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  1. Status: No Guild Me: Region: EU / Poland Atmosphere: I`m looking for organised entity. But i dont want to be another number in guild. I want to be part of the "team" have relaxing and funny times, but also i expect to get proper focus and expect people to know their roles and stuff when something bad happens. I dont mind being in large guild if it works like that. I`m not looking for youngsters type of guild. I dont evaluate people by age but most teenagers are dont fit me. ( i know i know i was one too ) So if possible 20-25+ is what im looking for. Leadership: Here is
  2. Quick question. If i have now layway upgrade payment when exactly i must pay final amount and close the deal? Which month i mean? End of february? Or what?
  3. We`ll see in next months what ACE designed for us. Be some kind of cap or not. Problems is, how big is that cap? Or if there is none, how fast you level skills? And how much they change your gameplay/skills? If there is none skill cap and leveling certains skills takes more time ( similar to eve skills levels for example ) it`s not that bad idea. If reaching certains skills to lvl 100 and getting small bonus from it, that may lead to good and bad choices during leveling. With proper prerequisite for certain skills even without cap some specializations can be hard to obtain. Where basic skills
  4. You can upload movies to y2b. There is no nda. Dont be affraid to show bugs. Well if possible send them to ACE! Simply inform that game is not finished and is in pre-alpha stage So people wont be mistaken.
  5. Can someone please confirm if i used this converter correctly? http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converted.html?iso=20151201T14&p1=155&p2=262 I dont want to miss any testing oppurnities! Cant wait ...
  6. Sadly i noticed today that i got my invitation @ thursday Now im sad. Bring us new schedule! I want my crowcaine!
  7. He looks like batman! I want that shirts in store. I beg you!
  8. I`m excited about most of things in game: # politics - creating alliances and being part of it - creating mercanary guild ( dregs i wait for you! <3 ) - backstabbing etc. # eternal kingdoms - creating nice hub for polish community - doing some funny social events for people - be it rp or some kind of tournaments, because i simply like it - well i like building stuff # world pvp - im tired of all battleground style pvp, i want more random encouters - i want to theorycraft about builds and what it can be used for - i want to learn tactics and strategies, where i can use that
  9. I have similar question. Im thinking about upgrading my account from gold to sapphire via layway option. But if i start upgrading and for example @january ACE will decide to change packages from 2015 to 2016, will i still get bonus items that were in 2015 and are missing in 2016? Or simply i get them when i pay final amount and finalize whole transaction and start date doesnt matter? Thank you for answering that!
  10. I noticed when i watched some streams and vids, that people doesnt follow combos too much. Also they dont use some interesting skills during this combos, like rear kick on legionnaire. Damn i cant wait for phase 2 ....
  11. Thank you very much sir! Sadly im computer monkey, and FAQ`s didnt worked on my old cpu @ work. I couldnt handle it, as im monkey But it worked correctly @home and after i read it i have no more questions. Again thank you very much for your patience and being helpful.
  12. I have different question. How big EK will be? Is it going to growth indefinatly somehow? Am i going to pay for "bigger" lands? Or can i buy them with real money? Will i pay somekind of payment for keeping bigger lands? *edit* noticed that when you buy forts etc, you get some parcels with them. I wonder if they are for free? Or do i have to maintain them somehow? Cheers Leku
  13. Hello there! I`m excited about Crowfall because it`ll fulfill most of my expectations for MMO game. I have expierience and long history of playing mmos like UO, EvE, WoW, AoC, Everquest, Warhammer etc. etc. Crowfall takes what is best from most of them and mix it together. Im mostly excited about social parts of CF. Politics. Guilds. Alliances. Also looking forward how campaigns are going to look. I like building strategies and tactics. Mostly for small scale warfare but i dont mind epic battles with hundreds of players! And what i love most is the dev team. You guys are great. Love to wa
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