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  1. these tests at a time a working man can join in? I mean really almost all of these tests have been a ridiculous times for a regular guy. I am not taking a day off of work to test your game. I did my part I gave you $500.00 bucks for your game. Don't ask me to take time off of work to test it or get up at 6 am on a Sunday.
  2. Looks like it's going to be a fun game. You have my support. See you all on the battle field.
  3. after watching the video and the comment "When I play football, I don't get a reward I carry into my next game" and "the only reason I am fighting for anything other than supremacy and bragging rights is because I want some reward" "those two things don't necessarily fit" can someone flesh that out for me? Are they saying nothing you win in any campaign will carry over into the next and that it's a nonstop resetting of the ladder while never gaining anything to permanently advance your character?
  4. IMO a purely RNG system would create a lot of angst where there wouldn't need to be. A zone or rating system would seem like it would give the player a little more choice. Not a game breaker, but I have not lost anything yet
  5. " HOW IS THE ACCOUNT BANK RELATED TO THE EMBARGO VAULT? The account bank exists at the account level – meaning that all of your characters share one account bank. The vault is Campaign specific, meaning that each Campaign will have a different Embargo area. At the end of the Campaign, depending on how well you (and your team) did, some number of item(s) will be moved from the Embargo into your Account Bank. The rest of the items will be lost." How are the items that transfer and the items that are destroyed determined? is it RNG? Or are we able to rate items on a priority scale (item rated with a 1 have a greater chance than that rated 2 or 3)?
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