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  1. Mrmoneda we weren't expecting people to actually check the website you caught us.... JK we fixed it and you should be able to see the site that I handcrafted myself enjoy!
  2. Been so busy we are still anxiously awaiting the release!
  3. Yeah we are really into Black Desert at the moment so we haven't been participating like we used too! You're more than welcome to come introduce yourself to any of the members with a star in teamspeak they're the community admins! Ok np do what you can and when you pop in just say hello to anyone with a star in teamspeak they're the admins. We are currently playing Black Desert Online pretty seriously!
  4. Also you're more than welcome to join us in team speak and see if your a fit!
  5. @Itsthelife We have about 20-30 members that are our core group that will be making the transition into this game. After launch is usually when we get the bulk of our members. We will look to sit around 70 members and then get stricter with recruiting after that point!
  6. Hey guys we've been busy on BDO but were still looking forward to Crowfall!
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/j8f13a399eoa65g/2016-02-11_484155765.JPG?dl=0 <------ Yeah im wicked kewl
  8. Really Jazzed for the big announcement! Now looking for necromancers....
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