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  1. It used to have one but they’ve removed it.
  2. Thought I saw 1/2 health dummy’s in the forts.
  3. All the best @pann in whatever adventures you now take thanks for all your work. And seems NO ONE has asked so I will. CAN I HAVE YOUR GOLD!!!!!!!!
  4. Muta


    I sense the Fear Robot is strong with this one.
  5. This is what I expect on Wednesday
  6. I’d be down for some good old fashion HUNGERDOME action in between campaigns
  7. Being a qualified Tradesmen myself I know a few.
  8. Pax-Aus Come to the land downunder I'll bring the Vegemite sandwiches
  9. Wonder what Type of animals are these currently under animals skills for skining Ursidae,Bovidae,Cervidae,Suidae,Felidae
  10. Your tenacity anthrage on this subject is outstanding. Keep up the good fight. But feel it’s to no avail. With the even more absence from Ace on the forums this week and the Ace partners pre- alphas 1+2 my guess is there in playing it and will hit our shores this w/end. Fyi pre-alphas are subjected to a nda I’m pretty sure.
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