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  1. Well 3 ppl atm see it like that and as for tears i've never shed over a video game.
  2. Like i said Jah alot of tears back then about night capping then poof 1hr siege windows in n/a prime time
  3. I cannot attest to WB or HoA being responsible for timers but there were ALOT of tears back then about the night Capping..Which Jah you surely can attest to..
  4. Muta


    It used to have one but they’ve removed it.
  5. Don’t know if this has already mentioned but there seems to be random trees you scale to the top. Great for the glider fae.
  6. Any chance of getting the tree in temples to restore HEALTH as well as the chicken ticker
  7. Thought I saw 1/2 health dummy’s in the forts.
  8. All the best @pann in whatever adventures you now take thanks for all your work. And seems NO ONE has asked so I will. CAN I HAVE YOUR GOLD!!!!!!!!
  9. Muta


    I sense the Fear Robot is strong with this one.
  10. In Warhammer Age of Reckoning you could port directly into the keep that was being attacked till the outer keep door fell then you had to foot it in. Oh the fun had gankin the enemies trying to make it back to the keep.
  11. This is what I expect on Wednesday
  12. I’d be down for some good old fashion HUNGERDOME action in between campaigns
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