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  1. That's our biggest thing is the money grab this is leading into. We don't touch CF testing much at all if any these days either. If you get bored, a few of us on PoE while waiting for something better to come out.
  2. Where you been Ape? Haven't seen you in ages.
  3. Implementing something like this a year down the road is fine. With it being pre-alpha there focus needs to be on stuff that actually matters. A catch up mechanic can easily be tested and implemented later on. If this goes live day 1 it's just another cash grab and nothing more.
  4. I'm trying to slowly work in the whole money grab thing, don't want heads to explode just yet. Right now I'm focusing on this catch-up mechanic that will be needed 2 years from now instead of ACE fixing combat. The one thing they said they would concentrate on first and once combat was done then they will work on the other stuff. Guess they moved on from that into the cash grab scheme.
  5. There is no advantage lol. Skill points get reset, skill points will be reset, everyone starts on equal ground. So how is catch-up needed before launch?
  6. Most people here have been following from the beginning, there's no need to "wait and see" how this will work. They understand the concept of it and are giving feedback. It may not be the feedback you want to hear but it's true feedback on the system they explained.
  7. Obviously someone wants to empty their pockets to ACE then claim it's all skill...
  8. We must catch up in pre-alpha when everything is going to be reset... Again game is not released, catch-up mechanic is being implemented before launch. Who are you catching up to?
  9. Catch-up mechanic implemented before game is released...who are you catching up to?
  10. Wait a minute. I thought this game was supposed to be based on skill and not who has the most free time and money, with skills and gear having a minor affect.
  11. What level of the spectrum do you have to be on to get on the waiting list?
  12. This exact conversation happened last year. Have to agree with you that they aren't going to read through all of this again.
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