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  1. also ran into an issue with harvesting wood, it said I had to equip and axe even though i had the ax equipped, the only way I could harvest wood was to to punch it. I even tried crafting and equipping a new ax but it still did not work.
  2. I think their system works well as designed in regards to buffs/auras and tray swapping for the reasons @thomasblair mentioned.
  3. I was able to get into my EK I'll attempt to log back into the main map in a minute.
  4. I would suggest putting all of the Race attributes/bonuses as part of the character creation.
  5. Continually getting stuck on Authenticating With Zone while logging in. Tried Alt-F4 to restart client (as admin), multiple attempts still no luck.
  6. When is free loot not fun? When is killing cheaters not fun?
  7. All of what you say is relative to the type of game you expect to play. If you want play a game where high end players are one-shotting noobs then yes the stat benefits are insulting. If you want a game where the goal is player conflict dictated by skill and tactics then you can't put too much emphasis on gear stats. Games where players spend months collecting their set pieces expect to get massive stat benefits, this is not that game. The same logic holds true for the skill training as well. This is not the game where you will derive your pleasure from looking at your stated out character sheet, as ultimately all of that gear is only temporary. I do think there is something to be said as it relates to the tedious nature of gathering. There are so many things stacked against the player that from the start gathering will very much be a chore with very little progress. Durability issues, stamina issues, lack of quality ore, lack of quality gathering gear, ganking, that the task seems kind of overwhelming. Combine those issues with the fact that we have been using the current crafting/gathering potions as a crutch for quite some time that the reality of how tedious this endeavor truly is has not been fully realized. Combat at least from the start, sure you will be hitting for smaller numbers but the experience at its core will be rewarding from day one, the same can not be said for gathering. I would personally like to see them do away with stamina as a requirement for gathering and also significantly reduce the amount of durability lost from gathering tools. At the very least cut both of those current costs (stamina/durability) in half and reevaluate from there. Gathering is essentially a time sink and resource for the purpose of future combat which is at the heart of what this game is about, it will be a never ending process. This is likely the reason why ACE decided to allow VIP players to train in 2 trees at once as it will be exponentially harder for gatherers to generate enough resources to keep friendlies stocked up. It would be one thing if the expectation was that 50%+ of the player population would be dedicated gatherers but the truth is that the majority of people who backed this game did so to fight other players, not rocks. Can a minority of the player population adequately supply the majority with all of the current obstacles stacked against them?
  8. Knockout

    I got something else that is getting quite full in anticipation of an incoming guild invite.
  9. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    The only problem is that its not just a catch-up mechanism, it is a funding mechanism that also solves the catch up mechanic issue.
  10. That is a fair criticism, however it does not change the logic of Alt vs VIP only the timeline by which VIP loses its value. If you assume brand new player with no discounted pledge package. Account + 1 year VIP = $230 3 Non-VIP Accounts = $150 (one time charge) A player with VIP will reach the $150 investment mark at around 6-7 months.
  11. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    The big difference between games like ArcheAge and CF is that the resources one could buy with VIP/Apex have a clear expiration date as worlds will end and players can only import/export so much from a CW. It will be hard to say how much of an impact buying resources/gear will have on a CW because there are so many variations. In the dregs, a player could purchase the best gear available and lose it in the next 5 minutes. In another CW a player who purchases the best gear might have it break as normal decay occurs. I think this is why most players had no issue with VIP trading. Now, once you throw in the Skill Tome system it completely changes the game, unless they slap some restrictions on it.
  12. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    What the devs do with Skill Tomes will be a very clear indication of what their motives are, there are other ways to solve the catch up issue.
  13. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    I suppose he is referring o the time when VIP only equated to more options, because of the 3 archetypes. Now with 2/2/2 VIP represents a clear power advantage.
  14. I understand there are 2 sides to stealth game play. In order to test the balance of the overall game play requires both sides to be present. Being able to find bugs and test the mechanics of stealth alone, does not require an anti-stealth mechanic. Also with as easy as they have made it to push out disciplines, you don't need a fully fleshed out anti-stealth character to provide some measure of anti-stealth gameplay.
  15. It should not matter if its a mess or unbalanced right now, we are supposed to be testing mechanics not fun. You can do viable testing of stealth mechanics even if you don't have an anti-stealth mechanic to test a the same time.