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  1. The only thing making crowfall moba was the hunger dome. Release is supposed to be mmorpg with rts elements.
  2. Oh this could be sweet. Massive wall map, or one of those grand table maps? Go into your faction's/guild's keep to inspect the CW while scouts bring in fresh info. I'm sold.
  3. "Minotaurs possess an innate sense of direction and can never become lost, even while in mazes or underground." Minos Seal of Approval™
  4. Maybe crouch-stealth with movement would be a bit broken, but personally I wouldn't mind some sort of stationary stealth skill. Considering the way that caravan routes and POI's will work, there could be the possibility for laying ambushes.
  5. I feel you'd do better by trying to form a discussion about it, rather than posting your opinion with a ultimatum-type title.
  6. I propose peace. Here's a sandwich I just made, consider it an offering:
  7. I can do nothing but approve of all these CHVRHCES posts.
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