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  1. I have been wondering how building would be accomplished in campaigns. I like the idea of blueprint for a component/module being a perquisite for construction. And the blueprint could be set for a specific type of material. such as stone, earth, or wood. Building Keeps, fortified outposts, and such could provide much entertainment for a band of construction minded players in a guild. I also wonder about aspects of forts and siege, such as the digging of moats/ditches, as well as mining/sapper activities. I feel a player should have a talent/skills to undertake such activities, just like ha
  2. Perhaps this has already part of the game (I looked but was unsuccessful in my search). I hope the user will be able to move (unlock/lock) all the elements of the UI, and also be able to resize all the UI elements. Perhaps even have the ability to adjust the colors of each UI element. My reason for hoping these features are in the game is that it will help those who perhaps getting a bit older, or who have some vision issues. It will also help nearly everyone who plays Crowfall to feel a sense of ownership, an increased connection with the game, as they customize the UI to become t
  3. open world is not the same as raid or dungeons, as they are commonly though of- instanced private. the game will need to have some entertaining side attractions, or it will become stale for a sizable percent of the players.
  4. in addition to mini-maps causing (to one degree or another) a near continuous break in continuity, and in this way playing a role in the rate in which players burn out on a game. It has another negative effect. Due to the brake Mini-Map puts on immersion and sense of depth for the areas we visit, spend time, it lends to give players a feeling that they are not part of the world (that they are not owners in some degree of the world), feeling a lack of ownership encourages anti-social behaviors. The mini-map is probably not a big contributor to anti-social behavior, but does play an indirect rol
  5. I've gone years playing MMO games, where quests logs are filled, and not had any problem with map clutter. The mini-map it really is a bad ui design. It is along the same lines as a person driving a car and having a directional display open. that person, in addition to being a distracted driver, never gets a feel for where they travel. never has any sense of depth or immersion, for the area. is a shallow experience, and one that is not good for a game. of course, a directional display can be handy, but is best used by pulling the car over, and then looking at the display. and the large ma
  6. From looking at photos of characters in game, I'm happy to see no mini-map display. Mini-Map causes a significant and recurring break in continuity for players. Without a mini-map players will have more immersion, and remain there for much longer periods of time. Without a mini-map we are encouraged to be more like we are in real life when coming into new environments, a combination of attentiveness that develops over time as we keep visiting an area, and immersion, being without thought in the environment. Who ever came up with the idea of a mini-map for games, they did a huge disservice
  7. when a world is created, I would like to see a random number of open world dungeons, some easy to find and some difficult to find. and a random number of world bosses both inside dungeon, and some roaming the land. and once a world boss is killed, it is gone for good from that world.
  8. In the campaign worlds, I would like to see a random number of open world dungeons that are places where the monsters of a more rare kind can be found, perhaps even the abode of a world class monster, boss. The dungeons could randomly range from small and easy to find, all the way up to epic size and difficult to find (not open to the world above requiring digging, and a lot of good luck, to find them). Perhaps to go with open world dungeons, we could have a random number of world class monsters roaming the land. and once a specific world class monster is slain (be it inside a dungeon or a
  9. in game, I liked resources. the music system was fun- spent a lot of hours tinkering with it.
  10. Thanks dasile. I noticed you live in Sweden, what a small world. My family lives in Sweden, above the arctic circle.
  11. Looking at the external kingdom and the campaign bands, they appear disjointed. Having a disjointed game is a problem. To help bring a stronger sense of interconnection between external kingdom and campaign bands, I propose that after a campaign has ended, a buff to passive training is awarded to each character who participated in the campaign. The rate increase buff for each character who participated in that campaign would be determined by the amount of resources their guild exported from that campign to the eternal kingdom. The length of time the passive training rate buff would last with e
  12. Of the stealth/hidden mechanics I've seen in games over the past decade or so, the only stealth/hidden mechanics I thought were well done is in World of Tanks. If stealth/hidden comes to CF, and I hope stealth/hidden does come to CF, that it is similar to the WOT system. The typical MMO way of stealth/hidden is a kludge, and perhaps a dozen years ago that was the best that could be done given technology back then. I think this old stealth/hidden kludge can and should now be retired from MMO games, and replaced by more realistic stealth. WOT is a good example.
  13. Latern Watch looks to be gathering a good comunity of players for Crowfall
  14. Locking shields. I like the design that rewards players when they behave in ways more fitting with real world. Throughout history unit cohesion has been very important in battle. And for most of history, those armies who fought in close formations had a large advantage over armies who fought in loose formations. Most battles were decided when one army lost its cohesion and broke from the field. All the mmo games Ive played, all of them have failed to design for this real world aspect of armies fighting a battle. And so it just became a free for all with endless streams of people coming back in
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