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  1. This is what I expect on Wednesday
  2. I’d be down for some good old fashion HUNGERDOME action in between campaigns
  3. Being a qualified Tradesmen myself I know a few.
  4. Pax-Aus Come to the land downunder I'll bring the Vegemite sandwiches
  5. That's that game where you bunny hop around yeah?
  6. Wonder what Type of animals are these currently under animals skills for skining Ursidae,Bovidae,Cervidae,Suidae,Felidae
  7. Your tenacity anthrage on this subject is outstanding. Keep up the good fight. But feel it’s to no avail. With the even more absence from Ace on the forums this week and the Ace partners pre- alphas 1+2 my guess is there in playing it and will hit our shores this w/end. Fyi pre-alphas are subjected to a nda I’m pretty sure.
  8. Gw2 Edge of the Mists wvwvw had this very concept. Was a fun strat. Hope Ace could implement this in some how.
  9. Muta

    Time Line

    Call me old school...but miss the days of just Beta & Release days talk.. Also anyone else notice the information this past week been a little light. 2week oct next week. All hands on deck I'm feeling
  10. Human racial also gives +1 power slot. The rest can use Expansive Mind minor dis. For +1 powerslot(not working atm)
  11. I think at this moment(cause not all racial passive are in) you get 3 passive 1 racial. Human passive gives and extra std passive
  12. I got 2 possibly hints from Q+A that hold f to harvest might be out. Will see.
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