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  1. Oh DEER GOD, it's beautiful... I have my class/race combo and I'm very excite!
  2. Elken Cleric... make it a thing! Want to massacre people as the DEERborn Cleric. Too soon? Great work guys. Elken looks and sounds awesome. Can't wait to try out that headbutt.
  3. Yeah, it's a pain in the ass. They had a server for Hunger Dome but it disappeared for Big World. Hoping they bring it back but I won't hold my breath. Does get better around 1am here though for gaming so I'll be a mean crafter I guess. I'll be sure to check out the vid.
  4. You'd still be taking essence burn so if you're insisting someone else is doing nothing but healing you I could see an issue I guess but you're essence would never deplete in the situation I've proposed. So you're forced to use your healing powers still to keep it in check. You could also make it so that you deal more damage the more essence you have over 80% but heal significantly less, and vice versa in that you'd heal more with less than 20% essence. So there is still a balance you would need to maintain. But I risk derailing the thread going too much into that.
  5. I think it'd of been smarter to swap the way the trays and essence work. Like Life uses up essence and Death builds it. Keeping the essence burn at 80% so that the Druid can't just go haam with dps but you'll at least be able to attack initially instead of running around dropping healing orbs for 30 seconds before you can. Also making LMB (orbs) not cost essence so that you have a heal at the ready in this scenario. This may not alleviate the issue being discussed but it'd help a little, giving the druid the ability to open up on a fight without the need for build up first. It also makes the sacrificing life thing more logical. Instead of sacrificing life to deal damage you can sac life to restore it to allies. Maybe it only makes sense to me >.>
  6. Just inquiring on a possible Big World testing ETA for those of us in the land of terrible internet connectivity. I don't see any hint of the Aussie server coming back in December according to the current playtest schedule so I figured I needed to ask. Doing anything more than swinging an imaginary axe against a tree is asking for a miracle while playing on any of the available servers from my current location.
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