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    Backed at the Sapphire level.

    Right now I'm a stay at home mommy to 2 mischievous yet adorable munchkins ages 4&2. Before that I worked doing HR and accounting, yawn! And before that I drove monorail trains at Disney! Typical gaming week averages 40 hours a week mostly played between 8pm - 2am CST Although there is some flexible availability that allows me to play outside of that on occasion.

    My other major hobby is EuroBoard gaming!!! You know like old school table top games! Some favorites include Tichu, Trajan, Bora Bora, Mice & Mystics, Aricola, Ghost Stries and so many more! My husband and I have a collection that is just shy of 500 games :-). I have played many many tactical combat games and love the stragies involved. I've played some of the old pen and paper RPGs and am familiar with the character build systems they are using for Crowfall (Excited)

    Gonna be looking for a guild once this gets up and running. If anyone will have me. Currently I see myself as some sort of Harvester/ Crafter Type. I am likely at the moment a bit of a fighting liability, but hopefully I have some time to get less horrible. Secondary interest would be a caster and alchemy specialist of some sort. (Probably my first Alt) We will see when Alpha rolls around. :-D

    Hope to see you in game!

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    Frisco, TX

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  1. So Question: I have trained Harvesting Basics - then did the Ore Harvesting Basics, then Plentiful Resources (Copper) - Now I have the white line to Harvest Tool Decay: Copper Pick Rune - but it won't let me train it. Do you have to have all 3 sub items (critical ore, harvest amount, & plentiful resources) trained to train the pick axe? Or does the tree just not advance that far yet? Sorry if this was answered already elsewhere ~Calamity
  2. Okay Okay I finally made it official! WinterBlades put a ring on it :-D
  3. Random thoughts: So upon death you spawn as a "crow" in the graveyard sans body. What can you do as a crow? Just movement? Can anyone see you? (I.e. Try to follow your path and steal your gear/body). If you choose to re-enter your vessle? How is your health? Your essence? Etc? (How easy of a target are you going to be?) ~Calamity
  4. Okay so spider (Maleaki?) They are blue though... So have they already been turned by the hunger? Are they spreading the hunger?
  5. For sure ordering a T-Shirt! After that I am trying to decide if I'm generous to gift packages to friends or if I want to be selfish and hoard the funds until the game is live and purchase additional items then. Land, parcels, buildings, etc. I'm also waiting on my husband to get back in town before I do anything. He is the reasonable/rational one of us. The crazy completionist side of me really wants the 2015 horse skins which are just pointless and pretty. Shoulda had the funds applied to his account so I don't suffer buyers remorse later. (Although everything in the store is su
  6. Aw thank you! There were many amazing entries. I knew when the second batch came up for voting I was done for. I now have a better understanding of the talent and skill set of our community. I'll be ready next time ~Calamity
  7. I have so much to learn! Thank you for the edit Chrissy! I'll keep the image I already have I don't want to try to collect likes again. It was 30 mins of disaster walking my parents through how to vote. (Yes I'm shameless) ~Calamity
  8. Haha, Thanks. Yeah, I shoulda planned out the hands better. I had hoped to fix it with photoshop but my skills weren't up to the task. Next year if hey do this again I'll go brave and go non-human! Already plotting! ~Calamity
  9. I entered because well let's face it the odds are looking good right now. ~Calamity
  10. I agree with arro said above. As a confessor trying to pull off the combos you are standing still and the animation to cast the combos takes so long. The knights come in and knockdown the combo is death or they chain pull the combo is dead. If you see the knight coming (a second team hasn't snuck up behind you) you move you miss the window to cast. Every once in a while I was was also lacking the mana to pull off the third move. If you see the team incoming you use your longer range abilities meteor purge etc, by the time you cast your combo for your tornados/hellfire You are out
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