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  1. Umaru. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6-2P8RgT0A
  2. It doesn't even matter that much, I'll just craft my way into money and then wipe my tears with my RMT buxx when I die in PvP.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm Draco. I'm backing this because Archeage was terrible, but a really fun concept, and this seems like a much better implementation of "Eve Online but Fantasy." I'm probably going to be the different guy, half of you seem to be from Shadowbane which is a game I only heard about when I started browsing these forums, and I'm kind of irked that there's going to be even less PvE content here than in Archeage*. However, there's hopefully going to be an even better crafting system than AA, so that should more than make up for it. *Seriously, just add a few world bosses, no
  4. ち…違うのよ!説明があるよ!

  5. Why not pets like the Beastmaster's from Dota? Just a temporary scout and/or DPS boost that doesn't even last forever?
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