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  1. Now that Trusted Trader Exist Amber KS Pack worth $290 instead of the crazy $1225.
  2. I was wondering this, and pointing it out just in case since on BnS they have fish eyes no movement on face they dont look alive, and a mmorpg what they are suppose to do is make you feels you are in another world and that broke my immersion. Good thing ArtCraft on a great path.
  3. Tahru can you pass me the code or how you embedded a link into the signature
  4. Like when you arent fighting does the character moves or has a stance or action like in other mmorpgs Also do they have eyes and face movements while idle or they got dead eyes.
  5. A good incentive for me would be that Billy finally finishes and implements Keybindings into the Testing so I can finally play the game and stop crashing into the tress and walls. Q and E to Turn Left and Right WASD R for Click Left Mouse Key T for Click Right Mouse Key and the mouse movement just to target anything like any normal mmo action game. Like BnS has. Its the only mmo action I've been able to play up until now.
  6. What does it means? Transaction Total: $-16.06 USD The Negative number or its a bug since my history cancels out im supposed to have 0.
  7. just saw the goggle docs ty lol
  8. God Statue (1 of 12) - KS, x1 Character Slot, x2 Nightmare Mount-KS, x1 Alpha 2, x1 5 cell Stronghold-small fortification, x1 Cottage, x1 Bank size +20%, x1 Name a Fallen Hero, x1 All Father Statue w/Blessing of Knowledge (KS exclusive) , x1 Stoneborne Relic , x1 Centaur Relic , x1 Dwarven Blacksmith Thrall, x1 One month VIP, x12 (1 cell) Farmland Parcel (standard), x3 Where is the title in this case Lady suppose to be at???
  9. Facepalm meme needed for Development Tracker
  10. Yes; thank you Gordon it answered my doubt. As for what Canth said he is actually right World of Warcraft Legion actually will implement their own spin to the Wardrobe system I was speaking of in this thread. They saw the market and did their own spin using their Transmog system with it. Now the players will save all past transmog used on their character. I will love to see in the future what will you guys see out in the market and implement into the game. Here I'm talking in 1 year or 2.
  11. As a Entrepreneurs you both are, and your experience in AAA market. I've always wanted to ask the CEO of a mmorpg this question. Why don't they/you use benchmarking and take the best aspects of the competition and implement it on your own/their game. This isn't directed on Crowfall but other mmorpgs For example Blade and Soul has a Wardrobe system(costumes have to be double bought by each character created) Very Alt Unfriendly; that could have a beneficial update by copying the Wardrobe system (any armor/costume obtained can be use by any character/race/class created) used by
  12. I really see no difference between KS and 2015 CE.
  13. Yes talked with Blair and Tod made me stay after a chat still waiting for some modifications in the control scheme turn left and right with Q and E since on Pre Alpha all I did was crashed against trees and get killed.
  14. When are the Physical Collectors Edition being send until Sept 2016?
  15. I'm just wondering when will our CE arrive for those that bought them.
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