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  1. I'm going to interpret this as "Peter Dinklage has decided to stop being on a stage and to join Serrated". Not because it makes sense, but because it makes me tremendously happy.
  2. Sign me up for decorations. I think it can only help to make the economy more robust and will allow guilds to have an individual flair and gain even more EK flair.
  3. I'm central myself, so we're definitely accepting members from all over the place! Just wanted to give a quick shout out to some of our newest members who just joined today: Xyzzyn and Darkboo! Great to have you guys on board and I'm looking forward to gaming with you both! And if you're still looking for a guild and your curiosity has been piqued by Serrated, feel free to head to our forums (forum.serrated.us / or click my banner) and poke around! Or send a message to any of our members, we'd love to chat with you.
  4. Welcome to Zinnie, Exittium, JesseLandrum, Skaring, and any new players I may have missed! We're growing so quickly and it's great to have you all with us!
  5. Interesting way to do name reservation so that it's both first come first serve and serves the interests of guilds would be to have people back individuals who put forth guild reservations. For example: VN and 7B both go for "The Lantern Watch". Players can search for this name and "back" one of the two players vying for the name. That way guilds can support themselves but there's still a chance for VN to try to find people to add that bit of sabotage to the game. Player with the most backers gets the guild name. Of course, they'd have to limit backing to one backing vote per player...
  6. Really loving how the ball is rolling on getting alliance members together and building one of the largest communities in CF! And of course, members are still being sought for our growing guild! Just click the banner is our signatures to head to the main site to join today! We'd love to meet you and answer any questions you have!
  7. I know several hardcore PvP players who intend to spend as little time in EKs as possible. I also know some who want the challenge of going into CWs that have strict import rules: aka no import at all. With the obvious exceptions of relics or artifacts, what sort of rewards would these players even want from CWs that could be useful? So far it seems like the only rewards from CWs are resources, materials, and items that would help one build up an EK. So I'm just curious about this niche of players and what they can expect. Also, I know the configuration of this group of players does not account for every type of player and that many are excited for EKs. I'm just curious about this niche. I also know it's too early to know the full range of items given as rewards. Just wondered if people here might know something I don't as I'm a relatively new member of the community. Thanks!
  8. Anarion, I just did a google scan for "mmo avatar" and was looking for something senatory with a reddish beard to match my reddish beard irl. And thus my avatar Of course, facemask, beard, same thing. It'll do for now hahaha! And in terms of Serrated, I'm loving the openness of the guild and how you, Birne, and Tahru and totally open to new ideas and accepting of different directions. It's great to see a community being built from the ground up and I'm truly excited to meet new players as they join and see what wonderful contributions they'll make to our growing family!
  9. Just recently found out about Crowfall and decided to back. I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to have found this group of people. They've welcomed me with open arms and are very accepting of my ideas, despite how green I am in the guild and game. The guild has such incredible potential and I'm SO excited to have a chance to be part of things as it grows! There are still positions left! Join today if you want to help shape what will surely be one of the top guilds in the game!
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