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  1. I'm in agreement when it comes to advanced gear, I'm just of the mind that when I'm starting out a new game it feels quite tedious to make a new mining pick every 5-10 minutes. Maybe have it so that basic items degrade 50% slower when mining basic resources. At this level of the game, again you don't have the training and resources to have 5+ doobers dropping each time you destroy a node. I would need to do a real world example to see how many trees I can cut down before my ax breaks, but even if it is 15, that means 20% of my resources are consumed just so I can make a new ax to continue getting basic resources. I understand the need to balance for late game play, but its also not fun forcing tedium on players for the first few months of a game when you are really trying to hook them.
  2. I love it when we debate historical accuracy in a fantasy game.... lets make sure the in-game musket is only able to fire approximately 1-3 round per minute depending on your character's training. Op's request for muskets in game seems pretty cool though.
  3. While it is getting closer there are still some big ticket items which we have not seen yet, some have been discussed/teased recently and others have not. - Mounts - Caravans - Guild Management I would agree that 5.8 feels better compared to past versions, however there are still a some nagging issues. I don't know if it is just me, but I have issues with my camera/orientation snapping to a random position when turning, its not all the time but occurs enough that I expect it. I would also like to see how the character progression is going to work in a realistic environment when we can't just buy levels with free gold/resources. We already have a limited power set but hiding many of those powers and customization behind a level gate seems likely to further diminish the new player experience. I'm still of a mind that the rate at which gear/tools degrade needs to be slowed down as it definitely feels like a 2 steps forward 1.5 steps back. Yes I am aware that better tools/training will mitigate a lot of those issues, but it does little to help the new player experience, and as we all know if the new player experience is trash then we will have empty servers in 2-4 months.
  4. Possible, but still limited to a certain degree by the very nature of the campaign world being destroyed after a couple of months. Its one thing to trade real life money for items/resources that have some form of permanence to them, its another thing to continually flush that money every couple of months. The other issue is that there are no "safe place" in which to bulk trade resources. The mass of resources at some point has to be transferred/transported to the buyer's desired location which means those resources are at risk. Again, its all still very possible but without centralized banking and safe trade zones it puts a much greater risk on trying to perform these types of transactions.
  5. The difference between many of the P2W nightmares that have been discussed is that many of their cash shops were unlimited, the beauty of the CF cash grab is that the "advantage" part is limited to $15 a month. No you can't buy the uber sword of doom and dominate, nor can you buy the shroud of anonymity to conceal your name while providing bonus xp. Yes you can drop $15K go build the castle of your dreams in your personal EK, but that has no bearing on game at large as it relates to campaign worlds. $15 that is it. It is an amount that should be attainable for anyone who has a computer that is well equipped enough to run the game in the first place not to mention that ungodly ISP bill that comes every month. That $15 ensures the continued life of the game. Lets also not forget that the lovechild of all NON-P2W proponents, PoE, is pretty damn inconvenient if you dont decide to pull out your wallet and pay for that expanded inventory or resource stacking tabs. Just because it is possible to play for free does not mean you can do so at an efficient level, which oddly enough is pretty similar to what CF is offering.
  6. At least if you fail the final combine give the player some scrap resources they can salvage which can go towards another attempt. The new player experience is going to be a mess. At some point none of us will be trained, the crutch that is crafting potions will be gone, and players are just going to have to smile and take it because the real game is 6+ months down the road. Not exactly a good start when many MMOs fail to retain players after about 2-3 months. I think everyone can understand that they should not be great crafters if they are not speced a certain way but with current testing being what it is, a large percentage of the player base is trying to operate as an island unto themselves, which is not what this game is meant to be.
  7. oh man that music is great. can you post gear/stats
  8. I'm still curious to see what the stats on a fully trained character look like, are we talking total crit chance through training of 30+%. I'll need to see what the crit cap is the next time I log in.
  9. This may have been covered. Day 1 of game will allow you train 4 total skills with VIP at once under the current model. 1 skill in Race 1 skill in Class 2 skills in different trees from either Combat/Crafting/Harvesting. The calculation/time it takes to reach 50% training in Race/Class gets a bit fuzzy but lets assume that 90 days is correct for the basic trees in Race/Class. You only need 50% training to move to the next level in the tree, but also don't forget that each skill trains faster for the first 50% than it does for the last and that you only need 50% training in a particular skill until you can move to the next one in line. I have not double checked but I will see how it works with my time bank for 5.4, but an assumption would be for a tier 1 skill (3days) you would get the first 50% in 1 day of total training. This would allow a player to theoretically move on to the 2nd level tree in about 20+ days. At this point the VIP player will be able to train 2 Race, 2 Class, and 2 from either Combat/Craft/Harvest. Non-Vipers will be able to train 3 total skills. 1 skill in Race 1 Skill in Class 1 skill in either Combat/Crafting/Harvesting
  10. Maybe it was never designed to be a tease and I took it the wrong way, I'm just basing my expectations on past behavior from the devs and perhaps vague wording of the article in question. From my personal perspective why reference the previous instances that were clearly teasers if this is not one of those cases. Would it not be simpler to say "hey check out this cool concept art from Dave!". Also, I'm well aware of what I'm entitled to, and that is what was promised and what I paid for. There were no promises in the article and that is something I have not failed to grasp.
  11. Ok, lets take this the next step, obviously we were not told when we would get the next piece so I suppose they could give it to us in 6 months. We can lawyer this thing to death and say no timeline was given. The point I'm making is "generally" when you tease an item and say there are more to come the customer "normally" does not expect to wait 2 months for the next release. We also base this off of past situations where the same mechanic was used by the company which is a metric to base one's expectations. Typically speaking when you are are teasing some feature/reveal its not a good idea to let that topic fade from the customers mind as it defeats the purpose of the "tease". Also @Pann, can we move this topic back to general as the page not being available is not the result of a bug or web issue. I'm curious to see players thoughts on what the tease is, and that should be part of the general discussion, not buried in a web/bug forum.
  12. Sure that all makes sense, but we were told that this particular art piece was a teaser for some new feature/reveal that would be unexpected etc etc etc. So the question remains, was this art piece supposed to be a hint or was it just a simple filler because nothing else was available for that days news item? If it was a hint can you explain the 2 month delay without a follow up.
  13. So, we have to wait until then to work out the tease? Normally these things unpack themselves in a more timely fashion, otherwise the community tends to forget about them, especially when the term soon is used. 2 months.... soon.... same thing i suppose.
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