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  1. Hi Kraahk thank you for the update! This is all helpful, Been a while since I have been here but looking to jump back in, sent you a PM on some questions.
  2. Still looking for a guild 

  3. OK thank you, sent you a PM BTW, Guessing it will be different then the origional conept do to how they are now moduler, but in theory you could put the pieces together, have a mountain citadel be the entrance to a palace, assuming the terain would connect well.
  4. Any update on this , Vassel systems and permissions are so important to the EK part of the game and being able to open and secure an EK. Tracking of what goes in and out levels and permissions etc..
  5. Thank you for sharing , is there a size comparison like this for the Imperial palace?
  6. Looking for an organized guild who wants to build a great EK. (also pvp/crafting) So I was an early backer of Crowfall and unfortunatly have not as much time as I would hope but have a tremendous about of crowfall real estate including the imperial palace and sever citidals castles etc.. Would love to partner with a good group of people and turn on the kingdom sharing so someone can us these resources and make something great with them!
  7. Zerg is ok if there are methods to deal with it like AOE or some other mechanism. A skilled smaller group should be able to defeat a mass zerg of unskilled players just rushing. But as for alliances guilds etc.. This does need to be thought out as the Eternal Kingdoms are such a cool part of this game. There needs to be good tools to manage access control, group assets making trade and other deals between groups.
  8. This is such a great way to align interest get the game get the goodies and if/when this is successful the players who made it happen share in the real rewards.
  9. I like this and like the idea that EKs run into each other and that you can go from one to another.
  10. A big thing that will be difficult with single person EK and guild build up is shared ownership, you never want the situation where the guild works to build something and someone goes inactive or worse takes off and takes the fruit of the entire group's labor. So need to think through shared control methods as well.
  11. I'm sure we will update but the main post with this but if you are looking for a truly epic guild building a truly epic EK , COTP is off to a great start . Our EK will be protected with duel Mountain citadels protecting our Imperial Palace, numerous castles and other high end structures available for guild member use. If you want to contribute and help build something truly epic let us know we are always looking for good people.
  12. Awesome Calidor glad to have you here
  13. Similar to what they are doing with armor, scale vs plate, more susceptible to different kinds of damage. Why not the same for fortifications iron door, vs wood door, different type of stone etc..
  14. I have played a half dozen games wiith my COTP crew over the years great mix of relaxed fun with a nice mix of planning and order! We know how to have a good time and accomplish goals so the empire building of Crowfall will be right in sweet spot of the covenants way of operating. lots of good players working together to make something great!
  15. interesting where did you see this?
  16. The game is all about risk and reward with the realms, part of me likes the idea of the safety of the EK, but I also think it would be interesting to have benefits if you take the risk of opening up the EK to pvp and destruction. But what would those benefits be? higher level resources? unique npcs or mob npc for the kingdom?
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