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  1. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    Messiah? No. Creative director of Crowfall, a game which is built upon the principle of and advertised as "Eternal Heroes, Dying Worlds"? Yes.
  2. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    It is "obvious" to you before anyone else can "feel or understand it" that the eternal heroes concept is primitive and "inefficient"? That's a bold claim, especially since the guy who came up with the idea is Todd Coleman. Not only did he come to this idea in an effort to address the shortcomings of the innovative, cult classic (I'll call it) Shadowbane (for which he was a key developer), he clearly uses it as a core design principle (based on his own statements, see above) on which to build a new game--a mix of MMORPG and strategy game, which we know as Crowfall. Further, Mr. Coleman routinely (and recently) refers to Crowfall as an RPG (which still means something regardless how games try to bastardize it now) and I believe that he and the rest of ACE will resist the subversive efforts of our arena/twitch/MOBA hangers-on and create a worthy successor to Shadowbane (and PvP sandbox MMORPGs like it) which is sadly missed and missing from the market. Finally, I strongly suspect that the reason this game was able to make its funding goals through Kickstarter in the first place was due to the passion, hope and generosity of old school, MMORPG PvP grognards (using that term in the best possible way--cheers!) and not Overwatch/League of Legends twitch kiddies. There is, without a shadow of a doubt, a place and market for "Eternal Heroes, Dying Worlds".
  3. Centaur Knight block does not seem to work properly--no damage bonus at the very least.
  4. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    Emphasis mine.
  5. RIP Obs LoD

    I am sorry. Prayers of peace for you all.
  6. This is the ruleset that brings ACE the most $$$

    touchmybow, I am compelled to note that every post I have read of yours has been ridiculous, without exception. Carry on...
  7. ...Or they could stay in the safe zone indefinitely, growing rich and powerful on slag and wormy trees!
  8. Couple things I have been thinking about: 1. River Floodplain (i.e., water source for resources) ACE has announced that they will have desert tile set (eventually), and it came to mind that resources, such as creatures and trees at least, should be centralized around a water source. The idea is simple--ancient civilizations developed around rivers for a reason and I think it would be a compelling and immersive way to set up a campaign. In this scenario, players would know that they had to make to the river to get necessary resources, and there would be steep competition and death there. Further, control the river and you control the campaign. Finally, it would allow for finding potentially hidden oases which you could keep secret and defend as your personal resource hub. 2. Standard flanking bonus I think it would also be immersive, as well as add another layer of tactics, to have a standard flanking/rear attack bonus. ACE has already stated they will have positional attacks for certain classes. I submit that all classes should get a less potent bonus for attacking an opponent in the rear or at the side with any of their standard array of skills. I think this would encourage more battlefield maneuvering and tactical thinking, both small and large scale. You could even go so far as making certain disciplines/classes/races include a resistance to this, or add a bonus to these types of attacks in some cases.
  9. CF is heading the direction of the original vision. However, that doesn't mean there hasn't been some significant changes that not everyone is happy with, e.g., Crows and Vessels. Although, to be fair, they've added some very cool things too, like race/class split. Finally, it is probably significant to mention that I don't think we'll be seeing Voxel destruction quite like the initial vision portrayed (probably scaled back significantly, but maybe not).
  10. Please, no advantage for $$$

    I don't have any doubt that we are going to get zero import campaigns--if for no other reason than it would be no-brainer, probably easy to implement way to add divers campaign types. The question is, though, will they draw enough players to remain a campaign type as the game evolves? I'd say probably, but we'll have to see what other rulesets ACE has planned.
  11. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    Supporters have been requesting/suggesting these types of skill system changes since forever it seems, and yet it doesn't seem to be in the stars for what ever reason. When push comes to shove, I support the passive training system and see that it has merits such as it is (we are much better off with it than without it). However, let's not get it twisted--the inclusion of mutually exclusive training trees/lines and specific powers being affected (and features like those) would be a flat upgrade by most measures.
  12. My gripes with the faction based system

    Touchmybow, it seems that maybe you are unhappy with the direction of the game (based on your recent posts). Really, several community members have responded showing you the wisdom behind the decisions that have been made. Overall, the design of CF is a boon to old school MMORPG players (like myself). Let me put some of your concerns to rest--I think your looking at just the potential negative. Past the minor flaws because the general design definitely delivers. Lastly, even though I have some small gripes, I am very excited about CF, including/especially the faction based system.
  13. My gripes with the faction based system

    The power of choice...
  14. Myrmidon 5.3. One morning, one story

    I respect your experience and opinion, which is far superior to mine here. However, how much of your satisfaction with the Myrmidon is dependent upon race and discipline choices? I want to love the Myrmidon out of the box--it ostensibly represents a style of play I really like-- I just don't. EDIT: The thing I think I dislike the most about the Myrmidon currently is that his basic attacks cost his resource--that just seems very wonky to me. Other people probably like it, I just can't get my head around it I suppose.
  15. Gathering is not real content

    I think, as others have mentioned, it is about new players getting a feel for the basics of the game--and this is undoubtedly important. However, I also sense there might be a little nod to the survival genre which I think is done to appeal to a gaming trend that I would call waning (but I may be wrong about that). I would say that personally I find that homage unnecessary and even distracting. Sandbox MMORPGs can have elements of survival (e.g., food), which is fine, but they are certainly not survival games. I think something like this will be implemented by release, because it simply makes too much sense. You do not want to force a new player, who came for what is still called an MMORPG and also a Throne War Simulator, to punch trees (PvTree, a term I heard recently is funny and catchy and needs to be avoided desperately). During the tutorial, you build your first set of basic gear and crafting tools, and you never, ever have to do it again.