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  1. It'll be interesting to see who's still alive My guess is we probably won't have enough to start over, but I'd definitely be down to join another guild as a group if that's what we have to do. -Kylock the Enforcer, but now Davidian as of about 5-6 years ago...
  2. For the first year and a half after release, I played with The Tribunal on Mourning. When my guild petered out and died, I quit the game only to return a few months later when Corruption launched with the new map and my guildies came back to SB, I joined Ordo Castrums Carnifex at Corruption launch. I guess most of my SB friends were burnt out on the game, so unfortuantely, it didn't last long. When I came back to SB years later, all I knew well was the temple classes, so I joined up with Saint Malorn's Fallen on Vidication for a bit. Never really got into any of the emulators and didn't post on forums much, so I don't really know many people outside of the nations I was a member of. If anyone knows me, I've always been the templar known as Kylock the Enforcer. As far as Crowfall goes, by this point in time, it's super-hard for me to get excited about any new MMO announcement, but I can't help but to have high hopes here. Crowfall might be what I've been waiting for.
  3. I remember when I first installed the SB beta, I immediately joined the masses in the forums crying about point-click movement. Once I got used to it, it wasn't bad. I'm fine going either way.
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