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  1. I would rather see people get to train one more universal with VIP so the art craft gets money to keep going add updates and add more content to the game instead of people just buying the game and never get any more money after that
  2. Necromancy and vessels sound interesting can't wait to find out more about it
  3. I hope there will be pick pocket skill and able to lock pick chests gives more flavor to the game. I think it should be an rng roll and what your skill is to how much u can take. I don't think you should be able to take everything..... Maybe the more times you try to go into the same box with lock pick or person with pick pocket the more difficult it should be and more of a chance to get caught. There are so many different ways this could be accomplished.
  4. lol I want a goblin or a murlockish type but goblin would be fun
  5. Are you guys going order or chaos or balance?
  6. lol...A good representation of friendly fire in that video too
  7. I did not even notice that I will have to go back and look.
  8. Just curious will you be going chaos and will you all be picking the same god?
  9. best way I can explain it is.... Hardcore One of if not the best pvp games I have every played and the friends/guildies you made would do anything to help you out what great times
  10. what great music I forgot how good the music was.... lol i have it in the background playing as i am looking ... AKA trolling the forums.
  11. Love the name... love the website... very nicely done... The only thing that concerns me is everyone has stealth?... I do want to be a stealth player but I would also like a well balanced group... Plus I want to be chaos and I would like a guild that picks the same god for the infected worlds pvp.... I just want to kill people (in Game) and win and have a fun time doing it while making friends and helping guildies.
  12. I agree with this completely traps and stuns offer more dynamic game play I could not say it better myself. I do not have a problem with stuns at all... I am sure they will test stuns and they already stated that you will not be stun locked to death so this is really a non issue move on......
  13. My only problem with this is that on the end.. assassin-esque because some people want that exact game play but now if the other class that is like assassin does play very similar to assassin and can do the damage it might not be a problem but there is always people out there that will want assassin as there archetype so I hope they will be able to get there male assassin.
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