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  1. Isn't that what's on Other Joe's head? I just thought it was neat it showed up on such a popular gaming channel. *thumbsup*
  2. Good for druids! I like strange feats of strength and powerful yet bizarrely orchestrated abilities. Homogenization kills RPGs. If there is a problem, ACE will know it because 75-90%+ of players will play a druid.
  3. Mr. Blair used the example of a Stoneborn vs. Elf campaign world, which is an obviously fantastic idea. There is so much they can do with thematic rulesets that could be very immersive and keep the game fresh for a long time to come.
  4. '; Looks great; sounds great.
  5. First--how does EVE handle this? I don't know but perhaps there is something to learn there. Also, if you live online, you are most certainly not going to like passive progression. You hit "the wall" now (without a skill surge) or later (with it) either way. Finally, I have no doubt that ACE will have to fine tune passive crafting, and it may be sped up, slowed down, added to, rerouted, etc. in order to improve it.
  6. I don't know Kraahk, but I think it goes something like this: "What?! There's no respec mechanic? I just wasted several days worth of training on X but I've come to find out that X sucks and now I can't really play with my friends. I spent $50 on this game and it's not like I can roll another character to use my skill surge again. What a waste, WTF!?!?" However, let me hasten to add that it could be that begging training is very generic/general and that a starter time bank just acts as a tutorial, which makes more sense to me personally. If everyone gets the same generic head start then it isn't really a head start at all, just a teaching tool and I think that could be useful. I guess, in all honesty, that you could probably make that argument now with the way the skill trees are currently if the initial time bank wasn't too large.
  7. I've never played an RPG or game that has progression in which I expected to be the best/great the "first days in game". I am confused why people think this should be the case or just how some think that this is an expectation. So, I am agreeing with you (at least in part) that the game should strive to be fun at all levels/seasons of play.
  8. While I agree with you that a full respec is not ideal, I would bet the farm that if you allow new players a one time skill surge at the beginning of the game, some type of respec mechanic will be called for (probably very loudly).
  9. If you do this you will need to create a respec mechanic, or the "feeling of disappointment" will transform and manifest into an unbearable, soul-piercing wail echoing across the interwebs. Before, when we had 3 individual characters, this would not have been such a big deal. Now that our account is our character and if they did what is suggested here, it's a problem (and frankly an understandable one).
  10. combat system?

    You are correct--combat is more "traditional MMO" and RPG. and therefore utilizes progression (e.g., gear, skill level). I predict that, when all is said and done, CF combat will end up mechanically most resembling Wildstar's (if that weighs in to your consideration at all). The good news for you (and others like you) is that there are dozens of player verses player games out, some quite popular, where players are "on an (totally) equal footing" (or near it) for you to choose from. Happy hunting!
  11. Good job everyone--a lot of these are very good, in particular Trendane's . However, I hasten to add that I'd like to slap Blizzard for giving us Scottish Dwarves.
  12. What’s more bannable?

    Doober stealing by a fellow faction member in is griefing, precisely because you can't just kill them and take your stuff back (without being super creative and perhaps misusing the game). However, that doesn't mean that faction based matches are bad, it means that the game hasn't been designed properly to fit the faction ruleset. In a proper faction set up, your "team" would not be able to steal so easily from you, period. I assume that ACE will address this at some point.
  13. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    I think those "people" are, well, you. A game that has a little something for everyone? Perhaps doubles down on attempting to follow current gaming trends? Does that send up a red flag or two? If it doesn't, it should.
  14. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    I am sorry, that statement is laughable. You can always argue semantics. Go back and read Todd's post. It is clear what he means by the term.
  15. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    I am sorry, it is clear they are talking about the design of the game here, which is clarified in the post I quoted by Todd. The semantics argument is starting to get a bit absurd.