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  1. Thank god. Although halfway through testing I noticed I could control a lot better after I lowered my resolution.
  2. My schedule doesn't let me play in as many playtests as most people. I'd like to play and NOT be a complete burden by having to basically relearn how my toon works each time I play. Thusly, I propose that there be some kind of mode (available not during playtests too) in which you can basically hooligan around and just learn how the hell your abilities work. Not even a full-fledged tutorial, just a sandbox with a few enemies wandering around.
  3. I disagree, make PVE complement the PVP well. For example, if there was a MASSIVE swarm of zombies roaming the map, a group might try to ambush another group in such a way that they could only retreat into the horde of zombies. Or make titanic monsters that roam the map that could be lured into attacking fortresses. Things like that. They should put PVE into the game, but only in a way that it has an effect on PVP.
  4. I know this now, but it would still be helpful if it was just posted somewhere easy to find.
  5. I don't follow this game TOO too much, and I had no idea which testing phase we were currently in. Could you guys tell us what testing phase we're in alongside the next testing period on the top of most of the webpages?
  6. Placing barrels UNDER a wall. Talk about OP.
  7. It might not fit the lore of Crowfall exactly, but I think that explosive barrels could add an interesting depth of gameplay. For example, it could enable smaller teams of people to attempt to loot a larger fortress. Hiding a barrel full of gunpowder is a hell of a lot easier than hiding a trebuchet or battering ram. In fact, the players could just sneak up to the side of a wall, assemble the barrel right there, then blow a hole in it. Suddenly, the fortress has a bunch of enemies running around inside of it. The could also be rolled down hills, or used to die for the glory of your god.
  8. They should put explosive barrels in the game so that I can run up with a ragtag gang of friends and blow a hole in a wall. Or a safe. Or blow ourselves up if we get caught. Or roll them down hills. Can you please make explosive barrels? This would make the game have a lot more depth of gameplay.
  9. Am I the only one thinking world boss? The only kind of boss that would make sense in this game?
  10. If they're drop-on-death, yes. No idea if that could be implemented for disciplines, though. That actually might make a good CW, though. Something along the lines of the Juggernaut mode from Halo.
  11. Pretty sure there will be, there's just no art out yet.
  12. Umaru. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6-2P8RgT0A
  13. Why. No. This is dumb. They literally kill all men. I liked that bit of lore. Having male assassins will ruin that. I sincerely hope that they don't make this stretch goal.
  14. God dammit. Why would you make males of a race that literally kills all the males it custards. Why. I hope they don't make this stretch goal.
  15. If PvE is actually difficult, I can see it actually having an effect on PvP.
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