but that is obstructed? 2. Races. Most races need at least one more customization option as far as hair, beards, faces, etc. Perhaps, maybe a more traditional fantasy hair style or two for the more flamboyant races (I'm looking at yo
  9. An alternative to gvg will help with this, I speculate. Faction based campaigns are great for that--a place for more casual players and those that can't compete in the Dregs, for example. The input testers are giving now is, I am sure, very helpful to ACE as they work through just exactly how a balanced gvg campaign should be done in CF. That being said, I think there are good reasons to provide balanced faction options as an alternative. This was the plan for a long time, but I am not sure that it still is.
  10. I will say this: as a person who took a pretty long break, I am now finding the Test version of the game, such as it is and to the extent of which I've play tested it, engaging and fun. I am definitely getting some of those old Shadowbane vibes, which is a good thing. I think probably a lot/most backers can appreciate what ACE has done and is doing, but those expecting/who expected a AAA polished game were doomed to be disappointed from the very beginning.
  11. Durin

    Templar Meta

    I don't know about the PvP meta for Templar, but I do know that I've been trying out several characters recently and Templar was easily the number 1 destroyer of spider queens using no more than 3-4 skills. That may not be that thrilling/challenging, but relative to other professions, the Templar excels there. I suppose some of that has to bleed over to some PvP situations.
  12. I just spent an hour or two on Test, and I have to say I am impressed with the progress and I see a lot of potential. Sure, it's been a while since I partook, but it is really starting to feel like a game. I like what ACE did with gathering, sacrificing is great, and the interface is at least a thousand times better. Everything feels much smoother, so much so that I am confident that it will be very smooth at launch. I watched a pretty negative review of the game recently, and I am happy to say that I disagree with it. It's been a long hall, and I nearly tossed in the towel a time or two,
  13. Which game will be cancelled before release? Which game will release but fail quickly? Which game do you think will be successful? Crowfall (5 years development) Star Citizen (7 years development) Camelot Unchained (7 years development) Personally, I think SC and CU are both probably vapor. CF will probably come out, but not soon, and I can't really speculate how it will be received. I spent a bit of money on CF and CU, but not that much. I know some people spent hundreds/thousands. Perhaps, an expensive lesson learned (lets hope not).
  14. Durin

    Dwarven Thrower

    Hey, thinking about testing again (when the opportunity arises). I am interested to see if you can make a Stoneborn Cleric that is primarily a viable medium range combatant, ie, a hammer throwing specialist. Competitive, fun, or neither? Let me know what you think. Thanks.
  15. Let me guess---they got rid of the vessels system and dragons are now a playable archetype. Nailed it.
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